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All You Need to Know about Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

What is Breast Lift?

Breast uplift also called mastopexy or breast lift or breast lift is a cosmetic surgery used for reshaping and enhancing the firmness of drooping breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. Enhancing the breast shape and firmness by removing and tightening up excess skin is the main purpose of a breast lift operation. Breast uplift operation also repositions and resizes the nipples.

The shape and firmness of breasts may change over time due to pregnancy, significant weight loss, breast feeding, aging, and gravity. Women may lose the firmness and youthful look of their breast which can cause discomfort and distress for women. Women with dropping breasts often complain about:

• Inability to wear a top without a bra.
• A limited option of clothes.
• Low self-confidence.
• Feeling less feminine and unattractive.
• Feeling old.
Mastopexy (breast lift) eliminates all these problems by reshaping and uplifting the sagging breasts.

How is Breast Uplift Performed?

Breast uplift surgery is usually performed through incisions on your breasts with removal of excess fat and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and lift your breasts. Breast uplift surgery can also be performed in combination with breast enlargement surgery.

Length of a breast lift surgery: Usually 2 to 3 hours.
Anaesthesia: Under general anaesthesia.
Inpatient or Outpatient: Inpatient
Incisions: There is a variety of incision techniques used for breast uplift. You surgeon will choose the most appropriate and best incision method for your breast lift by considering the size and shape of your breasts and elasticity of your skin as well as the degree of your breast sagging. There are 3 most common incision techniques used for breast uplift surgery:

• The incision is made around areola.
• The incision is made around the areola, vertically down from the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease.
• The incision is made around the areola and vertically down from the areola to the breast crease.

Lifting and Reshaping: After incision, the underlying breast tissue will be lifted and reshaped, excess skin from your areola or from under your breasts will be removed to enhance firmness. Your nipples will be re-positioned or your areola will be re-sized to match with the new shape of your breasts.

Closing up the incisions: The incisions are closed by skin adhesives or surgical tape. Incision lines are permanent, however usually they disappear or fade away substantially in due course.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

There may be some additional instructions for some patients according to their specific conditions but these are the general pre-operation instructions for all patients:

• To have a health check-up before the operation to make sure that you are fit to have breast enlargement.
• Not to take any medication which will thin your blood such as aspirin, ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medication.
• To quit smoking two weeks before the surgery.
• To avoid to consume alcohol one day before the surgery.
• To remove your make up, any other cosmetics and any metal jewels on your body.
• Not to wear contact lenses on the day of your breast uplift surgery.
• Stop consuming food or beverages 8 hours before your breast lift surgery.
• Not to consume any food or beverages some time before the operation starts, etc.

Instructions for Post-Operation

You will be instructed what to do and what to avoid. After the operation, you will see steri-strips, thin adhesive strips, on your incisions which usually dissolve around 10 days after your breast lift surgery. You do not need to have an appointment to remove the stitches as your incisions are closed underneath your skin. You can have a shower a day after your breast uplift surgery and you can remove your bandage. As a post-operation care, you may be expected:

• To avoid heavy physical exercises.
• To make sure that your incisions are dry at all times.
• To wear a support bra for 2-3 days after your breast lift surgery.
• To take certain medication that is prescribed by your surgeon.
• To avoid swimming pools.
• To expect as much liquid as you can against dehydration.
• To avoid the use of any creams or gels on the area treated.
• To  keep the sterile bandage on the wound for a day, etc.

Results of Breast Lift

You can check our before after gallery for results of breast uplift here.

If you want to:
• Boost your confidence.
• Feel more attractive.
• Regain the firmness of your breasts.
• Feel younger.
• Enjoy a wider range of fashionable clothes.
• Be able to wear your top without a bra.
• Have the confidence to wear bikinis that you like.

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