Follicular Unit Extraction, mostly known as FUE, is widely accepted as the most efficient method of hair transplantation. It is a method that can defined as the perfect technique developed out of FUT.

Unlike the previous FUT technique, FUE does not require any kind of surgical incisions and each hair follicle is taken one by one with a minimally invasive technique. This means no permanent scar, very natural results and better efficiency for the extracted grafts.

In FUE Hair Transplant, a device with micro-motor is used to extract the follicles. The attached micro-surgical needle on the device helps the trichologist to take hair follicles one by one with very tiny incisions. The tiny nature of these incisions ensures that no harm is done neither to the scalp nor the follicles during FUE Hair Transplant.

When the follicles are removed, there is a chance that the follicle will not survive enough to be transplanted. In FUE method, this possibility is dropped down to minimum so FUE Hair Transplant aims for the maximum efficiency.

The other methods such as DHI and Percutaneous are also methods based on FUE Hair Transplant. Only small differences exists among these methods but they all require the main steps of FUE Hair Transplant listed as:

0. Preparing the Donor Area

Before FUE Hair Transplant, you have a detailed consultation with our trichologist. During this consultation, you sit in front of a mirror and the capacity of your donor area is determined. Then the recepient area is examined closely.

After the examination is done, you will decide the design of your hairline with the help of our trichologist. For the most natural and satisfying results, you will have a unique FUE Hair Transplant plan just for yourself.

Eventually, the hair in your donor area will be trimmed and you will be ready for the second step of your FUE Hair Transplant.

1. Extracting the Grafts

This is the first operational step of your FUE Hair Transplant. The extraction takes place on the donor area (on the back of your head and between two ears). Before the extraction, a local anesthesia is applied on your scalp. Local anesthesia is generally applied with injection and the feeling is mostly described as a “mosquito bite”. However, sedation and needle free anesthesia are also alternatives provided by MCAN Health.

After the scalp loses sensitivity, your grafts are ready to be collected for FUE Hair Transplant. Using the special device with micro-blades, the trichologist makes very tiny incisions on your scalp to get the grafts inside. One by one all the suitable grafts are removed according to your personal plan. Each graft contains 1-4 hairs depending on the type of your own hair.

In this step, an experienced trichologist is what makes a difference. The grafts taken from the donor area does not grow again as it is a hair redistribution over your scalp, from one place to another. If the hair follicles are removed in a wrong order, then after FUE Hair Transplant, the patient may get some blank areas on the back of the head which will prevent a natural look.

2. Opening the Canals

The canals are actually the new places for the grafts removed from your scalp. Again using the micro-blades, the tiny incisions are made on the recepient area this time. For each graft, one tiny incision is made to be used for the replacement during FUE Hair Transplant.

3. Implantation of the Grafts

In this last step of FUE Hair Transplant, the previous two steps are combined and the operation is finished. During implantation, the grafts taken in the first step are placed into the canals opened in the second step. Just like the extraction, implatation must also be done one by one again.

This is considered as the most important step of FUE Hair Transplant as the quality of implantation will determine the look of your hair in the near future. The survival rate and conditions for the grafts depend on implantation. An experienced and talented trichologist should foresee the result and implant the grafts accordingly to get the most natural look and the best out of the extracted grafts.

The Hair Transplantation Procedure

To watch all the steps explained above, you can check this video to have an idea about FUE Hair Transplant operation step by step.

You can also read an in-depth article about FUE Hair Transplant here: A Step By Step Guide For Hair Transplantation

Results of Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Aftercare is very crucial and it is the key to have the best FUE Hair Transplant result. You should follow your doctor’s guidance perfectly. To have further information, visit our page: FUE Hair Transplant Aftercare Instructions

Considering the feedback we get from our former patients, after your FUE Hair Transplant with MCAN Health, you will:

• Have an increased self-confidence
• No need to cover your head
• Have a new style
• Feel more attractive
• Feel younger

You can take a look at the results of our procedures here: Before-After


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