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FUE Hair Transplant Transformations Before&After

A significant number of hair transplant patients have got a successful FUE hair transplant at MCAN Health. May the transformation of all these men become a muse for those suffering from hair loss! Witness the outstanding results of the procedure!

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

  • In FUE Hair Transplant, the hair follicles are directly collected from the donor area(s) one by one. Therefore, FUE is less invasive than the FUT method; it does not leave visible scars on the donor area.
  • FUE is a hair transplant technique developed for patients unsuitable for traditional hair transplant methods. So it offers a more accessible treatment.
  • FUE provides a high number of grafts – up to 5000 grafts can be implanted in one session.

Who Is a Good Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant

Anyone, both men and women who:

  • have hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia, also known as male/female pattern of hair loss,
  • have a good density of hair on the donor area for the procedure to be successful. (If the patient’s hair density is not enough, s/he does not eligible for the FUE hair transplant),
  • do not have an illness (hair fungus, Seborrheic dermatic disease, HIV) that prevents them from having a hair transplant.

1330+ FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

View the testimonials of MCAN’s hair transplant patients.

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Darren Jul 17, 2020 GB
 5 Star Verified
I have just returned to the U.K. following a FUE procedure with MCAN. The whole process from start to finish was extremely professional I could not have asked for any more. Due to the severity of my baldness I was sceptical that they could help but they assured me I would have a good result. While it’s too early to tell it’s so far so good. They are extremely quick on WhatsApp to respond to all questions and concerns I had and made me feel very relaxed. I want to send out a huge thanks to Ujed, Dr Seder, Ayesha and Faith ❤️. Other reviews mention the doctor does nor complete the full procedure herself which is true she does the consultation, draws the head map and also makes the incisions for the grafts. Ayesha and Faith did the harvesting and implants and they were amazing, so kind. I couldn’t recommend them any higher. MCAN thank you so much 😊
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H A Oct 5, 2022 US
 5 Star Verified
This was my 2nd FUE at MCAN Clinic. My first FUE was performed in 2018. My family and friends have marvelled at the results of my first FUE, and I returned to further balance out my crown area. The results are amazing... Like most people new to these treatments, I was nervous and anxious. Throughout the process, my PES was supportive and helpful, answering all of my questions, and reassuring me every step of the way. She was kind and considerate, and spoke fluent english, which was very helpful. From the airport driver, who waited >2 hours for me in Turkey (delayed in customs), but still greeted me with a smile, to the staff that performed the procedure, friendly all the way through, to the clinic doctor who is gracious and intelligent, I confidently recommend any patients looking for an FUE to MCAN. They are simply the best! Thank you MCAN Team!
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Shaun Auger Feb 8, 2022 GB
 5 Star Verified
I had a great experience with Mcan right from the start! They provide a very professional experience I am a week on from my FUE hair transplant and they have been at the end of the phone for any worry’s or questions that I have. The whole process from getting pick up from the airport, to getting dropped off at my hotel was very calm and easy i would highly recommend mcan to my friends and family.
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Lars Jul 15, 2021 DK
 5 Star Verified
I had a FUE hairtransplant at MCAN Health. Very professionel from initial contact to the operation. Operation went smooth (1 week ago). Uejd (the dedicated contact from MCAN) provided execellent information prior arrival in Istanbul and during the two days. Hotel and drivers to and from hotel, clinique and airport worked smooth. All as adverticed - recommendable
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Ali El Yassir Aug 10, 2018 DK
 5 Star Verified
I went to Turkey for a FUE hair transplant and in the beginning I hesitated a lot but I really shouldn’t have cause the whole process went smoothly. From the hotel till getting the operation went so well. The staff are so good and keeps asking you if you feel any pain which you actually don’t during the hair transplant. I really couldn’t dream of anything better than MCAN and I’m looking forward to see the result
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Mark Yeo Apr 10, 2020 US
 5 Star Verified
Had my Second Fue treatment with MCAN after my first in london which being in the uk cost triple the price for half the grafts. MCAN was by far the better choice. Professional service from start to finish with excellent aftercare. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. 5 stars all round. Thanks
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Idri Oct 6, 2022 GB
 5 Star Verified
Excellent, professional and well organised. Very hospitable and friendly all the way up the organisation. They make you feel welcome and at ease. Had FUE, it went extremely smoothly with no issues. The results are exceptional and the density very good.
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Simon Kallu Jun 20, 2022 GB
 5 Star Verified
MCAN were brilliant from start to finish. Driver was waiting at the airport to take us to the hotel. He gave us clear instructions about the next day. The procedure was explained clearly and I was given options and the doctors advice on treatment protocol. The actual procedure was pain free, I listened to music and actually fell asleep! It’s too soon to judge the results but it looks great so far and the after care support has been amazing. The hospital is very clean, modern and comfortable. I can send an instant message with a question and the team get right back to you. Nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend MCAN and have already recommended to friends and family.
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Shannon Roberts Feb 10, 2022 GB
 5 Star Verified
I was referred to MCAN by a friend who was extremely happy with his own results and service (FUE Hair Transplant). From the initial consultation all the way through the surgery and aftercare, I have been treated with great care and professionalism. I'm now in week 2 of my recovery and am beginning to see new hair growth. The results look great and I'm excited for the future. I especially want to thank MCAN for their continual support and advice via their Nurse and Patient Experience Specialist, who has assisted me throughout the journey. Any cosmetic surgical procedure can be scary but the MCAN team were always in complete control and allowed me to trust their process. I'm very happy to have found MCAN and would thoroughly recommend to anybody trying to gain confidence and improve their standard of life. Thank you MCAN! o much trouble. I would highly recommend MCAN and have already recommended to friends and family.
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Rich Trowell Jun 20, 2022 TR
 5 Star Verified
I had a FUE hair transplant (approx.. 3400 grafts) at MCAN Health clinic in Istanbul on the 24th of October. I researched MCAN Health prior to the procedure and the reviews were very positive and I can confirm that experience matched those positive reviews. From my initial consultation to the my check up after the procedure MCAN filled me with the confidence necessary to go ahead with the transplant. All of questions and worries were managed professionally and swiftly. The package was organised and efficient inc. airport / clinic transfers, the clinic was spotless and the staff were all great. I know it is early days for me but I am very very happy with the results to date and I would recommend MCAN Health. I am looking forwards to the next 6 to 12 months to see my results in full. Also, the post procedure support has again been personal and effective.
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Ajmal Stanekzai Oct 17, 2018 GB
 5 Star Verified
All I can say that mcan is the best place to do your fue hair transplant ! I have don it and I am very very pleased with there job . Thank you so much MCAN once again

The Greater Hair Transplantation, The Happier Patients

Christian Got 4000 Grafts for the Crown Area

FUEFUE Hair Transplant I Christian Got 4000 Grafts

Our patient, Christian from the UK, had 4000 grafts for hair loss areas with the FUE hair transplantation technique. Just after the procedure, he expresses his feelings!

James' 2nd visit to MCAN for FUE Hair Transplant

James' 2nd visit to MCAN for FUE Hair Transplant

One of MCAN's patients, James, is here to get his 2nd hair transplant treatment. Because of his severe hair loss, he has visited MCAN twice. To prevent any trauma to James' donor area, our medical experts created his treatment plan as two visits.

Dr. Serrinder’s Hair Restoration Experience at MCAN

Dr. Serrinder’s Hair Restoration Experience at MCAN

Dr. Serrinder, coming from London to Istanbul, got a successful FUE hair transplantation at MCAN. On the day 2, he pleasantly mentioned about his hair transplant adventure.

What is FUE Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Excision) Hair Transplant Turkey is one of the most favorable hair transplant techniques that is most performed. People suffering from hair loss visit Turkey to get the best FUE hair transplant treatment. The latest technology, meticulous work of Turkish surgeons contribute a lot to FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

FUE hair transplant, which is also known as a “modern” hair transplant, does not require a strip of donor tissue. - Based on the research by ISHRS, over 90% of hair transplant surgeons in the world are preferring FUE because it does not involve stitches or leave a linear scar as in the case of strip harvesting (FUT Hair Transplant).-Instead of traditional techniques, FUE hair transplant uses micromotor or manual punch while removing grafts one by one from the donor area.

Fue Micro Motor

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey: Step-by-Step

It is a fact that FUE Hair Transplant Turkey is the most preferable hair transplant technique providing most men with the best hair transplant results along with a great transformation. So, how does FUE Hair Transplant work? What are the main steps of FUE hair transplant treatment?

fue hair transplant turkey animation

1- Consultation

The hair trichologist determines the individual patient characteristics during the consultation by considering the cause of hair loss, type of hair loss, the likelihood of hair loss progression over future years, hair type (thick or thin), the patient’s expectations, age, gender, and medical history.

During the consultation, the hairline is drawn based on the natural hairline and the patient wishes. The surgeon analyzes the donor and the recipient area; decides how many grafts the patient needs.

Consultation is one of the significant parts of the FUE hair transplant procedure. Please share your expectations with your surgeon without any hesitation. MCAN’s surgeons are patients’ guides to give realistic opinions and the best hair transplant treatment.


The surgeon performs pre-op tests (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C); the patient’s hair is trimmed and sterilized.


The surgeon uses a manual punch or micromotor to extract the hair follicles one by one. The size of the punch can be different depending on the softness of the tissue of the scalp and hair type (straight, curly, kinky, wavy).

Hair follicles should be entirely physiologically healthy and anatomically intact when they are taken from a donor site and transplanted to a recipient site. Healthy, intact follicles are more likely to thrive and produce hair at the recipient site. That is why an experienced medical staff should do it. Otherwise, the transaction, which is a complication of FUE, can happen. A Transaction is slicing or tearing FUs at a cross-sectional angle. The damaged follicle(s) in the FU may be useless for transplantation or fail to thrive if transplanted.

4-Incision (Canal Opening)

The incision part of the FUE hair transplant treatment is the most essential phase of the surgery for natural-looking hair. That’s why the incisions must be performed meticulously to follow the natural direction of the hair. During the procedure of FUE hair transplant, the Sapphire hair blade which is the latest technology giving the best angles and V-shape to the directions of hair can be used if it is preferred.

5- Implantation or Graft Insertion

The last step of FUE hair transplant is the implantation of the grafts. Harvested grafts are typically placed into slits or holes using fine-angled forceps. Two or even three persons can insert grafts simultaneously to make the procedure faster and more efficient. In this phase, experienced nurses complete the process.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Methods

Classic FUE Hair Transplant:

Mostly referred to as the “FUE Hair Transplant,” is carried out with micro motors and uses steel blades. It is the most performed FUE Hair Transplant method.

DHI Method:

It is performed with a special pen called CHOI Pen. The extracted grafts are directly implanted into the recipient area by CHOI pens.

Sapphire Hair Transplant:

Same as the classic FUE with one difference. It uses sapphire blades for micro-incisions instead of steel blades.

FUE VS FUT: Which is better FUE or FUT?

FUT hair transplant ( Strip Harvesting Method) is one of the traditional hair transplant techniques which some clinics still use for hair restoration.

In FUT Hair Transplant, a strip of tissue with hair follicles on it is removed from the donor area (generally from the back of the scalp). Then hair follicles are collected from this strip of tissue to be implanted into the recipient areas. Surgeons remove a strip of tissue resulting in a linear scar about 1-3mm in width.

Before the FUE technique, FUT was the most popular hair transplant technique. However, after the FUE, the FUT technique lost its popularity. Because the FUE technique offers a less invasive hair transplant experience and does not leave visible scars as the FUT does.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

The average FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey for the all-inclusive packages is 2,300€; the minimum cost is 1,100€ while the maximum FUE hair transplant cost is 6,000€.

The price is almost three times less than the typical package costs in other European nations. A hair transplant typically costs €5,700 in Germany, €6,500 in the UK, €5,950 in Spain, and €5,300 in Poland.