Bariatric Surgery Before & Afters

Check MCAN Health’s bariatric surgery before and after photos and to see how the operation changed people’s lives all around the world! The main objective of bariatric surgery is to lower the food absorption in the stomach and intestines while limiting food intake. If you are planning to have the surgery, you are at the right address!


Generally, it is expected that the patient loses around 60-70% of their excess weight in a 2 year period. Typically the significant weight loss happens during the first year. However, the success of the outcome depends on your dedication to aftercare, avoiding old eating habits and exercise.

Your surgeon will give you clear instructions on what to expect and what to do in certain period of time. Also, MCAN Health nurses will provide a 12 month aftercare service. Therefore, the most accurate information will be delivered to you after the operation. However, typically patients start with a liquid diet initially, gradually moving to soft foods. You should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as well as heavy lifting for a certain period of time.

There is a certain dietary guideline after bariatric surgery. If you do not follow the dietary guideline that your surgeon provided to you, if there is a lack of physical activity and if you return to old eating habits, gaining a certain amount of weight is possible. Remember that surgery is a tool to help you lose a significant amount of weight in case no other methods work. But it depends on you to follow a proper diet, exercise efficiently etc. 

The timeline of weight loss varies but generally speaking during the first month a rapid weight loss happens, losing around 5-15% of excess weight. During 3-12 months the weight loss continues and most patients lose around 50% of their excess weight. Between 1-2 years weight loss stabilizes and patients reach their peak weight loss.