Dental Treatments Before & Afters

The dental treatments can significantly enhance the oral health as well as the aeshtetic look. People came from all around world to Istanbul to have various dental treatments with MCAN Health. See MCAN Health’s dentistry treatments before and after photos to witness the incredible transformations!


MCAN Health offers a wide range of dental treatments such as dental crowns, dental veneers, dental implants, All on 4-All on 6 dental implants, hollywood smile operation, teeth whitening, scaling, gummy smile, dental bridges, root canal treatment, sinus lifting, extractions. The dental team is well experienced in their field and the clinic is very central in Istanbul, Turkey, equipped with high technology.

Dental treatment packages of MCAN Health includes the initial online and face-to-face consultations, hotel accomodation, all hotel-clinic-airport transfers, patient host/translator services, the operation itself, X-rays and checkup before returning and 12 month aftercare services with multilingual nurses.

The length of your stay in Turkey actually depends on the type of procedures, amount of teeth to be treated, how many operations are combined etc. So, this duration changes significantly depending on your case. However, in very general terms, you can think that you should spare around 4-5 days for your dental treatments in Turkey.

MCAN Health transparently shares its dental treatment costs with the patients. If there are more than one options for a patient’s case, all the possibilities are conveyed to the patient and the related quotes are sent for deciding. So you can exactly know how much you will need to pay and spare for your desired operations.

Permanence of dental treatments such as dental crowns, dental veneers, dental implants etc. depends on proper oral hygiene, care, dietary habits, smoking and regular check-ups. Generally, these operations last a very long time and are durable, especially implants designed to last a lifetime.