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Dental Implants (Tooth Implant) Turkey | MCAN Health

All You Need to Know about Dental Implants

What are Teeth Implants?

A dental implant is a replacement of a natural tooth root or teeth roots fitted into the jaw bone to hold/support the natural looking replacement tooth or teeth. Dental implants that are generally made of titanium protect the substitute teeth, improve the ability to chew, preserve the overall strength and balance of natural jaw bone, prevent possible disorders in speech function resulting from lost teeth, and help regain the natural shape/look of the face that has altered due to missing tooth or teeth.

How are Teeth Implants Performed?

Length of Teeth Implants: Teeth implant procedure has 2 phases. First appointment is given for surgery and the second one is given for restoration. The first appointment takes around 2-3 hours while the second takes 3-4 hours.

Inpatient or Outpatient: outpatient

Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia or local with sedation

MCAN Health’s dentists use the latest technology for tooth implants. First your dentist examines your teeth by X-Ray to see if your jaw bone is fit to have teeth implant. If your bone is not strong enough to have dental implant, then bone implant may be done first.

Implant: Your dentist will make an incision in your gum to reveal your bone and to start drilling the holes into the bone. The dental implant will then be placed into these holes. After the dental implant is placed into your jawbone, the integrations process starts: jawbone starts growing and integrating with your dental implant which may take up to 4 months.
Restoration: At your second appointment, your dentist will x-ray your teeth to see if your implant is integrated sufficiently with your jaw bone to carry your substitute tooth or teeth. Finally, your MCAN Health dentist fits the crown or crowns to your dental implant.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

Proper instruction for the preparation to the operation is given to each patient in detail. Usually patients are expected to:

• Give some extra care to oral hygiene prior to the dental implant procedure.
• Avoid alcohol 12 hours before the treatment.
• Avoid any medication that may cause thinning your blood- eg. aspirin.
• Stop smoking 2 weeks before the teeth implant procedure.
• Talk to your MCAN Health dentist about your medical history.

Instructions for Post-Operation

Your MCAN Health dentist will go through post-operation instructions with you. It is important to keep your oral hygiene at a good level to get the best results out of your dental implant. Considering the fact that you may have pain after your dental implant, your MCAN Health dentist may prescribe you with certain medicine. You may be advised to apply cold compress to the area treated to minimize swelling. You may be asked to avoid hot and cold foods/beverages and alcohol. It is advised to consume liquid or food that is easy to chew for the first few days after the procedure. A solution of water and salt may be used to rinse your mouth for 5 times a day to speed up the healing process and keep the treated area clean.

Results of Dental Implants

You can check our before after gallery for results of dental implants here.

Have your teeth implant in Turkey with MCAN Health:

• To have an enhanced teeth appearance.
• Not to feel embarrassed anymore about your teeth.
• To enjoy the freedom of smile and laugh.
• To improve your chewing ability.
• To improve the overall appearance of your face.


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