5 Signs You Are Ready for a Hair Transplant: What to Look For

Making the decision to have a hair transplant is not an easy decision as it is a significant step in your transformation. It is important to recognize and know when it’s time for you to have a hair transplant so that the success of the procedure and your satisfaction level can be ensured! Rest assured, we will guide you on this journey! Let’s see the key indicators first and then understand the hair transplant more closely and discover the possible options. Buckle up and get ready to be a hair transplant guru! 

man with hair loss in the crown area

Key Indicators That You’re Ready for a Hair Transplant

If you ever found yourself asking, “When is the best time to get a hair transplant?” carefully consider these five signs to check  if you’re really ready for the long-awaited procedure!

1. Significant Thinning or Bald Patches

Androgenetic alopecia is a common type of hair that affects both men and female. The main causes of the loss are a mix of androgen-induced hormonal actions and genetics. According to a research, up to 50% of males and females are affected by the condition. Apart from that, severe physical or emotional stress, wrong hair care practices, nutritional deficiencies and usage of certain medications may cause hair loss.  Although there are some hair loss medications, they may not be effective for advanced loss and for non-androgenetic alopecia.

So, if you’ve observed noticeable thinning or balding parts on your scalp, especially on the top of your head (crown area) and/or along your hairline, this may be a sign that you are a candidate for hair transplantation.

hair loss in the hairline

2. Understanding Your Hair Loss Stage

When it comes to hair restoration, it’s crucial to understand the stage of your hair loss. Because a hair transplant surgery works best when hair loss has stopped progressing. So, what is the best age for hair transplant? Well, the ideal age for the operation can vary widely, affected by factors such as general health, stress levels, and hormonal changes. People may begin to realize they have a receding hairline as early as their early twenties, and for many, the hair loss becomes more visible between 30 and 40. 

norwood scale for hair loss in men

If you are relatively young and experiencing premature balding for some years, it is very high likely that your hair loss will be progressing over time. So, keep in mind that you may need a second session at an older age. To create an effective hair restoration strategy and to have realistic expectations, you should understand your specific case and needs.

3. Adequate Donor Hair

As the hair transplant operation involves moving hair from one to another on the scalp, you should still have a sufficient amount of healthy hair follicles on the back and sides of your head to provide coverage. These regions are called “donor areas” as they are genetically resistant to balding. The density, type and quality of your hair will also affect the outcome of hair transplant results. To understand if you have sufficient hair on your donor area to have the operation, it is best to contact a medical expert in the field

recipient and donor area in hair transplant

4. Realistic Expectations 

Maybe the most important part is having realistic expectations about the hair transplant operations. Yes, it is a great cure for baldness and it can give you a fuller looking head of hair, but it’s not magic. The results are heavily dependent on the type of your hair, your hair quality, aftercare practices and the agreed upon strategic distribution plan of the follicles. You should understand the potential outcomes and have a clear conversation with your medical expert. During the consultation part, you should clearly state your desires and needs and understand the possibilities for your case. 

5. Commitment to After-Care Instructions 

Having a successful hair transplant operation with an experienced and skillful team is a must. But the aftercare of the surgery is another journey! You should be ready to follow the aftercare instructions strictly as well as being patient. These instructions may include avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol for a certain period of time, gently washing with medical shampoos and applying icepacks to the forehead. In case of any unusual reaction or complication, you should directly get in touch with the medical team and seek further help, instead of waiting to worsen the indications.

MCAN Health's hair transplant patient

One of MCAN Health’s Patient after Hair Transplant

Discovering the Hair Transplant Options 

Now that we covered the topics like how you can know you are ready for the operation, when is the best time to get a hair transplant, what factors the hair transplant results depend on, let’s briefly explore the techniques so that you can get a glimpse of this high-technology cure for baldness!

As MCAN Health, we offer the most popular and innovative techniques such as Sapphire FUE, DHI, FUE hair transplant in Turkey. And if you are worried about the pain, take a deep breath! Because needle-free anesthesia will make feel at ease!

  • FUE: It involves extracting hair follicles using a small and circular punch tool. Leaves minimal scarring therefore suitable for people who prefer shorter hair. 
fue hair transplant technique with mcan health
  • DHI: In DHI hair transplant, a special pen-like tool is used to extract and immediately implant follicles into the scalp. Therefore it is more precise and creates a natural-looking hairline.
dhi hair transplant with mcan health
  • Sapphire FUE: It is an advanced method of FUE and sapphire blades are used instead of steel. It helps to create smaller and more precise incisions, minimizing the trauma.
sapphire fue hair transplant with mcan health

The Importance of Professional Guidance

Hair restoration operation is a sophisticated procedure that requires experience as well as technical and artistic skills. A qualified medical expert will assess thoroughly your hair loss pattern, hair density and donor areas to recommend the most suitable method for your case. You should consult a reliable, experienced company with proven satisfied patients as you will both invest your time and money in the procedure. As MCAN Health, since 2015, we have been providing all-inclusive hair transplant services in a luxurious clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and proved our quality with international accreditation, awards, and high success rates. Please check MCAN Health’s hair transplant before and after photos to see their transformation! 

hair transplant before after of mcan health
hair transplant before after of mcan health
Sapphire Hair Transplant Results of mcan health