What is True in Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Speculation?

A Dangerous Woman don’t need permission to test her limits. But could she be hesitant to speak out about medical secrets? Despite widespread speculation, Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumors have been denied by the artist. Even the most experienced surgeons have a hard time determining whether changes in her face are due to puberty or medical handcraft. To clear all doubts, MCAN Health experts have looked at the diva’s transformation, revealing all the secrets behind Ariana Grande surgery talks.   

Ariana’s Rise to Superstardom

Born on June 26, 1993, in Florida, Ariana Grande demonstrated a precocious talent for performance art from a very early age. Her big moment came when she signed with Nickelodeon to play Cat in Victorious, at age 16, a role which turned her into one of the most recognizable faces of the next-gen. 

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before in Victorious

Ariana Grande before plastic surgery dyed-red for her role as Cat

Grande was more interested in music than acting, however. In 2013, she released her first album, Yours Truly, inaugurating a long list of musical successes. On the following years, Grande kept on topping the charts with My Everything, Dangerous Woman and Thank You, Next, progressively changing her persona from the sweet Nickelodeon girl to the femme fatale we still meet on stage. 

2013: The Pivotal Year

Raised under the spotlight, Ariana has been scrutinized her whole life. This meant she had to be cautious if she did not want any Kim Kardashian kind of bodily change to replace her music as the focus of public attention. Ambitious as she has always been, Grande knew that the slightest imperfection could prevent her from entering the summit of superstardom, reserved only to the select few. In this sense, 2013 seems to have been the pivotal year. The first Ariana Grande plastic surgery could have coincided with her first album release. 

Ariana Grande Surgery Yours Truly

First Ariana Grande plastic surgery in 2013 (notice brows)

Ariana gave up her red hair and raised her brows in a conversion from acting to music. In the following years, her skin would acquire a latina tan, her clothing style met increasing levels of sophistication, and her lyrics changed from her initial sweet and innocent ‘I like to say we gave it a try’ to ‘Don’t you know I ain’t fucking with them good boys?’ 

In case anyone still had doubts about it: stars are not born, they are made.

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Secrets Revealed

Now, Grande’s case is not as simple as Kylie Jenner’s in terms of determining what and how many operations she has done. Some of our Ariana Grande before and after plastic surgery photos make her surgeries pretty discernible, whereas others can be explained by weight loss, make-up or hair-styling. Bare with us as we navigate through the different possibilities!

True or False: Ariana Grande Nose Job Surgery

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Ariana Grande before nose job

The most controversial Ariana Grande plastic surgery should come first on our list. Fans spotted before and after differences in 2019 and voiced their thoughts of a possible Ariana Grande nose job. The artist responded to such comments in a since-deleted tweet:


“Hayyy this is my birth nose, what tf did I log onto today? Lemme have a cute nose, damn.”


Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery After Nose Job

Ariana Grande nose job change

This photo shows that fans were right, however. Although some plastic surgeons disagree, Dr. Doğan Alhan claims that such a nasal change cannot be the effect of make-up or weight loss. “I see a clear indication of a Rhinoplasty on Ariana’s nose tip,” says the doctor, “it has become smaller and tilted upward. Weight loss could be behind such a change. Ariana Grande nose job speculation must be right.”

Ariana Grande Face Surgery is Just an Eyebrow Lift

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery before and after

Going back to the pivotal 2013 year, the time of the first Ariana Grande surgery. There is no doubt about it: the singer’s brows were lifted, which can’t be just a visual effect due to her signature ponytail (as some innocent souls claim). Her brow lift certainly didn’t involve any anesthesia or scars, as a brow elevation can be performed by applying facial injection, which was Grande’s choice, wisely avoiding forehead surgery. 

No Doubts About a Ariana Grande Lip Filler Treatment

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande Lip Filler Before and After

Would anyone doubt this one? Big lips have become increasingly fashionable in the US, and Grande’s lips certainly have become more ‘grande’ with time (could that also be due to weight loss or make-up?) Our guess is Ariana got lip fillers

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