Everything About Barbie Nose Rhinoplasty

Barbie Nose rhinoplasty is becoming a huge trend worldwide. Why is this type of nose job so famous? We will explain everything about this plastic surgery in this article. So keep reading, and don’t miss anything!

What is Barbie Nose Surgery?

Barbie nose job and Barbie doll nose

Barbie Doll Make Up

Barbie Nose rhinoplasties consist of shaping a small, elegant nose with smooth curves and an other-worldly flare to it, as if coming from a fairy-tale fantasy or an anime creation. Made natural-looking by facial study, the harmony of shapes, and form contrasts, when performed correctly, a Barbie Nose surgery can change the whole appearance of a person. The results after the surgery? A nose with a low bridge and a bit of an upturned nasal tip. 

Barbie Nose Job Procedure Step by Step

barbie nose surgery

Barbie doll nose types

The nose being in the middle of the face, any changes operated will alter the general look of the individual, with the potential of turning frogs into princes or the typical woman into a Beverly Hills diva. 

But a Barbie Doll nose operation is not only performed for aesthetic reasons. Other than making a person better-looking, it also improves nasal function by making breathing easier.

If you are planning to have a nose job done, it is pretty sure you will follow these steps. After studying your facial features, your surgeon sketches the surgical result. After this, you need to approve it, so the surgery can begin.

Barbie Nose Rhinoplasty | MCAN Health

Barbie nose surgery consultation

Depending on each person, the nose job can be performed with an opened technique or closed technique. Open rhinoplasty is the most used method. During this surgery, the nose is lifted to reshape the bone and cartilage inside. 

If the surgeon decides to use the closed technique, all the incisions will be inside the nostrils. The advantage? This method is less invasive, and scarring is minimal. 

How is The Recovery of Barbie Doll Nose Job?

barbie nose turkey recovery

Barbie Nose Rhinoplasty Recovery

After the surgery, your nose will need support to ensure proper healing. We advise patients to use ice sacks to reduce swelling for the first 2 days. After the 5-6 day recovery time, our doctors remove the supports and stitches to study results.

It is perfectly normal to experience pain, swelling, and even bleeding during the first week after the operation. However, the most inconvenient after-effects are minimised by surgical expertise, delicacy, and applying specific techniques, such as the shut strategy, making the incision under the nose. 

doll nose job

This reduces the invasiveness of the procedure. But bear in mind patients seeking a softening or readjustment of the bone structure should expect a slightly more difficult recovery, only being able to eat and sleep properly after the first day, seeing gradual and daily results after that. 

Patients might have to wait up to a whole year to see the final outcome of the operation. The skin tissue and the muscle will heal and readjust naturally. However, changes after the first 1-2 weeks after the procedure are minimal and often unnoticeable.

Benefits of Performing Barbie Doll Nose Job

barbie nose job benefits

Leaving aside the aesthetic aspect of the procedure, which adds smoothness, delicacy, and sophistication to the face, we have to point out the breathing difficulties some patients may have.

A Barbie Doll rhinoplasty can change the whole aspect and performance of your nose in many ways:

  • Change the size of the nose (usually make it smaller).
  • Alter the nostrils.
  • Harmonise the nose with the rest of the facial features.
  • Alter the shape or size of the nose bridge.
  • Enhance the shape or size of the tip of your nose.
  • Correct deviations of the nostrils.
  • Improve breathing and get rid of problems like rhino-sinus.

Is the Barbie nose (fairy nose job) a trend or a permanent sense of beauty?

fairy nose job

Fairy tale characters have doll-like noses

By looking at world cinematography and literature, we get a sense of what beauty universally means in terms of nasal shape. Bad witches, villains, and Pinocchio (when lying) have big noses, whereas heroes and princesses have smaller, more delicate-looking ones. 

Of course, no absolute rules have been written about taste and aesthetic preference: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But artistic archetypes and statistics seem to agree on this point: a smaller, doll-like nose will generally be perceived as a beauty trait

Barbie Nose Job in Turkey

barbie doll nose

Human Barbie Doll Nose

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is one of the most performed operations at MCAN Health. Whether you are a Korean K-pop fan or simply looking for better breathing, we offer you a free consultation at MCAN to review and study your case and give you the best options. So make it your summer plan to visit one of the most cosmopolitan, historically and culturally rich cities in the world and get a life-changing surgery. 

Now, there are Barbie doll rhinoplasties and Barbie Doll rhinoplasties. At MCAN Health, we perform the latter. But the operation is not suitable for every face type! Most people simply wouldn’t look good with a Barbie Doll nose. That is why we take facial studying very seriously and advise our patients according to each specific case. 

Our motto is: beauty is for everyone!

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Updated Date: Tuesday, July 27 2021 Published Date: Monday, July 31 2023

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