Can I Get Dental Implants on the NHS?

Dental implants, which provide people with functional teeth and new smiles, cover the gaps in the mouth, improve the ability to speak, and raise questions such as “Can I get dental implants on the NHS?” in people’s minds.

So, can you get dental implants on the NHS? NHS, the foundation working to improve and support people’s health and providing a professional service in the UK, has some exceptions for dental treatments. Not all dental treatments are available on NHS. However, the availability of dental treatments on NHS depends on some reasons. That’s why the answer to ‘can you get dental implants on the NHS’ might be “yes” or “no.”

Dental implants are available only in certain circumstances. Therefore, the reason why the patient needs dental implants has a significant role in getting the implants on NHS. The consultants check the patient’s situation to decide if s/he can get dental implants on the NHS.

People can get dental implants on the NHS only if they have lost their teeth because of trauma, cancer, or unsuitable mouth condition for dental bridges.

How to Get Free Dental Implants on NHS?

NHS is available for dental care that is clinically necessary for a patient’s mouth, teeth, or gums to stay healthy. If you require dental implants, NHS examines if any alternative treatments, such as dentures or dental bridges, suit the patient. Dental implants are not available on NHS if the patient can have dentures or dental bridges for their missing tooth.

Here are some criteria that one should need to have to get free dental implants on NHS:

  • Patients who are unsuitable for dentures and dental bridges
  • Patients who have had oral cancer and, as a result, have lost their teeth
  • Patients who have lost their teeth because of a trauma or severe accident
  • Patients whose jaws are unsuitable for dentures
  • Patients who have missing or malformed teeth because of genetic conditions

All-on-4 Dental Implants on NHS

All-on-4 dental implants on NHS

All-on-4 dental implants on NHS

All-on-4 dental implants, which are very popular, affordable, and easy to operate daily, give people with missing teeth quick results because they do not require bone grafting if there is insufficient bone. In one session, full mouth appearance is improved thanks to All-on-4 dental implants. So, All-on-4 dental implants are available on NHS? Like in other cases, all-on-4 dental implants are available on NHS if patients do not have a healthy jaw or missing teeth because of severe disease, a traumatic condition, or genetics. Therefore, NHS decide after they figure out why you need All-on-4 dental implants; the examination about any alternatives fits the patient. Patients with the necessary criteria can get All-on-4 dental implants on NHS.

How Much are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most beneficial dental treatments for replacing missing teeth. If you have a missing tooth or more, dental implants can save your mouth ability for a lifetime. Those who need dental implants; want to change the way they smile and improve their bite functions and appearance can get affordable dental treatments in Istanbul, Turkey if dental implants are unavailable on NHS.

Turkey has a good reputation as a medical hub and hosts many patients worldwide. Dentistry is one of the fields that Turkish dentists have specialized significantly. Besides, for dental implant treatment, the cost of dental implants is 70% lower compared to other countries. The affordable dental implant costs, expert services, and all-inclusive packages attract most people to get treatment in Turkey.

MCAN Health, one of the most reputable clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, has been providing its patients with the best services in dental treatments at affordable prices for 10 years. Pocket-friendly packages of dental treatments, including dental implants, all-on-4 or 8 dental implants, veneers, and crowns, and the best service at an affordable price make MCAN’s patients return to their countries with brighter smiles!

MCAN Health Offers Full Mouth Dental Implant Packages in Turkey

Full-mouth dental implants can enhance living standards. How? People mostly tend to hide their smiles in public for various reasons. Missing teeth is one of them. What is more? Missing teeth can make someone’s life challenging because chewing and biting function work defectively. Fortunately, dentistry has come a long way to help even edentulous mouths. Full mouth implants provide patients with artificial ‘teeth roots’ inserted into the jaw bone to support crowns or bridges.

MCAN Health, a well-established clinic that has performed dental implants for 10 years, offers its patients affordable full-mouth dental implant packages for a smile makeover. The full-mouth dental implant package includes the following:

5 Stars hotel accommodations
VIP transfers from the airport to the hotel and clinic
Panoramic X-Ray & 3D Dental tomography
Medication Kit
12-month follow-up

If you are interested, you can contact MCAN’s Medical Experts for a free consultation.