The Truth About Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgeries

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The Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgeries can help answer a great dilemma: is beauty a consequence or the cause of success? Does money bring happiness, and does happiness create the impression of beauty? Or is the beauty about making the right medical investments? Could Cristiano Ronaldo solve all of these questions?

Has Cristiano Ronaldo had Plastic Surgeries? 

Cristiano Ronaldo is still regarded as the prototype of the hard-working self-made sportsman. But seeing the football megastar’s physical transformation from his debut in the Premier League would raise questions even in the most naive minds.

No one doubts that running more than 12km per match will get you in great physical shape, and scoring as many goals as Ronaldo would put a big, bright smile on anyone’s face!

Did Cristiano Ronaldo get any plastic surgeries?  

But is that really all there is to Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream-like appearance? Our medical experts at MCAN Health have something else to say. Their verdict is clear: Ronaldo has frequented the surgery room, and not just once or twice. In fact, plastic surgeries are most definitely part of the footballer’s routine, with yearly visits to the surgeon programmed in his schedule!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Self-Esteem 

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The Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgeries cannot truly surprise anyone. Other than a football star, Ronaldo is also a model: he must take care of his appearance. Ronaldo is also widely known for being quite a narcissist. Several of his former teammates at Manchester United recently made public Ronaldo’s obsession with staring at himself in the mirror. According to Rio Ferdinand, he was more concerned about being better looking than Messi, than being a better player than him! 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s profile is that of a person who would want to fix the slightest perceived imperfection at any cost. Diets and football training do their part, but there is more to it… 

The Full List of Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgeries

The Portuguese football player had performed a few interventions to change his appearance. Today, our specialist will analyze all of them:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Full-Bright Hollywood Smile

An orthodontic treatment is certainly the most noticeable among all of the Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgeries. Compared with his crooked and broken teeth back in 2003, his current Hollywood smile leaves no place for doubt. Yes, Ronaldo has had his teeth fixed, and not just with braces! veneers and crowns are part of his secret.

Cristiano Ronaldo veneer and teeth before and afters

2. Did Ronaldo Get a Nose Job?

Rumors have been circulating concerning whether Ronaldo slightly corrected the tip of his nose. Our experts noticed small differences compared to the way it looked 10 years ago. Considering how much of a perfectionist Ronaldo is, a Rhinoplasty might not come as such a big surprise for many of his fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo nose job before and aftre

3. Ronaldo Hair Transplant Rumors are Everywhere

After appearing in Monaco in 2013 showing a clearly receding hairline, Ronaldo seemed to take notice and displayed a perfectly full head of hair on his following public appearance. This has given our experts reasons to believe that Ronaldo quickly took note after reading the journalists’ comments and got a hair transplant immediately, just like David Beckham. No time to waste!

4. Eyebrows to Give Ladies a Heart Attack

The care Ronaldo puts on his eyebrows is another clear indicator of the importance he accords to his looks, even to the minutest details. His manicured eyebrows reveal constant visits to the beauty salon in order to maintain his impeccable appearance.

Cristiano Ronaldo Botox

5. Did Ronaldo Get Botox? Cheeks and Nose Lines, Yes Sir!

For a 36+ year old, who has spent his whole life running ahead of a ball under great physical stress, there is no denying Ronaldo looks incredibly young. Perhaps more surprising than anything is how he does not have a single wrinkle on his face, either on his forehead or around his nose or eyes. How is it possible? There is no other way around it: the great football star is a great botox user! 

Cristiano Ronaldo Before and After Plastic Surgeries

After analyzing Ronaldo’s multiple plastic surgeries the following pictures get a little more into perspective, don’t they? they show Ronaldo’s transformation from a ‘skinny, badly looking guy’ (in Ronaldo’s own words) to the stallion we all see on TV. His skin is clean and clear, showing no imperfections, his teeth and smile are wonderful, his nose shows a smooth and elegant curve all the way to the tip, his hairline and eyebrows are impeccable. Good job!

Before and After Cristiano Rolando Surgeries | MCAN Health Turkey

Plastic Surgery in Turkey: The Secret of the Celebrities in Your Hands

Going back to where we started: there is a link between beauty and success, and that is Cristiano Ronaldo’s willingness to spend a share of his fortune on esthetic procedures! The good news is you do not need to have his money to get his looks (or similar). At MCAN Health in Istanbul, we offer the best aesthetic operations for the most affordable prices.

You can make the most out of your journey to Istanbul by getting a tooth operation like Cristiano Ronaldo while discovering a unique city in the world. In MCAN Health we offer all the best procedures, excellent patient host service and treatments with top-notch doctors. For us, Beauty is for Everyone!   

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