A Guide to Have the Best Rhinoplasty in Turkey: From Consultation to Recovery

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Located in the very middle of the face, the nose is a unique body organ with its effect on both the physical functions such as breathing, body climatization, smelling, and appearance such as facial proportion, expression, and beauty. Also, the structure of the nose is not like other organs. Just like the ears, the nose is also made out of cartilage and a small nasal bone and muscles.

Apart from the cosmetic needs, the nose may need medical operations due to breathing problems. So, it is no surprise that rhinoplasty is considered the first and the earliest form of plastic surgery. The method, though primitive, can be seen in Ancient Egyptian medical texts written on Papyrus.

It is also one of the most popular plastic surgeries: In 2017, the ASPS report indicates that 210,924 rhinoplasty operations are done throughout the USA only.

What Happened to Our Cute Button Nose?

Every baby comes into the world with a cute button nose. You also had a cute one before your adolescence stage hit. While adolescence makes many favors to your figure and gives you that grown-up look. It may affect some of your facial assets, too. If you are currently not feeling happy and confident about your nose, it must have grown to its full size and left the rest of your face to struggle to keep up.

Also, you may consider your nose as a family heritage, believe that it is actually adding your uniqueness, and you are totally right about it. Your family members most probably have similar types of noses and some of them might be totally okay with it. But, if you are struggling with your low self-esteem, your unique but attention-seeking nose is not letting you socialize as you wished for and your beautiful eyes, cheekbones and smile is always being shadowed by the distinctive appearance of your nose, you can always think a nose job operation as an option to solve your problems.

What Can a New Nose Change in Our Life?

Making a decision about cosmetic surgery is not easy. Yes, your inner voice is telling you that you can be confident in any form or look and your family members are telling you, you are beautiful anyway. But, you are still struggling to accept your distinctive nose. Because, you might have been picked on, bullied and left out by some mean and immature people in your social life. And that could make a huge difference in your accepting and be loving your nose.

In that case, you might look at your emotional state and try to measure what a nose job can change in your life. If these changes can help you to live a more positive life with a positive attitude, it could definitely be worthy.

First of all, this is your face, the whole thing is your decision and besides ‘why’ questions you can also say ‘why not’.  Will your new nose change your character? What is the Perfect Nose Shape? Is it going to hurt anyone other than you physically or economically? Is the stress of your outlook affecting your life, career and your behavior? Then, why not? Your new nose will not change your life abilities, beliefs or personality. It is not going to affect your level of education, knowledge or experiences, your friends will be your friends and family will love you anyway. A well-operated nose surgery can actually improve the appearance and proportion of your nose to enhance your facial harmony besides helping you to cope with self-confidence issues.

Am I Too Young or Too Old for a Nose Job?

In most cases, Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is carried out on people whose facial features have matured.  So that it is generally not performed on minors who are less than 15 years of age. (Unless there is a special need other than for physiological reasons.). If your facial structure has settled and your adolescent stage is over you are not too young or too old for a nose job operation.

What You Should Know About Nose Job Operations

A Nose Job, also known as ‘Rhinoplasty’ is a surgical operation that aims to reshape, resizing or repositioning the nasal features of a person for different purposes. In many cases, the purpose of the nose job is related to aesthetics. But, in some cases, it is a necessary operation to fix nasal structure that makes it difficult to breathe clearly.

It is also one of the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Since the nose is an important asset of a human face, an uneven or distracting feature of a nose can affect a person’s appearance and self-esteem dramatically.

What a Nose Surgery Can Do

If you are considering undergoing a nose job surgery, understanding the before and after processes of the nose, the operation could be helpful in order to assess a realistic outcome. Also having clear expectations and comprehending what Rhinoplasty can do, would make the entire process easy and manageable.

The most common revisions of the nose job operations are:

  • Reshaping tip of the nose
  • Re-sculpting bridge of the nose
  • Reducing the size of wide nostrils
  • Corrections of the uneven look or angle between nose and lip

What Nose Job Operation Won’t Do

A nose surgery can’t guarantee that it will be able to enhance your appearance to the expected extent. Sometimes, corrective surgery might be necessary when a person’s nose won’t set, heal or look as anticipated. If you can discuss all the details regarding before and after procedures of your nose surgery with your plastic surgeon beforehand, it can increase your chances of having a successful rhinoplasty operation, with the look and outcome you want to achieve.

Even though a successful nose job might give your self-confidence a boost, you should also know that rhinoplasty can’t miraculously change your life. If you’re planning on undergoing the operation to get a better job or a better social life, you need to accept that a nose operation may not be able to solve all these problems, if it is not the only obstacle on your way. As the nose anatomy of different people varies, ethnic rhinoplasty will give a natural adequate but not an excessive change to your face.

What Type of Corrections Are Made with Rhinoplasty?

There may be different types of corrections needed for rhinoplasty, let’s see some of them:

  • Congenital asymmetry:

Without any outer cause, the nose can be asymmetrical after birth or during adolescence. An asymmetrical nose will create an asymmetrical face in most cases. It may affect an individual’s body image and self-confidence. In such cases, rhinoplasty can solve the problem permanently.

  • Respiratory (Breathing) problems:

The inner and outer shape and structure of the nose may cause respiratory problems that can affect the quality of certain functions such as; sleeping, smelling, running, etc. Septoplasty (usually along with rhinoplasty) is the best option for this kind of problem.

  • Reshaping after an accident:

As a gentle body organ, the nose is very sensitive and vulnerable when accidents are considered. However, thanks to rhinoplasty, the former (or even better) reshaping is always possible.

Nose Job in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is a very popular choice for many international patients. You can choose the one you want among the hundreds of providers in Turkey. However, let us emphasize that for the safest treatment and service, ask the provider if they are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health or not. To read about the new regulations in detail, you can read our article here.

If you are planning to have rhinoplasty in Turkey with MCAN Health, the case managers will get the necessary information with a medical history form, demand the photographs of your nose from different perspectives, and your expectations for the reshaping. All the information, then, is sent to the surgeon and you will get an initial idea and plan for your rhinoplasty operation and the operation date is scheduled.

After you decide on your provider and the surgeon, the face-to-face consultation part begins. The first and the most crucial point, in such consultations, is communication. You should not fix your mind to one single nose model and demand it no matter what. The nose you want may not be suitable for your face or your nose itself may not be suitable for such reshaping. So, you need to be clear about your ideals about your nose and come up with a plan with your surgeon for the optimal result.

Then the surgeon will begin a physical examination before the operation. A detailed blood test and a close inspection of the nose (both outer and inner) are necessary for a safe and well-planned operation. Considering all the information taken by the surgeon, now you will have the precise idea of the best possible nose that is suitable to your face.

The Operation: What Happens During the Nose Job Operation?

The operation can be made with different methods and your surgeon will advise the best option for your needs and comfort. There are three main categories of rhinoplasty:

  • Standard rhinoplasty: This method is mostly used for cosmetic purposes, the nostrils, bridge and nasal tip can be reshaped with the method.
  • Septorhinoplasty: “Septo” refers to the septum, the part of the nose which can become problematic due to a deviation. Deviation causes breathing problems and can be fixed with surgery. Septorhinoplasty covers both the cosmetic and medical corrections for a functional and beautiful nose.
  • Rhino-tip: This method does not intervene with the bridge, but the nostrils and nasal tip for reshaping.

Under general anesthesia, the surgery generally takes up to 3 hours with one day of hospital stay. Rhinoplasty can be performed with an open or closed technique which determines either the incision will be done inside or outside the nose. The surgeon will inform you about all the details of your surgery and suggest the ideal method.

Rhinoplasty Aftercare

After the surgery, one day of hospital stay is recommended while in some surgeries the patient does not need to stay at the hospital at all. The recommended length of your whole stay is 7 nights as the doctor must examine the nose on the 5th day at your last check-up in which the splints put inside the nose will be removed. This is always defined as a magical moment by our patients because they see their new nose for the first time. So, tears of joy are not that unusual at the last check-ups, watch the video below to witness yourself:

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time– What You Should Do

Mainly, in the first month, you need to avoid any kind of impact on your nose as it is recovering and reshaping day by day. You should also keep it as clean as possible and not wear glasses for the first year as much as you can. Sneezing is also another factor that should be controlled as much as possible. For more, please read the aftercare instructions for rhinoplasty.

Although you may have an idea about your new nose just after the plasters and cast are removed, it will be swollen with edema, the excess fluid trapped inside the tissues of your nose. So, you may need to wait for 1 full year to have the final shaping. However, %90 of the edema will be gone in 2 months and nearly %98 in 6 months, but you should note that each body has its own unique reactions for some it may take really short while some it may take longer. After 1 year, you will be able to enjoy your new nose without any extra aftercare.

The first month after the surgery is the most crucial one.
Do not forget that surgery fills the first %50 of your operation, the other %50 is all about aftercare.

When the nose surgery is over, a splint or plaster will be applied to your nose in order to stabilize its final shape. This is generally removed in about a week following the surgery. You may also need to have nasal packs inside the nostrils to support the septum and reduce swelling and bleeding. Besides, you would be advised to keep your head elevated while resting and sleeping. You may also need to take regular pain-relieving medication after the anesthetic starts wearing off. As with all cosmetic surgeries and operations, you will need to be patient while going through moments of discomfort. Try to be kind to yourself, take time to recover and don’t forget to follow your doctors’ post-operative care instructions fully.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Three Essential Points to Care

As MCAN Health, we have three main suggestions if you are planning to have rhinoplasty in Turkey with MCAN Health or any other provider:

-Always ask if they are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health to ensure you will get the perfect service and treatment,

-Do not dream and fix your ideas to only one form of the nose. Be flexible and discuss with your surgeon during consultancy,

-Follow the aftercare instructions to get the best results.

Let’s finish the article with a previous patient of MCAN Health telling about her journey:

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