Aftercare Instructions of Thigh Lift & Arm Lift

tight lift and arm lift aftercare


  • Right after the Operation

What to Expect: You might experience pain in the parts of your body with scars, bruising and swelling. This is quite common.

You will be given an oral medication prescription. Please start taking them as instructed.

What to Do: Initially, you should sit over the edge of the bed for a while before standing. That will help to reduce the possibility of dizziness and fainting.  The ideal resting position is on the back, with the body and legs slightly elevated to reduce any post-operative complications such as bleeding, hematomas or swelling as much as possible. You should not have a shower until the first appointment with your doctor after the surgery. Bandages should not be removed by you. You will be instructed at your check-up regarding the bandages.

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  • First Week

What to Expect: Swelling will diminish over time but you may still experience some discomfort. You will have numbness and tightness around the incision areas. This will be resolved in time. You will have drains for the 3-5 days.

What to Do: The operated area should be kept clean and dry. Decreased activity may promote constipation, so you may add fruit to your diet, and be sure to increase fluid intake (you should drink 2-3 liters of water in a day). Movement is important but you should not force yourself, please rest as well.

  • 2-6 Weeks

What to Expect: Between 3 to 6 weeks, swelling will reduce quite a lot and your mobility will improve. You will need to wear your special garment 4-6 weeks after surgery. It will be confirmed by your doctor at the check-up.

What to Do: Social activities can be resumed 15 days after the surgery.

However, during a 3 week period, avoid all sudden movements and physical strain. If you had arm lift operation, you should avoid lifting your arms for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, you may start easy sport activities. Also, for 3 weeks, even when not taking pain medications, alcohol consumption is prohibited as it causes fluid retention. After your bandages are removed after 3 weeks, you can start using scar cream or silicone tape. 

2 6weeks
  • 3-6 Months

What to Expect: During this period, shaping will be better and tissue healing will be completed.

What to Do: For a at least 6 months period, stay away from the heat sources sauna, baths etc.

Excessive exercises can be done during this process according to your healing progress.

3 6months
  • 1 Year

What to Expect: Healing will be completed at this point, final result will be more apparent. 

What to Do: During a 1 year period, always use strong sun protection creams and avoid the incision areas from the sun. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet and exercise. 

1 year 1

NOTE: These instructions are based on a normal post-operative condition. Healing and recovery are highly individual processes. In addition to the patients’ capacity to heal, recovery depends on the patient’s attentiveness and respecting the post-operative instructions. 


The timing for working after thigh lift and arm lift operations depends on the nature of your work and how physically demanding it is. If you have an office job, typically you can resume your job within a couple of weeks. If your job requires more physical activity it may take longer.

It is generally recommended to avoid driving until you stop taking prescribed medications and feel comfortable sitting for long periods of time. This is typically within three weeks after the surgery, however it depends on the individual. 

Exposing the incisions to the sunlight can make them darken and become more noticeable. So, it is important to protect them from sun exposure by applying sunscreen with high SPF until they are fully healed, which typically takes at least 1 year. 

As well as wearing your special garment for around 6 weeks, keeping your legs slightly elevated, avoiding salty food, drinking enough water and doing gentle exercises may help with swelling. 

After the operation, please keep the incisions clean and dry and wear your corset as directed to minimize the scarring. After your bandages are removed you can start using scar cream or silicone tapes. Protect the incision site from the sun.

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