Dr. Cesur

Dr. Cesur

Speciality: Hair Transplant Surgeon, Medical Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Cesur, who holds a Medical Degree (M.D) in the Faculty of Medicine from Ege University, has specialized in medical aesthetics.

Dr. Cesur's admiration for Medical Aesthetics was shaped while studying and led her to have various educational pieces of training. Mainly focused on hair transplantation, Dr. Cesur performs, ozone therapy, mesotherapy, acupuncture, and aesthetic fillings.

She started her career as soon as she graduated in 1999; Dr. Cesur has enhanced her advanced surgical skills and training in hair transplantation. 22 years of being a sophisticated surgeon, Dr. Cesur has treated many national and international patients suffering from hair loss. Dr. Cesur's main area of expertise is FUE, DHI, and Revision Hair Transplantation surgery in male and female patients. Dr. Cesur uses micromotor and manual extraction, CHOI pen, and Sapphire blades for hair transplant procedures.

For Dr. Cesur, in hair transplantation, the essential factors are the patients' desire and natural-looking hair. Therefore, Dr. Cesur is always in pursuit of realistic natural results and the satisfaction of the patients.

Experience: 21 Years

Field of expertise: Hair Transplantation, Ozone Therapy, Mesotherapy, Acupuncture, and Aesthetic Fillings.

Languages: English