Sedef – Trichologist

Dr. Baha

Speciality: Hair Transplant

Sedef has 11 years of experience in various methods of hair transplantation. In total, she has performed almost 10.000 operations. She graduated from Zeynep Kamil Medicine School and continued in her field of expertise as a trichologist during long years of education and work experience.

After graduating, she worked as a trichologist in the Boğaziçi Medical Center and the Memorial Hospital. In a surprisingly short period of time, and as a result of her successful operations, she was promoted to become the leader of the hair transplant medical team in various hospitals, including Kadıoğlu Hospital, Avrasya Hospital, and Medicalpark Hospital, which are among the most popular and successful in the whole of Turkey.

Leading her team to great success and patient satisfaction, Sedef has operated on a great number of patients from all over the world. She has plenty of experience with different types of hair and scalps, hence why she is so accurate in her patient analysis, and knows how to achieve perfectly natural results in hair transplantation.

MCAN Health is proud to work with Sedef and we expect ever greater success in hair transplant operations.

Location: Istanbul

Surgical Experience: 11 years

Field of Experience: Hair Transplantation with FUT, FUE, DHI, Percutaneous, and Sapphire Technique

Language: English, Turkish

Nationalities Treated: British, German, Spanish, Dutch, American, Arabic, Turkish

Before After: Visit our hair transplant before and after gallery.