Love Island 2020 – Shaughna, Eve and Jess Plastic Surgery

I feel like I have just written a blog piece on islanders of 2019, it literally feels like yesterday! Indeed, time flies! A brand new Love Island, Love Island 2020, has already kicked off in mid-January. The winter edition is being aired in a faraway but warm place: South Africa! When it is cold and gloomy in London, who would not want to be there now?

Just watching it on telly warm me inside! And although it has only been a month, the show has become a byword, also with the plastic surgery journeys and rumours of the islanders! So, here we are again to take a closer look at the plastic surgery journeys of the islanders.

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Let’s start off the first blog on Love Island 2020 with the most ‘famous’ ones who have been on the news since the beginning: Shaughna Phillips and the twins: Jess and Eve Gale. Shaughna Philips and Eve Gale have already been dumped, meaning that they have left the villa. Jess Gale is the only ‘survivor’ among these three. But still, these three are the ones who are still famous when it comes to plastic surgery.

Shaughna Before Plastic Surgery and After

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Shaughna is a 25-year-old Londoner who works as a democratic services officer. She has been open about her breast enlargement surgery. Breast augmentation, also known as breast implants or breast enlargement or boob job, aims to enhance the size and the shape of breasts. Shaughna has been among these women and the results seem pretty good for us!

 Shaughna Non-surgical Cosmetic Surgery

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She has also shared that she had lip fillers. No surprise! Look at her lips, before and after. There is definitely an ‘enhancement’! If you are a keen follower of her, you have also seen her pictures on Instagram revealing her weight-loss journey since 2016. Indeed, she has changed a lot during the past couple of years. Our contracted plastic surgeon, Dr. Murat, also thinks that she has a ‘magic touch’ on her nose and her face to improve the shape of her face and her overall look. He sounds right, look at her before and afters, there is definitely an ‘improvement’!

The Love Island Twins Jess and Eve Gale Before Plastic Surgery and After 

Jess and Eve Gale Before Plastic Surgery and After 
Jess and Eve Gale Before Plastic Surgery and After

For the first time, Love Island had twins! Who are the twins on Love Island? They are Jess and Eve Gale who have managed to irritate the viewers of the show for licking their lips and teeth constantly! People wonder if it is because of the fillers they have had!

First-ever twins of Love Island, Jess and Eve Gale, 20, are students and VIP hostesses from London. When we look at their pictures, we clearly see a big change. The twins look completely different in the villa than their look from a few years back. Although they are only 20 years old now, it seems like they have had a number of ‘touches’.

Love Island Twins Non-surgical Cosmetic Surgeries 

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Let’s start with the non-surgical plastic surgery; their facial features are more prominent than before, meaning that they most probably have had some facial injection, lip and cheek fillers. If you look at their noses, before and after, you will notice a difference here too. They may have had a non-surgical rhinoplasty/nose fillers to achieve more sculpted noses.

Jess and Eve Gale Plastic Surgery 

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It is also clear that they have undergone some plastic surgery treatments such as breast enlargement and butt augmentation. Jess and Eve have had a boob job to have an added volume and shape on their breasts. Along with enhancing their breasts, they have also worked on their bums. It looks like they have had a butt augmentation, possibly Brazilian Butt Lift, aka BBL. BBL is a plastic surgery procedure improving the size and shape of the buttocks by using your own fat. BBL is known as ‘celebrity surgery’ because it became famous after celebrities like Kim Kardashian. And other ‘newbie’ celebrities, like the twins, follow suit!

Love Island Continues! 

Love island plastic surgeries

One of the most famous shows in the UK still goes on and will continue to be a ‘national phenomenon’ with its massive popularity! Click to read about Love Island Reunion 2021! And let us remember once again, MCAN Health, as an internationally accredited and award-winning medical tourism company, offers services of plastic surgery in Turkey! To learn more about it on how to achieve your dream body, reach out to our experts!