5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Have a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant offers a permanent solution to hair loss problems for many patients. And hair transplant is no longer a treatment exclusive to the rich or the celebrities. If you do your research well and choose the right clinic, you can have high-quality hair transplant treatment for very affordable costs.

A permanent and budget-friendly solution to the hair loss problem, what more could one ask for? A hair transplant offers a great solution but it is not for everybody. Although it is a great solution for most people, a hair transplant may not be the right option for you.

hair transplant pros and cons
Should I get a hair transplant?

You would not want to end up paying for something that would not satisfy you or even would upset you with its results, right? Therefore, before making any decision, it is important to find out whether you are the right candidate to have a hair transplant or not. Click for safe Hair Transplant in Turkey.

To make it easier for you, MCAN Health made a list of reasons why not to have a hair transplant:

1) If You Are Not Ready to Have a Bit Longer Hair on the Back of Your Head After a Hair Transplant

Hair in the donor area should be a bit longer after hair transplant

After your hair transplant, you should not shave or cut the hair very short (less than 1 cm) on the donor area. For most of the patients (Not all of them) who had a hair transplant, if you cut your hair on your donor area very short (less than 1 cm), small empty patches (where hair follicles were extracted) will be visible.

So, to avoid that, the hair on your donor area should not be less than 1 cm. However, in some patients the small scars will not be visible at all and buzz cut will not make any problem.

2) If You Are in Your Early Twenties and Your Hair Loss Continues Rapidly

hair transplant
Should I get a hair transplant in my 20s?

If you are in your early 20s and you still have rapid hair loss, the only thing you need to do is to wait. It is not advisable to have a hair transplant that early if the hair loss continues rapidly. Because when your hair loss continues rapidly, you may end up having baldness in areas where a hair transplant was not performed which would affect the overall look.

Of course, this is not without a solution. You can have another hair transplant session. But instead of doing that, wait until hair loss speed is slowed down. On the other hand, if you are in your early 20s but your hair loss speed is slowing down, you can have a hair transplant without the need to postpone it.

3) If the Hair on Your Donor Area is Very Thin and Weak

weak donor area hair transplant vs strong donor area in the back of head
People who already have a weak donor area should not undergo a hair transplant

The strength of your donor area is very important when it comes to a hair transplant. Because the hair follicles are extracted from your donor area and implanted into your balding areas. The implanted thin and weak hair follicles will be thin and weak in the transplanted area.

Then before going for a hair transplant, first have hair transplantation technique or mesotherapy and use some supplements to make your hair in your donor area thicker and stronger. Once you have a stronger donor area, then you can have your hair transplant.

4) If Your Hair Loss Is Not a Male Pattern Baldness

Diffuse hair loss vs male pattern baldness
People with diffused hair loss should not do hair transplant

Male pattern hair loss is the most common type of hair loss for men. It mostly affects the top and front of the scalp. If you lose hair from all parts of your scalp equally, the reason for your hair loss may not be related to male pattern hair loss.

There may be some other medical conditions causing your hair loss. Therefore, it is important to see an endocrinology specialist and have some blood tests to check your thyroid, parathyroid, testosterone, progesterone hormones as well as your vitamin levels such as magnesium, and calcium.

5) If Your Hair Loss Is Characterised as Norwood Stage 7 and Your Donor Area Is Weak

Norwood 7 hair transplant
People with Norwood 7 are not the right candidate for hair transplant

The Norwood scale measures the severity and pattern of hair loss and has 7 different stages. If your hair loss falls under Norwood Stage 7 and if your donor part is weak then you may not be eligible for a hair transplant. What is a Norwood stage 7? It is the most severe type of hair loss where you only have a band of hair going around the sides of your scalp.

Does Hair Transplant Work?

If you do not have any of these five conditions mentioned above, then you are good to go with a hair transplant without waiting. But if you have one of these conditions, you need to either wait or make some medical treatments before a hair transplant, or in some cases, you should never do it. The success rate of hair transplants in Turkey for all nationalities is between 90% to 95%. You can contact us now to have a free consultation.