A Guide for a Safe Hair Transplant in Turkey

Avoiding Hair Transplant Black Market

a guide for a safe hair transplant in turkey blog

Many people who are considering to get a hair transplant in Turkey are searching for;

“How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?”
“Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?”
“Is it safe to get hair transplant in Turkey?”

To be brief;

  • Price
  • Quality
  • and Safety

seem to be the main concerns for these questions.

But the search results may provide various contents in terms of perception.

For example, just google “hair transplant turkey” and you will find a lot of news.

They are generally focused on two topics;

  1. Hair transplant procedures and the medical travel industry
  2. The good experiences and bad experiences

The news talking about bad experiences warn people about the danger of the hair transplant abroad.  Naturally, this kind of news creates a negative perception about the country. They create a false belief on the quality regardless of the individual clinics.

As a medical travel provider, we feel the necessity to explain to you more about the industry with its good sides and bad sides.

In this guide you will find:

  • A general information about the booming Medical Travel industry
  • Turkey’s position in healthcare services
  • Questions to ask before hair transplant
  • The difference in cost of hair transplant between Turkey and Europe
  • A checklist that will assist you during your search for hair transplant in Turkey

What Is Medical Tourism?

Basically, the concept of medical tourism refers to people who travel outside their countries for medical needs.

To reach the provided medical services widely ranging from cancer treatment to plastic surgery, the number of people leaving their countries to have medical procedures is increasing day by day.

Just like a globally selling product, medical operations are ready for everyone today.

But why are we witnessing such a boom in the medical travel industry lately?

Because there are more options available now. According to CDC, people are looking for the treatment offers in other countries because of “the decreased cost, a preference for care from providers from a similar culture, or to receive a procedure or therapy not available in their country of residence”

At first glance, it may sound very fair and beneficial.

Anyone can get any treatment anywhere in the world.

The price range has a wide scale due to the different dynamics of

  • economy
  • politics
  • and labour costs for each country

You may encounter much more affordable offers in foreign countries compared to yours.

Competition is a natural catalyst for development. But, when it comes to the field of medicine, competitive decisions should be taken with the highest caution as it deals with human life itself.

Unfortunately, it is not considered as such when it comes to practice because for some providers the desire of profit exceeds the value of human life.

The two pillars of medical services, the price and the quality, are prone to exploitation by such companies.

The Rise of Hair Transplant Industry

The hair transplant is in a massive trend and still growing very fast.

As a result, we are experiencing a global competition for the gigantic trend. Turkey takes a big part in this trend. It has become the leading country in global medical travel and hair transplant.

Currently, the monthly number of hair transplant operations done in Turkey is around 1500. 1200 of these are done in İstanbul. It is estimated to increase over 2000 in a few years.

Some countries determine the price by the number of grafts while others provide different packages for different needs regardless of the number of grafts.

 Why is hair transplant cheaper in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplant is determined by the combination of

  • the labor cost
  • the country’s economy (i.e. rates of currency)
  • the cost of instruments and materials used for hair transplant
  • the quality of extra services such as transfer and accommodation
  • the governmental support
  • the expected profit margin of the company

That is why in European countries, the cost of hair transplant is about €15,000 while hair transplant cost in Turkey is about 2000€ that is 70% cheaper than Europe.

Is hair transplant in European countries more worthy than Turkey?

Unfortunately, quality does not always depend on the price.

The quality of your hair transplant is a combination of

  • the necessary medical standards
  • the safety of the treatment
  • the safety of travel
  • environmental factors such as the atmosphere of the medical institute
  • good planning
  • realistic expectations
  • expected results
  • a systematical follow up

What Could Go Wrong With Hair Transplant?

Compared to other medical and plastic operations, hair transplant can be seen as a minor one. It is correct that it has lower and less serious complication rates but it should never be underestimated.

As a medical operation, it should be dealt with high expertise.

The hair loss affects the psychology of the patient as well as the physical appearance. It reduces the self-confidence and self-appreciation.

According to scientific studies done by The British Psychological Society, the problems may lead difficulty in social and work environments.

The study indicates that 40% of women suffering hair loss have had marital problems while 63% of men have problems related to their work environment.

Hair transplant can offer support to fix such side effects. But, a bad hair transplant will obviously make these worse.

There are irreversible cases in which the donor area is used very unskillful and harsh as a lack of expertise and experience of the performer.

There are cases with minor details which leads to horrible results such as bad hairline design. Such bad hair transplant results can easily be noticed with their unnatural look.

Yet, any experienced hair transplant surgeon says:

“The best hair transplant is the unnoticeable hair transplant.”

How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey?

We would like to provide you with a checklist of certain standards that you MUST consider on your search for the right hair transplant.

To help you in your research we have designed a checklist covering all the crucial issues to learn about Service Facilities, Treatment Facilities and Post Operation Facilities.

All you need to do is to ask the provider about these facilities and you will have a big picture of your research.

Download and print the checklist sheet now.


Official Approval for the Safety of Hair Transplant

Obviously, this is the most crucial factor for you to consider before deciding. The safety of hair transplant is determined by the provider. Most probably, any provider you get in contact will ensure your safety. So, you need other ways to see if you are safe with the provider or not.

The best way is to ask and request proof for their safety certificates such as accreditation from the Ministry of Health or membership to official tourism associations like TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). A provider with such certificates must be able to deliver the documents themselves.

Hair Transplant Surgeon or Hair Transplant Nurse?

The medical expert who performs hair transplant has major importance in all steps of your treatment. The positive impact of a hair transplant surgeon starts from the consultation to the very final results. So, a very picky decision period is a must.

A hair transplant surgeon, a doctor with an MD degree and a medical team with nurses will give the upmost safety for the patient during the procedure. Having an extensive understanding of the physiology of the human body, the hair transplant surgeon is able to lead the safest treatment with satisfying results.

It is no secret that in all around the world there are providers who promise your hair transplant will be performed by a hair transplant surgeon when they even do not have any.

As a patient from abroad, it is not easy to spot any kind of misinformation.

So, you must ask more information such as

  • the certificate of the doctor’s MD degree
  • the images and videos of the provider including the doctor performing hair transplant
  • the genuine before-after images
  • the genuine patient reviews

“Hair Transplant is not a one-man operation”

MCAN Health’s contracted doctors state that:

“Hair Transplant is not a one-man operation. A successful hair transplant requires an experienced medical team including a doctor, a trichologist and a medical team along with a sterilized environment to reduce any kind of risk of infection to a minimum. As a doctor, I would like to emphasize the importance of a doctor performing and supervising the whole process. Although hair transplant is a safe treatment, any kind of malpractice may lead irreversible results on the appearance.”

Hair Transplant Reviews: The First-Hand Experience from the Patients

The good thing about the internet is that you can just go and find customer feedback on any service or product from every company. There are lots of independent review platforms over the web such as TrustPilot and Reviews.co.uk.

All you need to do is another quick google search as “company name reviews” and you will find a lot of reviews. If you cannot find any review, then it may not be a good sign.

You should read a lot of different reviews about the provider and the hair transplant service. Take a look at the good ones as well as the bad ones to have a holistic idea about your future hair transplant.

Beware of the fake and misleading reviews

As a hair transplant provider in the industry for a considerable amount of time, we would like to warn you about the authenticity of the reviews as well.

mcan health reviews


Check the number of the reviews, if they are less than 50, you need to be cautious to evaluate this company or clinic based on the reviews.

You can also visit the provider’s social media to see video testimonials to hear the experience from the very first hand.

Post-Operation Procedures and Follow Up After Hair Transplant

The procedures after a hair transplant are as important as the treatment itself. The patient should strictly follow the aftercare instructions to get the best result. Some providers or clinics just tell the standard instructions and leave the patient be once the operation is done. This does not seem like a good way.

A good provider or clinic should give you extensive instruction to follow as hair transplant aftercare procedure.

But that’s not enough.

You must be closely followed up until the end of a year on a regular basis to ensure the result is going as expected and all your questions are answered.

After one year, the result of hair transplantation is expected to be seen. If it is the crown area, the top of the head, then the result can be seen in 1.5 years.

A Safe Hair Transplant in Turkey

Unfortunately, there is a hair transplant black market in Turkey as it is so in most of the countries. We have tried to explain to you why is it happening and how to avoid it.

Just like in other countries, there are excellent hair transplant providers in Turkey with governmental approvals, have spotless and hygienic clinics, hair transplants performed by hair transplant surgeons, transparent company ethics and perfect follow up procedures.

The crucial point is to make a good research and decide the right provider. You have a lot of aspects to check and a black market hair transplant provider can be easily spotted after extensive research.


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