Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey
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Aftercare Instructions for Brazilian Butt Lift

Important Note:

The following instructions are general information to be followed before and after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, therefore; your surgeon’s instructions should be followed primarily. MCAN Health does not accept liability for the accuracy of these instructions.

Before The Surgery:

  • Stop taking any medications containing aspirin, non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Stop using any herbal medicine and all diet pills as a precaution for complications that can lead to blood clotting, blood pressure, and respiratory problems.
  • Due to anesthesia and healing, it is forbidden to smoke. So please reduce smoking or stop if it is possible.
  • Stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week before your surgery.
  • Stop drinking or eating anything 8 hours before the surgery.
  • Take a shower before you leave the hotel.
  • A comfortable dressing is recommended.
  • Any metal materials are not allowed in the operation room. Please take your valuables off.
  • Do not wear contact lenses; do not wear make-up on the day of your surgery.

After The Surgery (Post-Operation Instructions):

  • Any tobacco products and spirit drinks should be stopped to be consumed two weeks before and after.
  • In case of infection, swimming is forbidden for four weeks.
  • Please keep your buttocks always clean.
  • Avoid applying any cream or such on the incision for a month unless your doctor tells you the opposite.
  • Sterile bandages should not be removed. You will be informed with further information by your doctor on your last check-up date.
  • Shower is not allowed until check-up as long as your doctor does not tell the opposite. After the shower, you should keep the incisions dry and sterilized.
  • You may walk around on the day of surgery and after to prevent blood clots from developing, also move your legs frequently.
  • Because of the anesthesia and the adaptation of the body to it, you may feel exhausted for a week.
  • Walk every day. Each day try to extend the time of these walks
  • You should wear your special corset at least for 6 weeks. It will help the skin recovery and lead to a better body shaping.
  • First 15 days, you should be careful in sexual activities and tiring yourself.
  • You can start the gym after 6 weeks. You should start slowly.
  • Please start taking your oral medications until the day of your discharge (especially antibiotics should be finished).
  • Swelling and some bruising are normal in BBL. Gradually, they will reduce. The new shape will appear display day by day, but whole healing will end after a year.

Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks, lying flat while sleeping and any traumatic action for at least six weeks. Sleep or sit on each side equally.


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