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1) Is a Brazilian Butt Lift also suitable for me?

Almost anyone can do a BBL. While most of the people that have a Brazilian butt lift are women, also men can have it. It will make their body stronger.

2) Will it make my butt bigger?

The aim of a Brazilian Butt Lift is to not so much to change the size of your butt as much as it is to lift it and make it firmer. And definitely look better!

3) How long before I return to my normal activities? 

Some activities may be resumed in a matter of days, such as returning to a job that does not require constant sitting. Strenuous activities, such as your normal exercise regime, must wait for 6 weeks.

4) Is the Brazilian Butt Lift the only way to augment my butt?

Actually, there are two ways to augment your buttocks: traditional implants or the Brazilian Butt Lift. The Brazilian technique carries a lower risk of infection than implants and also tends to achieve a more natural look. And, because the areas receiving liposuction during a Brazilian style lift are made leaner, a patient’s entire profile gains a sensuous new contour.

Not only can a Brazilian Butt Lift help you get the butt you’ve always wanted, but it can also help you get rid of your excess fat.

5) Will a Brazilian Butt Lift give a permanent result?

Yes, the procedure can provide a permanent result. However, you will need to maintain a healthy body weight. Otherwise, your body appearance might change.


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