The 5 Different Face Shapes: What Looks Best On Yours? 🤩

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“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”

The above quote, by French poet Victor Hugo sheds some light into a point we would like to start with: happiness will bring more beauty to your face than any sunglasses, makeup or surgery.

This being said, there’s interesting strategies to make the most out of our face shapes…

…and there’s no reason not to do so… so let’s look at them!

Face Shapes & Facial Proportions

face shapes and proportions


There is a science behind facial harmony that painters and sculptors have studied for thousands of years. The lesson to be extracted from it is:

Facial beauty depends on the overall harmony of facial features.

In other words: beauty is not in the face shape, but in an equilibrium of its elements. It’s in how the eyes, mouth and nose look in regards to the chin, eyebrows and ears.

Some patterns of aesthetic proportion are more alluring to the human eye, however, and correspond roughly to the following measurements:

  • A harmonious face is around 1.6 times longer than its width
  • The forehead to eyebrows, nose and chin ratio is roughly 1:1:1
  • The distance from the upper nose to the lips is 1.6 times the distance from lips to chin
  • The hairline-to-eyes ratio is 1.6 times the eyebrow-to-eyes ratio


The 5 Main Face Shapes

face shapes chart


Bear in mind that pure face shapes are rare, and hybrid forms between two different types are most common.

Knowing your face shape is indispensable to make the most out of your natural beauty. For example, in deciding your hairstyle or what glasses to wear. So grab hold to your seat… for we are going to discuss that right below!


The Oval Face Shape 🥚

Oval Face Shape e1668178344228

Bella Hadid is a classic example of the oval face shape

The oval face is the most common of all face shapes, and probably the most beautiful at the moment, considering that Bella Hadid, the most trended model, has this shape in particular.

The oval face shape is remarkable due to its harmonious and lean contours. This face shape is usually rounded on the jawline and hairline areas, and is widest around the upper cheeks.

  • The best glasses for this facial shape are either the classic round-framed or more modern squared glassed, to give you a more edgy look.
  • In terms of hairstyle, oval faced women look particularly good with a hair knot.
  • Oval-shaped women with a big nose can greatly improve their appearance with a rhinoplasty

The Square Face 🫑

angelina square face e1668179091474

Angelina Jolie and her beautiful squared face shape

Squared faces are known from having sharply marked traits, giving them character and a strong personality. It’s as if they were saying: “I can take a fist on my jaw and won’t even notice!”

With it straight contours, the squared face shape gets its distinctiveness from its lateral contours running vertically upwards. Overall, the face looks rather wide compared to its length.

  • The best glasses for this facial type are pilot glasses, which will add to the strength of character, or cat-eye glasses. More classy frames will also have a great effect, however.
  • In terms of hairstyle, square face shapes look amazing with untied, wild hair, adding a certain rawness to them that will make them irresistible.
  • Squared-shaped women like Angelina Jolie can greatly benefit from face lifting to sharpen their contours.

The Round Face 🍊

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s beautiful round face

The round face is the second most common of all face shapes after the oval face. As its name implies, its form is round and looks generally brighter, fuller and fluffier than the oval face. To be clear: the round face is the one you want to grab and pull from the cheeks!

In this face shape, the overall length and width display similar proportions, we notice a very full cheek area and round contours thrower the jaw and hairline.

  • The best glasses for this facial type are square-framed glasses to add some contrast, rectangular are also good, try experimenting with straight angles.
  • In terms of hairstyle, round face shapes looks great with short hair that falls over the shoulders, tied-up is another great possibility, or straighten your hair and keep it longer.
  • Round-shaped faces can acquire a beautiful allure through a brow lift.

The Heart Face Shapes 🍓

heartshape scarlett e1668180578625

Scarlett’s Johansson heart shaped face 😍

Also known as the “triangular face shape” 🔻 (but heart is better ❤️) this one’s a rare facial structure that not many people have, so it’s quite exclusive!

This face shape is characterized by a pronounced forehead and a sharp chin, with an angular jawline. The overall contour converges from top to bottom.

  • The best glasses for this facial type are round, retro glasses, but rounded square glasses will look great too!
  • In terms of hairstyle, this is the most versatile of all face shapes, anything will do: short or long, curly or straight, tied-up or wild!
  • People with a heart face shape can opt for a blepharoplasty to avoid baggy eyes.

The Oblong Face 🥑


Sarah Jessica Parker’s oblong face

Oblong faces are… long. In fact, they’re almost twice as long as wide. That’s pretty long.

In this face shapes, the proportions of the jawline, cheeks and forehead create a facial verticality that resembles a rectangle. Often, they show a pointed chin.

  • The best glasses for this facial type are… any! Oblong faces are fortunate when it comes to eyewear, as their natural balance will make them good look with just about any eyeglass frame.
  • In terms of hairstyle, oblong face shapes look wonderful with half-up shaggy curls, thick side swept bangs or the classic side sweep.
  • Oblong face shapes can greatly benefit from facial rejuvenation after a certain age.
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