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Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey


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How is FUE Hair Transplant performed?

The average cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey is €2350, the minimum price is €1400, and the maximum price is €3300 with MCAN Health.
Similar treatment packages in Europe, the USA, and the United Kingdom cost between € 10,000 € and €35,000. The total price of hair transplantation in Istanbul is roughly ten times in the United Kingdom.
Every patient has a unique treatment plan depending on the hair loss, hair structure, type of scalp tissue, age, donor area availability, and hairline preferences. All these variables determine which hair transplant method is the most efficient one for the patient.
The cost of hair transplant in Turkey depends on a different number of variables:

  • The labour cost in Turkey
  • The experience of the medical team
  • The technology used
  • Aftercare services
  • The guaranteed success rate
  • The number of follicles needed to cover the balding parts
  • Incentives provided by the government of the country

All-Inclusive MCAN Health Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

The cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey with MCAN Health with an all-inclusive hair transplant package includes: the treatment, the accommodation in central hotels, airport and hospital transfers, medication, personal host, and regular post-op follow-ups.

The cost of each package is determined by the type of hair transplant treatment and the additional services.

MCAN Health provides hair transplant operations with the maximum number of grafts suggested by an experienced and specialized hair transplant team. Unlike other countries, you do not need to calculate the cost of your operation per graft.

The prices for MCAN Health’s all-inclusive packages are determined regardless of the number of grafts you get.

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All Inclusive MCAN Health Hair Transplant Prices in 2022

FUE Package
Fue Luxury Package
DHI Package
Sapphire Package

Hair Transplant in Turkey Package Cost

The price of MCAN Health Hair Transplant packages in Turkey is determined not based on the number of grafts or hair strands. At MCAN Health, we have different packages with Hair Transplant in Techniques, always achieving the best results with the maximum number of grafts in one session, without damaging the donor area.

The MCAN Health all-inclusive packages with the maximum of grafts in one session have a fixed price. Our hair transplant in Turkey packages include, besides of the treatment:

Maximum number of grafts in one session

The trichologist will determine how many grafts can be implanted in one session to achieve the best and more natural results. The specialist will choose the best technique for each unique case: FUE Hair Transplant, DHI Hair Transplant or FUE Sapphire


We offer you the best stay in 4 or 5-star hotels located in the city center of Istanbul, depending on availability. We ensure that during your stay you will feel like home, totally comfortable and with the best facilities. Right now, all our partner hotels have applied Covid-19 security measures to ensure all our patients are safe from arrival until departure.

Patient Host Services 24/7

We have English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic patient host agents. They will be with you during your stay to make your hair transplant journey in Istanbul unforgettable. 

Medication and medical tests

With the all-included hair transplant package, we include the necessary blood tests before the surgery and all the medicines that will be needed after the procedure. 

Transfers with VIP vehicles

MCAN Health’s driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the clinic and the hotel. Istanbul is a big city, and you will not have to worry about moving around, as we arrange everything for you. Just enjoy the ride and your hair transplant journey. 

Periodic Follow-ups

For each patient, MCAN Health experts do periodic follow-ups. After 15 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, our experts call the patients to follow the results of their hair transplant and advise accordingly during the healing process.

Benefits of MCAN Health Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

Turkey is a very reputable country and known for its hair transplant operations at affordable costs thanks to highly experienced medical staff, government incentives for medical tourism, dedicated clinics only for hair transplantation, and successful results.

According to every patient’s treatment plan, MCAN Health’s experienced hair transplant team applies the maximum number of grafts in one session necessary for the specific patient. So, there is no “last-minute surprise” when it comes to the cost of your hair transplant in Turkey.

It is not always a better option to go with the highest number of grafts for the offered price. It is all up to your donor area capacity, type of hair, and the size of the receding part on the scalp.

The additional benefits provided within the hair transplant packages are among the important factors that determine hair transplant price in Turkey. Generally, the packages include the price for transfers, accommodation options, and medication. Each extra service may increase or reduce the cost of hair transplant.

Why Choose MCAN Health For Your Hair Transplant Journey in Turkey?

As a principle, the MCAN Health hair transplant team always focuses on the most efficient method for each patient. The number of grafts is calculated to ensure that no harm is done to the donor area but also good coverage is provided on the balding parts with no additional price.

Unfortunately, many false promises are being made from clinics saying that 5,000 grafts can be transplanted with no problem. It is possible to achieve this, but not in every case. Every individual has their physical attributes and necessities. The specialist has to check every patient to give the best solutions.

Let’s hear what MCAN Health Trichologist Sedef Terbiyeli comments on the number of grafts for hair transplant:

“With the same amount of balding area, a patient can receive 5,000 grafts (approximately 12,500 hair strands) in one session. However, another patient may receive 3,500 grafts (approximately 8,750 hair strands). Why is this happening? The number of implanted grafts depends on the donor area and differences in hair structure. Yet, the result may still be the same because the patient with lesser grafts may have higher quality follicles.”