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Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

Hair transplant costs in Turkey may start from minimum 1.900 €, while similar treatment packages in the United Kingdom cost between 25.000 € and 35.000 €. The total price or cost is higher than 10 times in the United Kingdom.

Every patient has a unique treatment plan depending on the hair loss, hair structure, type of scalp tissue, age, donor area availability, and hairline preferences. Because all these variables determine which hair transplant method is the most efficient one for the patient.

The cost of hair transplant depends on a different number of variables:

 The labour cost in Turkey, 2019 The experience of the medical team
 The number of practice The technology used
 Aftercare services for hair transplant The guaranteed success rate
 The number of follicles needed to cover the balding parts Incentives provided by the government of the country

How Much Does Hair Transplant Turkey Cost?


All Inclusive MCAN Health Hair Transplant Prices in 2019

Benefits of MCAN Health Hair Transplant Packages


Turkey is a very reputable country and known with the hair transplant operations (and affordable hair transplant price) in all over the world thanks to the experienced medical staffs, a large number of operations done each and every month, government incentives for medical tourism, dedicated clinics only for hair transplantation, successful results and affordable price.

The price of MCAN Health Hair Transplant packages is determined not based on the number of grafts or the number of hair strands. According to every patient’s treatment plan, our surgeons apply the maximum number of grafts in one session that is necessary for the specific patient.

It is not always a better option to go with the highest number of grafts for the offered price. It is all up to your donor area capacity, type of your hair and the size of the receding part on the scalp. The additional benefits provided within the hair transplant packages are among important factors that determine hair transplant price in Turkey. Generally, the packages include the price for transfers, accommodation options, medication, PRP therapy and city tour. Each service may increase or reduce the cost of hair transplant.

As a principle, MCAN Health Hair Transplant Experts always focuses on the most efficient way in a hair transplant operation. The number of grafts is calculated to ensure that no harm is done to the donor area but also good coverage is provided on the balding parts with no additional price. Unfortunately, a lot of false promises are being made saying that 5000 grafts can be transplanted with no problem. It is possible to achieve this but not in every case because every individual has their own physical attributes and necessities.

Let’s hear what MCAN Health Trichologist Sedef Terbiyeli comments on the number of grafts for hair transplant:

“With the same amount of balding area, a patient can receive 5,000 grafts (approximately 12,500 hair strands) in one session; however, another patient may receive 3,500 grafts (approximately 8,750 hair strands) depending on their donor area and differences in hair structure. Yet, the result may still be the same because the patient with lesser grafts may have higher quality follicles.”

What’s Included in the Price?

The cost of FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey with MCAN Health package covers:

  • Hair Transplant with the maximum number of grafts for the best efficiency
  • Treatment at MCAN Medical Aesthetic Clinic, a 5-star clinic at the centre of Istanbul, you will feel comfort and luxury for a perfect experience
  • All internal transfers (airport-hotel-clinic) with MCAN Health’s VIP vehicles
  • 2 nights in a 4 or 5-star hotel of your choice right in the centre of Taksim, one of the most vivid districts of İstanbul
  • All the necessary blood tests before the operation
  • The necessary medications (antibiotic, anti-oedema, painkillers)
  • Special shampoo, lotion, neck pillow and headband
  • PRP Treatment
  • English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Arabic Spoken Patient Host Services

For each patient, the aftercare is followed by MCAN Health experts on periodic follow-ups. After 15 days, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, our experts call the patients to follow the case medically and advise accordingly during the healing process.

MCAN Health is also supported by the Turkish Government for international patients and accredited by the Ministry of Health to ensure a safe journey with the perfect treatment. Governmental support is a huge advantage for patients as it indicates that the provider meets the standards for safety and success.

All the cost advantages provided by MCAN Health are directly reflected in the price of our hair transplantation and other surgery packages.

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Can hair transplants treat patients who have experienced hair loss from chemicals such as hair bleach?

mohammed hamza
mohammed hamza

what is the cost for body to scalp transplant? please give me a rough idea.

Peter molloy
Peter molloy

How much involvement does to the doctor have? Does the doctor perform all the extraction and implantation? Also, who/how do you check that single or double grafts are being implanted in the right areas.