Possible Questions about Breast Enlargement

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If you consider having a breast enlargement operation, there may be some questions on your mind. Here is some information that may answer your questions.

1. What is the difference between saline and silicone breast implants?

There are two different types of breast implants in terms of materials used: silicone and saline breast implants. Both of the implant types have a silicone outer shell because the soft and durable structure of the silicone is similar to that of the natural breast.  The difference between the implants is caused by inner material and consistency.

Saline breast implants

Saline is a salt-water solution that is similar to bodily fluids. Saline implants are filled with this solution. These implants are inserted empty and then filled with saline after placement. Saline implants can be used for women of 18 years of age or older who wish to undergo breast enlargement surgery. The advantages of saline implants are as follows:

  • cheaper,
  • more adjustable,
  • smaller post operation scarring,
  • more volume options,
  • no silent ruptures

Silicone breast implants

Silicone gel is filled with silicone implants before the operation. The silicone gel is sticky, reliable, durable and thick. It imitates the feel of human fat thanks to its denser fluid structure. Many women report that the appearance and the feel of the silicone breast implants are more similar to natural breast tissue. Silicone implants can be used for women who are 18 years old or older. They can, however, be used at any age for reconstructive surgery. The advantages of silicone implants:

  • more similar to natural breast tissue,
  • lesser rippling risk

Silicone implants are usually more suitable for very thin patients who have small breasts. For a more built patient, there is more place for an implant, this patient type is more suitable for saline implants. The advantages of saline implants are more prominent than those of silicone implants.

2. What is the appropriate implant size for my body? 

The size of the implants should be chosen according to the physique of the person. Breast enlargement should not be performed to follow the trends. It is important to remain faithful to realistic proportions in order to minimize the number of potential health-related and social issues that might come up later on. Extreme size, poor quality silicone or doctor’s error may require secondary surgery.

3. How should I go through the healing process?

You need to pay attention during the healing process after a silicone breast enlargement operation. You have to spend your first few days without moving your arms too much. Your family or friends can help you during this period. You should avoid movements that force your muscles, such as lifting heavy things or lifting up your arms. These movements negatively affect the healing of your sutures. Regular body cleaning, healthy foods, and short walks help you recover. You should regularly use the creams and painkillers that your doctor prescribes. You should wear special brassiere after the surgery, it will help your sutures and muscles to heal up.

4. What is the expected lifespan of silicone breast implants?

Breast implants are not designed for lifetime use. The average lifespan of silicones is around 10 years. It may be necessary to have a secondary operation, such as replacing or completely removing the silicones. The lifespan of breast implants usually depends on the individual. While some of them may need replacing within the first couple of years, others may not need replacing for more than 20 years after the operation.

5. Which aesthetic surgeon can I trust for this surgery? 

A plastic surgeon has to do private work for each patient and should have an artistic point of view. You may want to consult multiple plastic surgeons to get the optimum results for breast enlargement. You should choose a plastic surgeon who is able to make you feel comfortable with your choice. MCAN Health can help you choose the best doctors in Turkey. Turkey is one of the best countries for aesthetic surgery, it has specialized and experienced plastic surgeons. MCAN Health offers you cost-effective solutions for breast enlargement at internationally accredited hospitals, full-insurance for the treatment and follow-up care after surgery. MCAN Health is here to be with you on your path to perfection with its award-winning, excellent patient service.

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