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Teeth Whitening in Turkey | MCAN Health

1) Does the procedure offer a permanent solution?

This procedure enables you to have whiter and brighter teeth. However, in due course, decolourization may start. Therefore, we advise our patients to have teeth whitening every 6 months.

2) Is this procedure painful?

No. It is a safe outpatient procedure with no need for anaesthesia because the procedure is not painful.

3) For how long do I need to avoid smoking?

Smoking, consuming products that leave stain such as coffee, wine, tea may result in decolourization of teeth. We advise you not to consume these products for 2 days after the procedure.

4) What is the cost of it in Turkey?

It is lower compared to other countries. MCAN Health promises high quality with lower prices. The cost of teeth whitening procedure depends on the circumstances of each patient. So please contact MCAN Health to get a free consultation.


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