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“I was thinking of tummy tuck abroad. I chose Turkey because I read somewhere that Turkey is the 2nd globally at having JCI accredited hospitals. I chose MCAN Health because their cosmetic surgeons had very qualified backgrounds. My hospital was hygienic, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. MCAN Health treats each patient with care. But at the same time, you don’t feel like an ordinary patient. They offer a package to you by carefully considering your needs and expectations.”

“The reason that I chose MCAN Health was their confidence about what they offer. I remember the first that I contacted MCAN Health; they assured me that they have the top surgeons in Turkey. They also told me that if I have a tiny dissatisfaction from my tummy tuck job, they will offer another free of charge tummy tuck treatment. After I had a look at the CVs of MCAN Health surgeons, I booked my flights to Turkey. I had 100% satisfaction from my tummy tuck job thanks to my highly talented surgeon. I strongly recommend MCAN Health’s tummy tuck job to everyone.”

“I was so unhappy with my tummy after 3 births that I decided to have a tummy tuck in Turkey. I did not say it to my husband because I wanted to wow him. He knew that I was on holidays. It was true actually. I was on holidays in Turkey and I had my tummy done at the same time. My MCAN Health surgeon did an excellent job. I feel much more confident now and I can even see how amazed my husband as well with my new look.”

“To be perfectly honest, I had big question marks in my mind about having a surgery in Turkey. I have not been to Turkey before and reliability and quality was my biggest concern. Especially the things that were promised with such low costs… But I was fascinated with the level of quality and service offered by MCAN Health in Turkey. Everything was so organized and professional that I did not even lift a finger. It was all flowing and smooth. I have no complains at all. Thanks a lot!”

“Excellent quality and service with affordable prices; MCAN Health is the best in tummy tuck!”


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