Why Do You Wear Headband After Hair Transplant? Aftercare and Recovery Tips

You have probably noticed some people walking around with a headband. As Istanbul has become the best city for Hair Transplantation in Turkey (and probably in the world), it is already very common to see people with headbands after hair transplant. But what are they exactly? 

By Using the Headbands You Can Prevent Bruising and Swelling After Hair Transplant

As you can guess, it is all about hair transplantation. After a standard hair transplant procedure, there is a chance for two kinds of complications: Forehead swelling (oedema) and bruising around the eyes (periorbital ecchymosis).

Therefore, as MCAN Health, we are taking every caution to prevent complications for you. So, if you will have your Hair Transplant in Turkey with MCAN Health, you will be a member of the headbanded crowd.

head swelling after hair transplant
Head and eye swelling after hair transplant

How Do Headbands After a Hair Transplant Help the Healing Process?

They provide the optimal and most beneficial technique against the complications:

  • They obviously protect your sensitive scalp after the operation.
  • They prevent swelling and bruising look for a better appearance.
  • There will be fluids coming out of your recipient area and the bandages 

MCAN Health will provide you after your Hair Transplant in Turkey are specially woven with a special texture that can soak all the fluid easily.

Headbands prevent swelling and bruising after hair transplant

What Are the Reasons for the Potential Complications on Forehead After Hair Transplant?

After your hair transplant, there will be certain fluids inside the recipient area and it tends to go down from the top of your head to the forehead area. It is similar to the way water moves on our heads while we are having a shower. The water hits the top of our heads and goes down to our faces.

The blood flow inside our scalp is also using the same route and there is a chance that it may reach down to your eyes. If it happens, you will get a bruising look around your eyes not a preferable cosmetic sight after your hair transplant operation.

Still, there are also other factors like haircut and hair wash to consider after your hair transplant. 

How Long to Wear a Headband After Hair Transplant?

How long should you wear headband after hair transplant

Actually, it is strongly advised to wear one. The good news is that you will wear it for only 2 days at most. In most cases actually, it takes only 1 day and your doctor will take it off during your check-up and make the first hair wash.

If you decide to have your Hair Transplant in Turkey, we can ensure you that you won’t feel strange with your headbands since you may see tens of people with the same headband in the city! It is very advantageous to get a treatment here, since there are most advanced techniques such as FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI Hair transplant.

Can You Wear a Bandana After Hair Transplant?

How to wear a bandana after hair transplant

Since the newly implanted grafts are not completely steady and firm, doctors recommend not to cover your head for at least 7 days. However, it is advised to protect your scalp from direct sunlight.

You can use a bandana after a hair transplant as long as you do not cover the new grafts with pressure. Click to get more information about hats after hair transplant