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  • Born in 1995 Hamburg Technical University
  • Born in 1995 8 Years of Experience

Mehmetcan Kotil

Medical Content Expert

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Mehmetcan Kotil was born on March 22, 1995, and pursued his higher education in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg. Following his studies, Mehmetcan Kotil returned to his home country of Turkey, where he shifted his focus to the Medical Tourism industry. With a passion for healthcare, he started managing digital teams and writing informative content about the industry. He has been mainly focusing on cosmetic surgeries, and through his work, Mehmetcan Kotil has been able to create effective content in both English and German. With his deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and his exceptional writing skills, Mehmetcan Kotil has become a leading content writer and content manager in the field of Medical Tourism. Today, he continues to help people make informed decisions about their healthcare needs through his work in MCAN Health.

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