Aftercare Instructions of Liposuction

lipoduction aftercare


  • First Days

What to Expect: In the first few days, you will feel a flow from the incision holes. This is the special solution that was given to you before the liposuction. This solution should flow, but even if one drop of blood is mixed in, you may think that you are bleeding. But it is not bleeding at all; it is only the solution flowing and a typical phenomenon in liposuction surgery. After the discharge, you will start using prescribed medications for the optimal healing process. Your drains will be removed around 3-5 days.

What to Do: Sterile bandages should not be taken off. You will be informed for future situations about bandaging by your doctor on your last check-up date.

Showering is not allowed until your checkup date as long as your doctor does not advise anything different on your discharge.

The main point is keeping the incisions dry. Your responsibility is always to keep your clothes clean and dry. Walking (even if you are in bed you can move your legs) and drinking water is very helpful for your health and body’s quick recovery. You should not take your anti-embolism socks off until your surgeon tells you to do it. 

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  • 1-6 Weeks

What to Expect: For a week, you may feel exhausted and sore because of the operation’s nature.

Bruising and swelling are very common after liposuction surgery, so please do not get scared. Bruising mostly disappears in two weeks, but for swollen areas, it varies according to the person. You may still feel liquid leakage from the incision holes, it is beneficial for the healing process.

What to Do:

Feeding healthy and enough liquid consumption will help you with the tiredness. You should drink water, at least 2 lt., every day for 10 days as well as consuming fresh fruit juices. This will help the edema to subside. 

Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks. These products always raise complication and necrosis risks. Do not exercise or have sex for 3 weeks because your body needs to rest. But keep walking. Thereafter, you may resume low-intensity exercises. At the 6th week, you can exercise regardless of intensity. You should wear your compression garment for 6 weeks. Please wash it when you get a shower, make it dry and put it on again.

1 6 weeks
  • 3-6 Months

What to Expect: The complete healing will take a year, but you will be able to see the shaping between 3-6 months. Most of your swelling will be diminished at this point. 

What to Do:  You can start going to the gym and exercise. This will help your body to shape better after the operation. Protein-based diet is also advised. 

3 6 months 1
  • 1 Year

What to Expect: At this point, you are expected to see the final outcomes of the surgery. 

What to Do: Please maintain a healthy lifestyle and in case of any concerns get in contact with MCAN Health followup team at

1 year


It helps to reduce the swelling and boost an optimal healing as well providing support for the treated parts. It also helps skin to get used to the new contours of the body during the recovery period. 

Yes, it’s normal to feel some changes in the sensation such as numbness or tingling in the treated parts. They will generally improve over time, around 6 months later, as the nerves heal. For the itching and other discomforts, your surgeon may prescribe over-the-counter medications or creams to reduce it. 

Yes, it is often recommended to have lymphatic drainage massage at least 10 sessions after liposuction to help with the edema reduction and to improve the circulation and healing process. 

Scarring is possible after liposuction, as it involves tiny incisions to insert the cannula (the tube used for removing the fat). Scarring also depends on the person and the individual skin quality. However, as the incisions are so small and strategically placed in less visible parts, generally they fade significantly over time and become barely noticeable. However, your surgeon and assigned MCAN Health nurse will provide detailed guidance on scar care. 

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