Aftercare Instructions of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)



  • Right after the Operation

What to Expect: Swelling and some bruising are normal in BBL. Gradually, they will reduce. Because of the anesthesia and the adaptation of the body to it, you may feel exhausted for a week. You will have drains for the first 3-5 days. 

What to Do: Please start taking your oral medications until the day of your discharge (especially antibiotics should be finished).

You may walk around on the day of surgery and after to prevent blood clots from developing, also move your legs frequently. Shower is not allowed until check-up as long as your doctor does not tell the opposite. You should keep the incisions dry and sterilized. Sterile bandages should not be removed. You will be informed with further information by your doctor on your last check-up date. You should not take your anti-embolism socks off until your surgeon tells you to do it. 

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  • 2-6 Weeks

What to Expect: Swelling and bruising will improve and you may begin to observe some initial results at the end of this period. However, there may still be some swellings.

What to Do:  For at least 2-weeks period any tobacco products and spirit drinks should be stopped to be consumed. First at least 4 weeks, you should be careful in sexual activities and tiring yourself. In case of infection, swimming is forbidden for four weeks. Please keep your buttocks always clean.

You should wear your special corset and use a BBL pillow at least for 6 weeks. It will help the skin recover and lead to a better body shaping. You should never sit without the BBL pillow during this period. Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks, lying flat while sleeping and any traumatic action for at least six weeks. Sleep or sit on each side equally. You can start the gym after 6 weeks. You should start slowly. Avoid applying any cream or such on the incision for a month unless your doctor tells you the opposite.  

2 6 weeks
  • 3-6 Months

What to Expect: The shape of your buttock will be improved as the swelling continues to decrease.

What to Do:  You can do exercise with caution for intense workout targeting the buttock areas. Focus on maintaining a stable weight. Use sunscreen for the incision sites to prevent darkening. 

3 6 months after bbl
  • 1 Year

What to Expect: Final result will be more apparent. Healing phase is generally completed.

What to Do: Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a stable weight to enjoy the long-lasting effects of the surgery. 

1 year 2


Wearing the special corset is essential for providing compression to the treated area. This helps to shape and maintain the desired shape. It also helps reduce swelling by improving circulation. It is important to use it as instructed by your surgeon.

Keeping the incision sites dry and clean is very important during the recovery process. Avoid soaking in water or applying too much moisturizer to incision sites until they are fully healed.

The amount of time that you need to take off from your work or school depends on your case and nature of your work or your daily activities. Most patients generally take at least two weeks off to make the initial recovery smooth and manage any mobility restrictions. Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for your unique case. You should still stick to the instructions such as using your BBL pillow or corset. 

Constipation can be a side effect of the pain medications and reduced activity levels during the initial part of the healing. To deal with it, please stay hydrated, follow a high-fiber diet, perform gentle movements and slight exercising as much as your body allows you. Your surgeon may also recommend over-the-counter medications to deal with constipation.

Yes, the lymphatic massage is recommended for at least 10 sessions. It helps your belly to shape and your results will look better.

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