The Big 4 Butt Shapes: Which One Do You Have and What Does it Tell About You?

Of all the panoramas of this world, the insuperable one is, and always will be, a woman’s buttocks.

The quote is by John B. Keane, and let’s not deny it: buttocks are beautiful. They play a huge role in creating the fascinating sex-aura of men and women.

But you know that: you’re reading about butt shapes!

What you do not know, is that learning a bit more about your butt can help you choose the sexiest pants and the best gym routine!

So hold on to your seat, for we are going to reinforce your self-confidence and give you useful insight about butt shapes to make the most out of your buttocks.

We will cover:

  • What determines the shape of your butt
  • The different shapes according to one of the most famous plastic surgeons
  • The best-looking butt according to your body type
  • The best ways to change your butt’s shape and size


What Shapes Butt Shapes? ?

round-butt-shape seen from behind next to a swimming pool with black underwear and t-shirt


Like all other parts of the human body, the shape and form of your buttocks is determined by:


  • Your skeletal structure
  • Your muscular mass
  • The way your body distributes and stores fat


The pelvis is the main bone shaping the form of your buttocks, which is mostly determined by genetics, on top of nutrition during childhood and adolescence.

Contrary to popular belief, and unless you hit the gym like a nutcase, muscle will play a very minor role in determining butt shapes!

The last main factor is fat distribution, whether on the sides, bottom or evenly distributed across your bum.


Butt Shapes: The Big 4 ?

4 different butt shapes cartoon

The ‘Big 4’ bum shapes


The Master-Mind behind this list is Matthew Schulman, an American plastic surgeon who examined, worked on and modified a record 50,000 bums (from 35 different countries).

Not a bad curriculum!

From a medical point of view, distinctions are quite important.

Research conducted at Oxford University has proven that round or heart-shaped butts are associated with a lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular failure. 

Yeah. So let’s now look at the different butt shapes and what they say about you!


The Bubble Butt ? (AKA Round Butt)

bubble butt laying down


Bubble buts are mostly found in men, due to their larger hips. Bubble buts are considered very healthy, as fat is evenly distributed in the lower and upper part of the ass cheeks. They are also very attractive and sought-for.


The Heart Shaped Butt ?(AKA Pear Shaped Butt)

pear shaped butt at the beach from behind with red bikini


Also known as A shaped butt, this type of butt acquires an inverted heart shape that is very attractive for the opposite sex. The butt acquires this form due to the accumulation of fat on the lower areas of the bum. This tendency can be reversed in time, as the gradual loss of estrogen due to aging can cause fat reserves to change position and rise, turning the heart into a V-shaped butt.


The H Shape Butt ? (AKA Square Butt)

square butt shape


H-shaped butts look squared as a result of a greater fat distribution in the upper part of the glutes, which makes the upper and lower parts stick out evenly while the middle is rather flat instead of bubbly. Square butts are not much appreciated in modern fashion but can look very pretty with the right kind of underwear.


The Inverted Butt Shape ? (AKA V Shaped Butt)

v shaped butt


If your butt acquires a V-shape, the line between your waist and your hips is inclined inwards. This is the type of butt that results, due to greater accumulation of fat on the upper butt area. According to Matthew Schulman, this ass shape is mostly seen in people with wide shoulders and thin hips.


Butt Shapes & Body Shapes ??

body types


There’s 5 body types according to the standard classification: the hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, pear and rectangle body shapes.

You can see how much they coincide with butt shapes, and that is no coincidence:


You Have an Hourglass Body

32% of women have an hourglass body shape. This means that their hip to shoulder ratio is 1:1 and they have a tiny waist. This type of body has the great advantage of being universally adaptable to all butt shapes, which partly explains why it is so sought-for.

You Have a Round Body

A round body doesn’t mean that you are overweight, this also depends on the skeleton structure and muscle mass, which can be greater around the waist. Round bodies are known for having a half-moon shape on the side, which makes their beauty. This is the body type of 12% of women, largely compatible with squared, a-shaped and bubble butt shapes.

You Have an Inverted Triangle Body

10% of women have this body shape, known as the “swimmer type”, with shoulders wider than hips. It’s the only morphology presenting this characteristic, making it unique and easily recognizable. Women with this kind of body usually have round butt shapes.

You Have a Triangular Body

This is the most common body shape, visible in 37% of women. Contrary to the prior shape, triangular bodies get wider as they approach the waist, and show hips larger than shoulders. This type of body usually shows bubble butt or triangular butt shapes, the square butt being an extreme rarity.

You Have a Rectangular Body

This is the rarest kind of body, present only in 9% of women. Rectangular bodies are characterized by an almost perfect alignment of hips, waist and shoulders, which run parallel to one other. Usually, this body naturally comes with squared butt shapes.


What If I Want to Change My Butt Shape?

4 different butt shapes from behind with white lingerie


Quite simply, the 2 best ways to change your butt are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Surgery


Dieting will only reduce mass without changing the morphology of your buttocks, you will not be able to change the shape of your butt just through dieting, only volume will change.

Exercise is also tricky.

It will help you to gain mass at the cost of a lot of time and effort. However, the buttocks are mostly made of fat (unless you’re a professional athlete). and

You cannot train your body to allocate fat in one area or another. This means that butt reshaping through exercise are is limited.


Butt Lift Surgery ??‍⚕️

Amazing butt as seen from behind


The above consideration explain why plastic surgery has become a very common way of achieving butt reshaping.

The most common procedures to meet this end are:



According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the number of BBL surgeries has increased by 77.6% since 2015< (global figures), turning it into one of the most popular procedures.