Do You Need A Nose Job? Basics of Rhinoplasty Explained!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you had a nose job? It’s a truly transformative operation that reshapes and enhances the structure of the nose. Whether your primary concern is the appearance or functional needs, a nose job will definitely give you fresh breath and an aesthetic look! Let us explain the basics of the procedure, the types of nose jobs, how to decide if you should get it and the preparation stage for your dream operation! 

Rhinoplasty Basics: What to Know

The nose job is a surgical procedure which aims to reshape the nose for aesthetic, functional or both purposes. It can address concerns like:

  • breathing issues
  • nasal injuries
  • enhancing the overall appearance
rhinoplasty operation

It can be performed through two approaches: open or closed rhinoplasty. In the open nose job, the surgeon has better visibility because a small incision is made across the tissue between the nostrils (it is called columella). Therefore, this method is better suitable for complex and detailed cases. On the other hand, in the closed rhinoplasty approach, the incisions are made within the nostrils, so there are no visible scarring. It is less invasive and more suitable for minor adjustments. So the decision between these two approaches depends on the surgical goals, personal preferences and surgeon’s recommendations. Before the operation, you should discuss your expectations clearly with your surgeon to reach a satisfactory result. 

open or closed nose job

Following the operation, a healing period waits for you. Although each body reacts differently to the operations, there are some general things to be expected. Immediately after the procedure, you can expect swellings and bruisings around your nose and eyes. These feelings will gradually decrease. You will have nasal splints on your nose which will be removed within 5-7 days. In 3 months the majority of the swelling will subside and you will observe improvement on the shape. However, for the final results, a year should be completed.

Should I Get a Nose Job? 

Deciding to get any operation is a very important choice and  it heavily depends on the person’s motivation and expectations. You should think about whether you want to get it done for medical reasons, for aesthetic purposes or maybe both of them in combination and seek a qualified surgeon for this purpose. Remember, to have the surgery you do not necessarily need to have medical reasons, you may consider it just because you think your facial harmony would look better with a nose job and your self-esteem will be increased as a result. Whatever your motivation is just make sure you are well-informed about the whole procedure. 

should i get a nose job

Another important point to consider is having realistic expectations. It can bring significant improvements but you should always keep your expectations real. The results depend on your nasal structure, skin thickness, facial proportions, age, healing process etc. So, showing your favorite nose to your surgeon and wanting the same shape may not be very wise! But please discuss thoroughly with your surgeon about your expectations and desires. If you are asking “should i get a nose job?” then you should ask yourself “Am I prepared for the post-surgery care?” After the operation, you should strictly follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions for rhinoplasty. The recovery period and how you take care of the treatments heavily affects the overall success of your operation. So it requires commitment to aftercare and patience. Think about these factors while you are trying to decide and let us also inform you about different types of nose jobs! 

Types of Nose Jobs

Depending on the needs and desires from the operation, a nose job can be classified into various categories.

  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

This type of nose job primarily focuses on enhancing the appearance of the nose. The operation may involve changing the shape, size and proportions to achieve a harmonious look suitable with your facial features. Not every nose shape is suitable for everyone. Therefore getting a nose job simulation before deciding might be beneficial. 

  • Functional Rhinoplasty: 

This procedure aims to solve the breathing issues or other functional problems. For this purpose It typically involves correcting deviated septum or reducing the turbinates’ (airflow regulation structures) size to enhance the airflow. According to the needs and desires of the patient, the operation may both consist of cosmetic and functional purposes. 

functional nose job picture
  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty:

Some nationalities have some unique nasal characteristics. Through this procedure some specific features can be addressed such as flatter nasal bridge or wide nostrils. The goal of ethnic nose job is to achieve a harmonious appearance that suits the patient’s facial features and ethnic background, rather than choosing a one-size-fits all approach. 

ethnic rhinoplasty technique
  • Revision Rhinoplasty: 

You may also have heard this as “secondary rhinoplasty.” This surgery’s aim is to correct or improve the previous rhinoplasty operation’s results if the patient is not satisfied. If the initial surgery couldn’t solve some functional problems or couldn’t meet the aesthetic desires, a second operation may be done. 

How About Non-Surgical Nose Job? 

You may also have heard about “non-surgical nose job” and maybe think about it. So we also want to give you some brief information about it. A non-surgical nose job uses filler to reshape the nose and it offers a temporary solution. The results generally last 6-12 months and this procedure cannot address more significant structural problems. Therefore rhinoplasty is much more effective and a long term solution when compared to non-surgical nose job. So briefly, if you are looking to improve your breathing, solve medical problems on your nose and achieve a much more aesthetic look that lasts a life-time, then surgical rhinoplasty is the right choice for you! 

non surgical nose job

How Much is a Nose Job?

We covered all aspects of a nose job and the time has come for the burning question: how much is nose job and is it possible to get it at an affordable price? Well, actually the price can change depending on various factors such as the location, surgeon’s experience, the techniques to use for your specific case etc. For example, nose job price UK can range from 7.000 Euro to 10.000 Euro and in USA this price can be around 7.500 Euro – 12.000 Euro. However, if you check rhinoplasty in Turkey, you will see a significant difference. The prices are around 3.,600 Euro – 4.200 Euro with all-inclusive services. The reason for this significant difference is actually very simple. The lower operating and labour costs, the high competition, the government support for medical tourism and the significant exchange rate difference between Turkish Lira, Euro, GBP and dollar all contribute to affordable prices. 

MCAN Health, an internationally accredited and awarded medical tourism company has been offering hair transplant, dental treatment and plastic surgery in Turkey with all-included services. Please check our nose job before and after photos below to see the incredible results for yourself and reach out to our medical experts for any questions you may have! 

ethnic nose job before and after mcan health
nose job before after of mcan health
female nose job before after