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Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant Analysis | MCAN Health

Lewis Hamilton hair transplant: true or false? Sir Lewis Hamilton is just about as good as anyone gets: a Formula 1 champion (tied in world Championships with the greatest of all time: Michael Schumacher), an environmental and social activist, knighted in 2021 and quoted in Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential men in the 2020 issue. In one word: a man of talent and true values, among which we find elegance and a fine attention to his physical appearance. 

Indeed, Hamilton is quite known for experimenting with different hairstyles and wearing fashionable clothing. A man like him would not let go of his hair without putting up a fight. Yet, ever since his Formula 1 debut in 2007, at the age of 22, Hamilton seemed to be prematurely losing his hair. Many fans have been wondering about what he’s done to gain back tremendous density over the last few years! Could the secret be a hair implant? 

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant: True or False?

Did Lewis Hamilton get a hair transplant? Formula 1 drivers spend a big deal of time hiding beneath caps filled with slogans and publicity. It’s part of the sport’s tradition. It is also a good hideaway if your hair is thinning and you don’t want other people to notice… but when your name is Lewis Hamilton, there is not so much you can do to hide, is there? 

The internet is full of Lewis Hamilton hair pictures showing the champion’s receding hairline. That is why there was no point denying his hair loss… The champion deny getting a hair transplant operation. He blamed ‘hotel shampoos and bad quality lotions’ for his hair loss, and explained he suddenly got his hair back simply by ‘self-caring’. Yeah, right! 

Our experts have a few things to say about that, however… They suggest the Lewis Hamilton hair transplant definitely happened, and here is why!

Lewis Hamilton Hair: Before and After

The idea of getting such density of hair back without surgery is laughable for hair experts. No doubt that better lotions, shampoos and better hygiene practices can help maintain your density of hair, and even recover it a little. But that is a long way from Hamilton’s astonishing transformation. 

Lewis Hamilton Hair | Before and After | MCAN Health

Hamilton was not just thinning, he was balding! And now he has a thick and dense full head of hair. Such a change cries out for ‘follicular transplantation’, as we say in the industry. Either that, or there’s been a brand new discovery in PRP practices and new-age hair-growth lotions that only Hamilton and a few of his peers seem to know about! 

Could he also be a scientist, other than a F-1 prodigy, a fashion icon and an activist? Make your own conclusions!

Hamilton and his Love for Hairstyle

If there is one thing Hamilton loves as much as speed and adrenaline, that is experimenting with his hair. Fans have seen him with trimmed hair, dreadlocks, with an Afro-style, dyed blonde, with a pony-tail… Are we missing something? we probably are! He might not be as extravagant as Jared Leto, but he’s not far behind.

This is yet another hint at how much Hamilton would be willing to do not to lose his precious hair. Now let’s take a look at the type of hair loss Hamilton had, so we can determine whether better shampoos could have solved his issue.

What Type of Hair Loss did Hamilton Have?

The causes of the Lewis Hamilton hair loss are certainly multiple, and all of them are up to speculation. The stress of competition must have played a big role in his hair thinning, as well as the dangers of speed, his constant travelling, and, probably, as he said himself, the use of bad lotions and shampoos.

But those of us who have seen his father in pictures can also confidently regard genetics as a cause of hair loss (unmentioned by the F-1 driver). Hamilton’s father is completely bald, and looks quite like his son also. Bear in mind, when it comes to genetics and hair loss, there is not so much one can do by recurring to ‘better shampoos and lotions’. It is your destiny to lose your hair… unless you get a transplant.


Which Hair Transplant did Hamilton Have? 

Lewis Hamilton has thick, curly Afro hair, which is the hardest hair to transplant, a true nightmare for inexperienced trichologists! 

Because of the excessively curly roots of Hamilton’s Afro hair, he must have found a high class professional, willing to spend many hours to deliver the desired results. Afro hair transplants are performed using the FUE technique, which is one of the most performed hair transplant techniques, known as the “modern” hair transplant method due to the latest technology it uses.

In FUE, each follicular unit is extracted one by one directly from donor areas on the scalp (usually the back of the head, between the two ears.) The follicular units are individually excised with a micro-punch and moved from the permanent donor area to the area of hair loss called the recipient area. Over 90% of hair transplant surgeons in the world prefer FUE, because it does not involve stitches and it does not leave any linear scars as it happens with strip harvesting method (FUT Hair Transplant).

MCAN Health’s Hair Transplant Team prefers FUE Hair Transplant, like so many other surgeons in the world.


Get Your Hair Back Like Hamilton With MCAN Health

Lewis Hamilton made a calculated decision and decided to get a hair transplant, there is no doubt about it. The good news is you do not need to have his millions to get the exact same treatment, and his same results. 

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