Can Everyone Get a Perfect Nose Shape? What Is the Ideal Nose?

The world is getting more visual with each passing day and we need to accept our tendency to be affected by what we see or what we watch. Just take a quick look at the social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and you will see that there are much more images and videos than texts. Selfies are still in the top position and it seems not to lose their position for a long while.

Can a Nose Job Give You The Perfect Nose Shape?

Perfect Nose Shape

The question: “What is the perfect nose shape?” has naturally become a popular question. As medical providers, we have encountered many patients with different kinds of demands.

Some patients bring a picture of celebrities such as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise and demand the same nose for themselves. The general idea is that as these celebrities are accepted as the most beautiful people around, they must have the perfect nose.

Perfect Nose for Your Face

Nose and selfies

Let’s accept that we are trying to have our best look in the selfies as we try different angles and effects. The motive behind this is that we all have an ideal face and body for ourselves in our minds. Photo effects and different angles can help us to a certain point, but for a real change, plastic surgery seems to be the solution with rhinoplasty.

When it is about getting the ideal face, the first thing that comes to mind is the nose. A small change in the nose may make your lips, chin or cheeks look different as it creates a harmony with the other parts of your face.

Ideal Nose or Perfect Nose?

Different ethnics with different nasal structure, skin type and color

From a plastic surgeon’s perspective, there is no perfect nose but there is an ideal nose that varies from person to person. As there are different nose types, so there is no “one perfect nose form” that can make every face balanced and harmonious.

There are so many factors that will determine your ideal nose shape such as gender, age, ethnicity, skin type and the shape of your face.

Nose Job Can Be an Esthetic Operation or Not

Nasal septum surgery
Nasal septum surgery (septoplasty)

So, an experienced and trained eye of plastic surgeon can consider all the factors and come up with the ideal nose for the best balance and harmony on the face. Rhinoplasty is defined as any plastic surgery that aims to reshape the nose.

The reason for reshaping the nose may not always be cosmetic and rhinoplasty may include septoplasty to fix the breathing problems.

The Perfect Nose Profile

anatomy of the nose

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ data, rhinoplasty is the third most performed plastic surgery operation. The features of rhinoplasty surgery include changing the size of the nose, the form of the nose bridge, position of the nostrils or humps on the nose profile.

The Golden Ratio Face and Nose

the face and nose ratio
The face and nose ratio

The ideal nose has some characteristics that are accepted universally. The most crucial one is symmetry. Golden ratio, a concept formed during the Renaissance, gives the best ratio that the human eye perceives.

The universal beauty standard is also based on the golden ratio. While it is a mathematical formula, it is used in every design from architecture to plastic surgery.

The Ideal Rotation Angle of the Nose

The Ideal Rotation Angle of the Nose
The Ideal Rotation Angle of the Nose

The parts of the face and their relation to each other need to be in a certain balance to perceive it as universally beautiful. In the latest studies, it is noted that the ideal rotation angle of the nose should be between 104-108 degrees.

It is calculated according to the golden ratio and experienced plastic surgeons plan the rhinoplasty operation considering all the measurements.

The Ideal Nose Shape Changes in Time

Michael Jackson Nose
The ideal nose shape has change in the last decades

However, there are many trends in plastic surgeries too. In the 90s, you may remember that all rhinoplasty surgery end the same and everyone has that straight, small and symmetrical nose with a tilted tip known as the barbie nose.

It is actually an outcome of the search for the perfect nose. You could easily understand if someone had a nose job or not in the 90s.

The Ideal Nose Has Surpassed the Perfect Nose!

Adele nose job
Adele got the ideal nose with some small touches

Fortunately, as people start to get bored with the same “perfect” nose and realized how unnatural it looks, both patients and plastic surgeons start to prefer the ideal nose that has no regular shape. Today the decision is made by the surgeon and the patient together.

Plastic surgeons suggest the most natural-looking and characteristic nose for the face of each patient. They also consider the needs and demands of the patient and come up with a balanced combination.

There Is a Limitation in the Number of Nose Jobs You Can Get

Nose job before and after photos with Mcan Health
Nose job in Turkey with Mcan Health

All in all, rhinoplasty is not just surgery but it is an operation that includes a high level of artistry. Also, the nose itself is a unique organ that cannot tolerate too much intervention. You can have breast surgery several times, but rhinoplasty revisions have a limit. That’s why a well-experienced plastic surgeon should be chosen to have this delicate operation.

You need to discuss every detail with your surgeon and hear her/his suggestions to come up with the ideal nose that fits best on your face. As MCAN Health, we recommend you to check if the clinic is approved by the Ministry of Health first, then make extensive research about your doctor and look up her/his before – after results.