Will Rhinoplasty Give Us The Perfect Nose?

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We want to look and to be looked at. Google claims that in 2016 over 200 million people responsible for 24 billion uploaded selfies last year, only a fraction of the selfies actually taken. The average millennial is expected to take 25,700 selfies during their lifetime. Over a period of 75 years, that is one selfie per day. Is the world vainer than we could possibly have imagined?

Mirror, mirror on the wall. But what is it that actually determines the beauty of our face? Our eyes? Our lips? Our nose? It is about harmony. Beauty is about the balance between the different features of our face.

Our nose is the most prominent feature of our face. And because of that, the harmony it creates with our lips, cheek, chin, forehead and bone structure determines the beauty of our appearance.

In the past rhinoplasty, the so-called nose job, often enough changed the shape and the contours of the nose rigorously. An attractive nose was considered to be a small, straight, tip-tilted, symmetrical nose. The result was that we could easily see when a person had undergone rhinoplasty surgery: the noses were almost identical.

The New Perspective on Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Nowadays the approach has changed. Surgeons have become far more sophisticated in their approach. Together with the patient, they decide what is a natural-looking, refined and characteristic nose that will give harmony to the face.

The nose job consists of modifying the shape, yet preserving the structure of the nose. The surgeon will make small variations by keeping the characteristic of the nose in line with the personality, ethnicity, age, gender and specific anatomy. That way they make a more elegant and refined nose job (rhinoplasty).

Ethnicity, gender, age, the shape of the face, height, skin type and thickness, they all have an influence on how to determine the ideal shape of the nose.

Nevertheless, there are some universally acknowledged characteristics for a beautiful nose.  Symmetry is one of them. We are more attracted to someone if their face is symmetrical and in proportion.

Also, the facial proportions that reflect the Golden Ratio are also universally considered to be beautiful. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical equation to measure facial perfection. It was developed in the Renaissance when artists and architects believed the Golden Ratio created the most pleasing and beautiful shapes. Currently, it is used as a mathematical formula to help explain why some faces are considered beautiful and other’s not. Cosmetic surgeons apply the Golden Ratio too in their measurement on the face to determine the nose shape to be achieved by rhinoplasty.

Because of this new approach of plastic surgeons, you cannot determine with certainty whether rhinoplasty surgery has been performed on celebrities or not. They look the same but better. Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Patrick Dempsey and Tyra Banks are among the celebrities whose nose job doesn’t show, although obviously, they are looking more attractive.

Of course, there are also bad nose jobs. Heidi Montag, La Toya Jackson, Joan Rivers, to name but a few celebrities that ended up with a nose far worse than they had before. That is why it is so important to discuss with the plastic surgeon the expected result before rhinoplasty surgery to find out what you really want, to discuss and determine together with your surgeon, what will be the most appropriate nose for your face.

Do we want a nose that looks like our dream model photo or do we want a nose that fits our personality and looks just perfect in our own face?

The expertise, skills and talent of a plastic surgeon are very important, for there is a high degree of artistry in rhinoplasty surgery. MCAN Health realizes this. That is why our plastic surgeons are so keen on the consultation before rhinoplasty in Turkey. To get a good understanding of their patient’s expectations and wishes, to help them in the process of determining the final shape of the nose. In fact, they say the consultation is as important as the surgery itself.

For decades now, doctors in Turkey have been developing the art of rhinoplasty to perfection. They know we should not speak of the perfect nose, but of the perfect nose. The ideal nose for you, perfectly harmoniously balanced with the other features of your face. A nose nature could not have made more beautiful.

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