Hair Transplant In Summer, Is It Good or Bad?

One of the most frequently asked questions by the patients with the desire for hair implants is “ when to get hair transplant?

It may be an excellent time to explain as we enter summer, the season that instinctually motivates us to have our best looks is drawing close. Summer also means a get-away from our work and professional occupations, thus it may be a good time to have your hair transplant in Turkey, as the country offers a splendid summertime experience!

Best Time to Get Hair Transplant

However, it is the season in which the sun grants its warmth in an abundant way. As a result, we sweat, dehydrate, and are exposed to UV rays. So, it is quite natural to have doubts about having a hair transplant during this season of the year. But we have good news; you don’t need to be afraid even a bit!

You only need to follow some simple instructions and surprisingly you will see that summer has its own ways to heal your scalp.

Does Hair Grow Faster in the Summer

hair growth is faster in summer

Summer is also known as the only season that makes your hair grow faster. The main causes behind this fact are humidity and hormones. When the weather is warm and moist, your body doesn’t need to heat your internal organs as hard as it does in other seasons, so your blood flow gets much more efficient and consequently, your scalp gets more blood which means faster hair growth.

Sweating After Hair Transplant in Summer

Sweating After Hair Transplant in Summer e1655373385276

One of the other main concerns about hair transplants during summer is sweating. Well, it does nothing at all as long as you follow your aftercare instructions and keep your scalp as clean as possible.

Swimming After Hair Transplant

Swimming after hair transplant e1655373459490

How about swimming in ocean after hair transplant? While it is widely known that salty sea water is good for healing any kind of wound in our bodies, you need to wait for two weeks to a month since the follicles are still very sensitive. Most of MCAN Health’s patients prefer to have their sea holiday first on the beautiful coasts of Turkey and they spare the last two days of their holiday for a hair transplant.

swimming pool after hair transplant e1655377416612

For a relaxing swim in a pool, you may need to wait a little bit more because in the swimming pools, the water is chlorinated and chlorine may harm your grafts. So it is generally advised to wait for a month to swim in a pool.

Summer Is the Best Time, But You Should Avoid Too Much Direct Sun Exposure

Direct sun on head after hair transplant e1655373566966

Two major interconnected factors are crucial in hair transplant during summer; oversensitive hair follicles and the scalp healing process. After a hair transplant procedure, you will see a notable redness on your scalp as a result of the tiny incisions that are made during the operation.

No worries though, the redness is just an indicator of the oversensitivity we are talking about and it will go away in only 10 days. So, during this phase of your recovery, you should better protect your scalp and let your follicles heal by avoiding long-term sun exposure. If you want a cover for your scalp, like a hat or bandanna, you should check our article focusing the use of hats after hair transplant.

The Best Time to Get a Hair Transplant Is Summer for the Fertile Nutrition

summer diet after hair transplant e1655373701588

Also, you can find many fruits and vegetables which can improve the rate of your hair growth during summer such as:

Watermelon – as it contains citrulline. Citrulline increases your arginine levels and arginine is an amino acid that focuses on your blood circulation to your scalp, thus enhancing hair growth.

Berries – They can affect your collagen production and collagens make your hair stronger.

Apricot – with linoleic and oleic acids and vitamins A and E, it helps your hair get hydrated.

You can get more information by reading “The Essential Nutrition Guide After Hair Transplant Surgery”

Well, now you see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Your hair transplant in Turkey will go very smoothly regardless of the season. But keep in mind that, you should stick to the hair transplant aftercare instructions like it’s life or death!

So, come on and let the sunshine in!