Caring for Your New Hair: Post-Transplant Hair Wash Tips

Hair wash after a hair transplant has a significant role in achieving the best results regarding good hair density and a natural look. After a hair transplant surgery, in the first few days, the transplanted hair is not fully settled; that’s why grafts tend to be dislodged in the circumstances of any lack of attention. There are several things hair transplant patients must be cautious of to prevent any damage to the transplanted area and get successful results. The proper washing hair after hair transplant surgery positively affects the patient’s development of the operation. The first few days, when the graft has not fully adhered to the skin, is the critical time patient should pay the most attention.

The Routines of Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

Hair wash after hair transplant

Hair wash after hair transplant

MCAN’s surgeons perform the first hair wash 2 days after the hair transplant procedure. However, the hair wash time may differ depending on the patient’s condition. After the process, if the patient experiences blood discharge, which is one of the side effects of hair transplant operation and is normal, hair wash is done 1 day after the surgery.

Another critical point while washing hair after hair transplant surgery is the foam and shampoo the patient uses. For the hair wash after hair transplant, shampoos and foam should be natural, nutritious, regenerative, and paraben-free! MCAN Health provides its patients with the best hair-washing utensils after the surgery, so it is recommended to follow the surgeon’s advice about hair washing.

After the hair transplant operation, in the first 48 hours, patients may see scabs, another common and temporary side effect of the procedure. While washing scabs after hair transplant, it is vital not to scratch the scabs. Instead, with the help of a warm-water, scabs disappear naturally within an average of 2 weeks. While washing hair, it is also important to avoid rubbing and slide-sliding moves. Washing hair after transplant should be done with a gentle and vertical touch to prevent moving the grafts.

Patients should perform washing hair after hair transplant every day for the first month; after the first month, the routine of washing hair can be done every other day or once in three days. Step by step, patients return to their washing routines as the healing phase of hair transplantation improves.

In 6 Steps Hair Wash: How to Perform Washing Hair After Hair Transplant?

  1. The first step of washing hair after hair transplant starts with applying lotion spray on the transplanted area and waiting 20-30 minutes after the application. Patients should use lotion spray for 15 days; if you cannot get it, you can apply Bepanthol body lotion. For the donor area, hair transplant patients are provided with antibiotic cream. Until the healing phase of the donor area which takes 10-15 days, patients use their antibiotic cream.
  2. As the second step of washing hair, patients should use warm water with low pressure because too much pressure can damage hair grafts.
  3. The third step of hair washing continues with pouring shampoo on the transplanted area.While washing hair with shampoo, patients should touch the transplanted area gently using their fingers; should avoid circular scrubbing and sideways movements. The movement should be vertical.While washing the transplanted area, do not massage it till the 13th day. After the 13th day, patients massage by gently rubbing it, and if there is a scab, it must be removed.Patients must wash their hair by touching their grafts for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the patients can cleanse the transplanted area with shampoo with warm water and low pressure.
  4. Patients should wash the donor area with shampoo. It is essential to clean the tissue residues and blood by rubbing without hurting the donor area in the first week.
  5. When patients are done with washing their hair, they should dry their heads with a paper towel. A normal towel is not recommended because it may pull the grafts.
  6. After drying the hair, patients apply antibiotic cream to the donor area. They should keep using antibiotic cream for 10-15 days until the donor area heals.

For more details on aftercare instructions of hair transplant, please check our dedicated page. MCAN Health has been aiming the offer the best hair transplant in Turkey since 2015. Please reach out to us for any inquiries you may have!