Like a Virgin: Madonna Plastic Surgery

Few artists have revolutionized popular culture the way Madonna has, empowering women and blurring the lines between tradition and radical freedom of expression. This being said, for a sixty three year old, the diva still looks like a virgin.

There’s no wondering where Madonna plastic surgery speculation came from. Always under the camera, controversial and careless about criticism, the Superstar is as ambiguous as ever: fans continue elevating her idol to the status of female freedom icon, while others, such as transexual feminist Camille Paglia, famously criticized her for embodying the superficial ‘material girl’ she sang in her 80’s hit.

In this article, we will look into the Superstar’s possible surgeries to determine which of the two applies to her elusive persona.

Madonna Plastic Surgery: Controversy Goes On

madonna face in her 30s

Madonna Face in her 30s. Can you recognize her?!

Controversy feeds Madonna’s legendary aura; she is still in her element, over the borderline: she’s both a devil and a saint, a murderer and a victim, a madonna and a whore.

The pop superstar from Bay City, Michigan, rose to fame in the early 80s with songs like Isla Bonita and Papa Don’t Preach, eventually granting her the title of “Queen of Pop”. A very prolific artist, Madonna has produced a whooping 14 albums and has won 7 Grammys on top of 21 nominations.

Other than being a singer, she is also an activist and a successful business entrepreneur (and she got married to Sean Pean, making women all over the world sigh hopelessly for four long years…!).


Madonna Sean Pen then and now

Madonna & Sean Penn, Left: wedding day 1985 Right: 5th Annual Sean Penn & Friends Help Haiti Home Gala, 2016

Gone are the days when Madonna’s songs occupied the top positions of music charts, but the mother of six still leaves the world in awe. From her Hung Up video clip in 2005, aged 47, to her more recent appearances and Instagram publications, it seems like the inclemencies of time do not affect the Queen as much as the rest of us mortals! 

Madonna now and then, Hung Up video Clip

Madonna at the age of 47, in Hung Up video clip in 2005

Madonna Plastic Surgery: Did Madonna Go Under the Knife?

Even though she has never admitted undergoing any surgical procedure, Madonna’s graceful way of aging has made people suspicious about plastic surgery. And no wonder! We have to wait for J-Lo and Shakira to turn 63 to know if eternal youth is the gift of universal divas.

Fame, success and fortune could very well have that prodigious side-effect, but let us be a little more skeptical…

Madonna Plastic Surgery in 2022

Madonna at 63!

We cannot know how much of Madonna’s actual appearance is due to cosmetic surgery, and how much is Instagram filters. Both are definitely in the formula. The Pop Queen is known for carefully controlling every aspect of her appearance. After a long consideration, however, our surgeons have a couple of things to say about Madonna plastic surgery.

Madonna Surgeries Over the Years

Madonna now and then

Madonna Now and Then!

From a medical point of view, it seems pretty clear that Madonna has undergone a series of plastic and cosmetic surgeries from quite an early age. According to MCAN Health’s surgeons, these include:

Touched For the Very First Time: Madonna Brow Lift

Madonna Brow Lift

Madonna Face After Brow Lift

The first surgery Madonna seems to have gone for is a brow lift in her early 30s. This one is hard to predict, as incisions are easily covered under the hair, right above the forehead.

With such surgery, Madonna might have gotten rid of her first signs of aging and enhanced her overall facial expression.

Those Cheeks Don’t Lie: Madonna Face Lift

Madonna now and then

Madonna Face Lift Results

No doubt about this one: Madonna has had several face lift operations. The first Madonna facelift seems to have taken place when the diva was only 37 years old. Looking at her 1995 pictures, we find a scar around her ear lobe which wasn’t there before: a clear sign of the intervention. A second Madonna face lift seems to have taken place 10 years later, in 2005, and yet another in 2020.

Introducing Madonna Cosmetic Surgery

Madonna Plastic Surgery Transformation New Feature

Madonna Now and Then

There is no doubt about whether Madonna has had a facial injection and filler injections. Yes, she has. Probably in the order of 30+ in the last 20-30 years. In fact, her excessive use of filler made it impossible to dissolve, which, on top of the facelift procedures, ended up giving her an alien-like appearance, with an over-filled upper face and a narrow lower face.

Her face started looking puffy in 2010, and she experienced a major filler boost in 2016.

More Recently: Madonna Boob Job & Butt Implants

Madonna at MTV 2021

Madonna at MTV 2021!

After Madonna’s recent appearance in the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, rumors began circulating about new Madonna surgeries. It seems unclear whether the Queen of Pop had a breast enlargement operation, or whether a strong push-up bra gives us that impression. Butt implants, however, certainly seem to be in place.

Lessons to be Extracted From Madonna’s Plastic Surgeries

Madonna Plastic Surgery

Many valuable lessons can be extracted from Madonna surgeries, whether about Hollywood pressures to fit into unrealistic beauty standards or the surgical wonders that modern technologies allow.

All and all, Madonna looks fabulous at sixty three! But she started doing cosmetic surgery much too early, certainly due to celebrity pressure. She overused facial injection and fillers, which eventually fixated the natural elasticity of her skin. The main lesson to be learned is that all surgeries should be done in moderation, even if you are a pop superstar!

Madonna recent photos

Madonna Like a Virgin at her 63rd Birthday Party!

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