Preoperative Instructions of Bariatric Surgery

  • Before Coming to Turkey

Please be aware that you MAY need to get a visa from the Visa Desk upon your arrival to the airport. After that please go to passport control. You can also get your visa online from

before coming
  • 4 Weeks Before

4 weeks

You may begin taking a daily multivitamin as recommended by your surgeon.

  • 3 Weeks Before

3 weeks

Start transitioning to a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet to help reduce liver size and fat around the stomach. If you smoke, you must quit or smoke less (around 2 at most)  to reduce surgery risks and improve recovery.

  • 2 Weeks Before

2 weeks

Try to consume less carbohydrates but more protein during the last 2 weeks before your operation.

  • 1 Week Before Surgery

Try to eat a  fat free juicy – water, soups, non-acid juices,etc. — 1 week prior to your operation. Stop using  Vitamin E, Ginseng, Garlic supplements, Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), NSAIDS (Aleve, Relafen), Gout medications (indomethacin, colchicine), Glucosamine +/- Chondroitin. Also please do not take any blood thinner medication such as aspirin.

1 week
  • 48 Hours Before Surgery

NO cigarettes within the 48 hours before the operation. Smoking delays wound healing and may overall prolong your postoperative recovery period. Also, please stop drinking alcohol 48 hours before the operation time. You should also stop using Glucophage / Metformin during this period. 

Two days before the surgery, do not consume solid foods after midnight. Also, please ensure you are well-hydrated.

48 hours 1
  • 24 Hours Before Surgery

Consume only clear liquids like broth, water, and approved clear juices. You will have face-to-face consultation with the surgeon as well as your pre-op tests (such as ECG, Chest X-ray, Blood tests, Endoscopy). You must come to the hospital with an empty stomach for the pre-op tests.

24 hours
  • Night Before Surgery

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight, including water and other beverages. You should not eat or drink anything at least 7 hours before the surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe a constipation medication. You should take it the night before the surgery and go to the toilet to empty your intestines. You can take a shower using antibacterial soap to reduce the risk of infection. 

night before
  • The Day of Surgery

Please carry your passport or copy with you when you are coming to the hospital. If you have, please remove your nail polish because your oxygen level can be measured from your nails.
As you are going to stay at the hospital on operation day, please do not forget to check out from the hotel before you come to the hospital. Otherwise they will charge you one day extra. You can leave your luggage in the hotel’s luggage room.

the day surgery
Slip On Shoes

What to Wear for Bariatric Surgery?
What Should I Bring with Me?

Please pick comfortable clothes for yourself and prevent any limits to your movement.

Here are some advices on what to bring for bariatric surgery: 

  • Loose-Fitting Clothes: Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off for you. This can include button-up shirts or blouses, long loose dresses, loose pants, and a light jacket. It is important that your clothes are not tight around the surgery side and you are comfortable wearing them. Clothing should not be tight around your surgery site.
  • Slip-On Shoes: Your footwear should also be comfortable and easy to put on and take off as bending over may be challenging for you after the operation. Therefore slip-on shoes or slippers are advisable. 
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