Mesotherapy for Hair: A Practical Treatment

Hair loss is a very common problem that affects millions of people all around the world. Developed in 1952 by a french doctor, mesotherapy stands out as a practical, alternative treatment to restore hair growth. Let’s explore what it is, if you are eligible for it and how it works with hair transplantation!

What is Mesotherapy for Hair?

Mesotheraphy for hair is a non-surgical treatment that generally involves injecting a mixture of vitamin complexes, minerals, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and antioxidants, all essential for balancing and nourishing the scalp. They are injected into the dermis layer of the skin which lies beneath the surface. It stimulates hair growth as well as developing the health of existing follicles.

layers of the skin for the mesotheraphy

After a thorough consultation where the patient’s hair loss pattern and medical history is assessed, if the patient is suitable, the operation starts with administration of mesotherapy injections using fine needles. Inside these mesotherapy injections, there is above-mentioned nutrient-rich mixture to apply directly to the hair follicles, giving them the crucial nutrients that may be lacking. These improve blood circulation and collagen production which contribute to healthier hair. 

mesotheraphy treatment in turkey

Mesotherapy treatment does not generally hurt much, it is well-tolerated, lasting around 30 minutes. So if you are asking “is mesotherapy safe?”, the answer is definitely yes. As mesotherapy injections contain necessary nutrients, it works pretty well and provides optimal results. However, it is generally advised to have at least 5-6 sessions for the desired results with 1-2 months intervals. Most of the patients start to see most visible  improvements after the third or fourth session.

Who Can Benefit from Mesotherapy for Hair?

Hair mesotherapy has many benefits. It can be applied to many skins and has almost no side effects except temporary itching, which is rare. Many people can benefit from the mesotherapy treatment, however here are the lists of typically eligible people: 

  • People who had Hair Transplant: For people with advanced stages of hair loss, hair transplant is the most effective treatment. Mesotheraphy treatment can be performed after hair transplant to enhance the results and promote stronger hair. 
  •  Men and Women with Pattern Baldness: Male or female pattern baldness are genetic conditions that cause hair loss or hair thinning. Mesotheraphy can help to slow down this condition and stimulate hair growth. But hair loss shouldn’t be extensive and it should be in the early stages.
  • Individuals Experiencing Hair Loss due to Stress/Hormonal Changes: If you are experiencing hair loss due to stress or birth, you can benefit from mesotheraphy. 
  • Individuals Wanting to Improve Hair Quality: Even if you are not experiencing significant hair loss, you may want to enhance the overall quality of your hair and thicken it. Mesotherapy can help make your hair stronger and shinier. 
man with hair loss

Combining Mesotherapy with Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair mesotherapy has vital advantages both before and after a hair transplant operation. Here’s how these two treatments can work for your hair together:

  1. Pre-Hair Transplant: Mesotherapy treatment can be applied prior to a hair transplant to prepare the scalp and hair follicles and protect the existing hair. By nourishing the scalp and creating a healthy environment with strong strands, mesotherapy may improve the success rate of the hair transplant.
  2. Post-Hair Transplant: After a hair transplant, mesotherapy stimulates hair cells, nourishes growth factors to the transplanted hair grafts, and enhances new vessel developments. The rich nutrients in mesotherapy injections can speed up recovery and decrease inflammation, resulting in quicker and healthier hair growth. 
mcan health hair transplant patient

Regular mesotherapy treatment sessions post-transplant can be beneficial and they can help maintain the results by making sure the scalp remains healthy and nourished. For people with extensive hair loss, combining mesotherapy with a hair transplant can enhance general density and coverage. The accurate time to perform mesotheraphy treatment after hair transplant can be changed from person to person and therefore a medical professional should advise you on the exact time. 

MCAN Health-Mesotheraphy and Hair Transplant Options 

MCAN Health, a well-known health tourism company offering plastic surgery, dental treatments, weight loss surgeries and hair transplant in Turkey, also offers mesotheraphy treatment. As well as offering the classical method with injections, it also offers in-house treatment with dermarollers, which is very easy to use and effective. MCAN Health also offers most advanced hair transplant treatments such as FUE, DHI, Sapphire FUE. With thousands of satisfied patients all around the world, MCAN is proud to bring joy and happiness to you! To learn more information please get in contact with one of our medical expert. Also, below you can see the beautiful hair transplant transformations of MCAN Health’s patients! 

MCAN Health hair transplant before and after
MCAN Health hair transplant before and after 2
MCAN Health hair transplant before and after 3