Prince Harry Interview and His Hair Transplant

One of the biggest news of this week, even this month, has certainly been the interview of Harry and Meghan with Oprah Winfrey. This was the first interview of the couple after they left their loyal titles, or as some call the “Megxit”.

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Since the interview has been aired in the US on the 7th of March, 2021, the whole world has been talking about the highlights of the interview and the problems that led to the couple’s decision to leave the Royal Family. In a deeply personal TV interview, lots of important and even shocking details were shared by the couple such as the suicidal thought of Meghan, the discussions in the family about the skin colour of Meghan and Harry’s son Archie, the problems between Kate and Meghan. The whole interview was really jaw-dropping. The couple seemed to be upset with all of the problems within the family but they were also strong and happy together, preparing to welcome their second child.

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And we can go on about this interview for days. But we would like to focus more on Harry and the way he looks. As most of you did notice, Harry was looking tired, certainly tired of the family problems and the feeling of being let down. We also noticed that Harry kept losing hair. He has been having a hair loss problem quite for some time. And all these stress and emotional struggles have been no good for his hair loss problem.

Prince Harry Hair Loss Issue

In the Royal family, William’s hair loss has always been the most visible one. Even Harry has been teasing her brother Prince William about that. “I think he definitely is brainier than I am, but we established that at school, along with his baldness” once he has said about his big brother.

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However, during the last couple of years, Harry’s hair loss has started becoming the focus of the media and hair transplant experts. Some said Harry started losing more hair after he got married and became a dad, and due to the problems they experienced within the Royal Family. And almost all hair loss experts, including us, were constantly advising Harry to do something about his hair loss problem as early as possible, otherwise, his hair loss would worsen like William’s.

Then, just before the wedding of Harry and Meghan in 2018, the rumours came out that Harry had been in touch with a celebrity clinic and would have a hair transplant after the wedding, the budget of which was £50K!

Has Harry Had A Hair Transplant?

Although there are other rumours that Harry had some kind of treatment to thicken his hair, Harry has yet to have a hair transplant. And as clearly visible in the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry’s hair loss is still a problem that needs to be dealt with.

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And we believe that Harry should deal with his hair loss problem as early as possible not to lose his eligibility for a hair transplant. If he keeps postponing his hair transplant as his brother did, it may be a little too late for him too. And we would not want Harry to miss his chance for a permanent treatment for his hair loss.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Hair Transplant and Complete Rejuvenation with MCAN Health

Last year, when the couple first decided to give up their royal titles, we invited Harry to Turkey to have his hair transplant. We would like to reiterate our warm invitation. As MCAN Health, we would be very happy to have Harry and his lovely family here in Turkey. Although Meghan and Harry have given up their royal titles, in our hearts they are and will always be royals. So, they deserve top-notch quality treatment and service.

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While Harry gets his hair transplant, both can benefit from also a variety of aesthetics procedures at our luxurious M.CAN Polyclinic to spoil themselves. We certainly think that after a “heavy” interview with Oprah where they opened their hearts fully to all of us; they certainly deserve to be spoiled!