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MCAN Health collaborated with DrEthos to provide virtual consultation to patients for hair transplant, plastic surgery, and weight loss (bariatric) surgery. The platform is currently available in English and Spanish languages for hair transplant consultation. Soon consultation for weight loss and plastic surgery will also be available. And consultations can be done in German and French as well as English and Spanish.
Get Your Treatment Plan

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Consultation?

24/7 reachable

DrEthos never sleeps. You can get your consultation with DrEthos 24/7 without any interruption as long as you have a mobile device or a computer and internet connection.

Data Security

Your medical information, your pictures are all secured in DrEthos. Your data can be seen only by your doctor and your Case Manager. All your data is encrypted and no one can trace or acquire your data which may be possible in other communication platforms such as WhatsApp.

Instant Treatment Plan/Instant Quote/Instant Booking

After you answer a set of structured medical questions related to your treatment, you receive your treatment plan in minutes. DrEthos will let you know if your medical conditions allow you to have your desired treatment and under which conditions you would be eligible for the treatment. Then you will be offered treatment packages including your personalised treatment plan and the costs. All are happening in seconds. Finally you can book and pay your deposit and finalise the procedures wherever you are whenever you want.

Video Consultation

Do you want to talk to your doctor? You can book a video consultation with your doctor DrEthos.

Ask your Questions to DrEthos

You can ask any question you want related to your treatment to DrEthos and get your answers immediately.

How Does Virtual Consultation Work?

1. Click the below link and see the Welcome page. Please first select your language and then Sign Up. If you are already registered, simply click Log In.
2. Enter the required information and complete your Sign Up process

3. Now you are in the system. You need to be older than 18 to be entitled to use the system and you need to accept Terms and Conditions. If you agree, please tick the boxes.

4. Please select your treatment and sub-treatment(s) and start your consultation.

5. You can start your virtual consultation now.

6. In minutes, you will answer a couple of questions and upload your pictures and here you go, your treatment plan is ready.

7. Select your treatment package, if you do not prefer the all-inclusive package, untick the hotel and transfer, select your planned surgery date interval, pay your deposit and your booking is finalised.

8. One of our Case Managers will contact you and confirm your booking. Once you send your flight details, your Case Manager will send your medical travel itinerary.