A Combined Breast Lift with Implants Surgery, Yes or No?

Having beautiful and fuller breasts is the dream of almost every woman. However, factors such as ageing, genes, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity may cause breasts to sag and as such. Or naturally, you may not be able to get the desired breast size that you want to have no matter how much you work out or what is your diet! So in both scenarios breast reshaping may be required.

Saggy breasts and breast lift
Ageing, weight loss and breastfeeding can cause saggy breasts for some women.

Most women get confused when it comes to some plastic surgeries and they may confuse the breast augmentation and lift. So, in this article, we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions on whether to have a combined breast lift with augmentation or not. And we promise it will be simple, accurate and hopefully, help you make an informed decision if you are planning to make one soon!

Things that Breast Lift without Implants Can Not Do

different types of sagging breast
The direction of the nipples can show the level of saggy breasts.

Breast uplift surgery can not significantly alter the size of breasts or can not make them fuller. If you have small and drooping breasts, you may wish to undergo a combined breast lift and augmentation (we can call it breast lift implants). Or if you have big and saggy breasts that make you unhappy, you may wish to go for breast reduction surgery combined with a breast lift.

In Some Cases, Breast Lift with No Implants Can Even Reduce the Cup Size

breast lift without implants
A breast lift can decrease the cup size of your breasts as you remove excess skin

After breast uplift, your cup size will go down! A breast lift gives a firmer look to the breasts by removing the excess skin. 

Regarding the size it is highlighted by the research of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), women who had undergone breast uplift surgery reported an average decrease of one cup size. For example, if your cup size is D, then your cup size after a breast uplift is expected to be C.

What About a Breast Implant without a Breast Lift? Will It Help Sagging Breasts?

breast augmentation without lift
A breast implant without a lift can not change the direction and sagginess of the boobs

Implants help reshape and resize the breasts! They are great for enhancing the volume of your breasts. But when it comes to sagging breasts, implants without a lift may not be helpful in most cases. 

Simply put, if there is a significant amount of loose skin on your breasts, then implants alone are not enough to fix that. If sagging bothers you, then you definitely need to consider a breast lift and augmentation together.

Do I Need a Breast Lift with Implants or without?

Breast implants with silicons
A combined breast implant and lift can be a good solution to the saggy boobs

The answer to this question might be both yes and no, it actually depends on your preference. When you go for a breast lift, your cup size will decrease, as mentioned, it will go down approximately an average of one cup size. If you are OK with it, then you are good to go with breast uplift only. But if going smaller would bother you, then you definitely need to consider having implants with a breast lift.

The Safety and Effectiveness of One-stage Breast Augmentation and Lift

 silicone and saline implants
The silicone and saline implants are totally safe to be transplanted into the body.

Although most people initially tend to think that a boob job might be less safe than a breast lift because something ‘foreign’ is implanted in your body, actually it may not be the case. 

A study published in 2006 asked whether one-stage breast enlargement with mastopexy was safe and effective by analyzing revisions and long-term complication rates. A review of 186 primary cases demonstrated that no severe complications had occurred. 16.7% of the patients had had revision surgery within the average 42-month follow-up period. 

Although this rate is significant, it is comparable to the rates for breast enlargement alone and is significantly less than the 100% re-operation rate required for a staged procedure. It means that even though the one-stage procedure is not easy to perform, it is safe and effective.

breast lift with augmentation before after
Breast lift with augmentation before and after

‘Each and every plastic surgery has its own risks but it is not right to say that a boob job is less safe than a breast lift because there are implants. Implants are now safer than ever, most implants offer a lifetime guarantee. Here the question you need to ask is: “am I choosing the right surgeon?” because choosing the right surgeon is the key to minimise and eliminate the risks of any surgery’ says our ASPS member doctor.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Recovery

breast plastic surgery recovery
The recovery phase of breast plastic surgery

At Least Three Months Are Required for Final Results After Breast Augmentation with Lift

Even though the breasts will be higher positioned and have a youthful appearance immediately after the procedure, at least three months are necessary to get the final position and shape. Scars will fully heal within a period of nine months to a year. It is necessary to avoid tiring and heavy exercises during the healing process. The healing period is a crucial part for the procedure’s success.

A Compressive Bra Has to Be Used After the Plastic Surgery for Breast

Compressive Bra after breast implant and lift
To get a better result after plastic surgery for breast compressive bra is a must

A compressive bra is compulsory to be worn after the procedure during the recovery period. The success of the results will be highly affected by the usage of a compressive bra. It supports the breasts and helps decrease the swelling and prevents the accumulation of blood and bodily fluids on the incision area.

Are we good so far? There is one ‘last but not least’ question that we want to answer:

What Are the Costs of Breast Lifts and Implants?

breast lift with implants before and after
Mcan health patients after breast lift and augmentation

The costs vary depending on the procedure and the country you will have your surgery. In Turkey, the average cost for a breast lift in Turkey starts from £ 2370. And the average cost of breast implants (breast enlargement in Turkey) would start from £2820. If you want to have both, breast lift with implants, then the prices start from £ 3335. And these prices are all-inclusive prices including the surgery, multilingual patient host, transfers and accommodation.

We hope we could shed some light on the confusion about having plastic surgery for breasts. If you have any more questions you can always contact us and get more information.