The Truth of Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery

Carol Vorderman might be the quintessential British beauty: she’s intelligent, sweet, witty… and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Surprisingly, the famous Cambridge graduate started her telly career as the young maths teacher any adolescent would dream of.

Over the years, Carol slowly transformed her initial maths geek persona into the red carpet bombshell we have known since her Countdown show days began. Now at 60 years old, Carol still gets sighed at as she walks through the streets. Could the much-talked-about Carol Vorderman plastic surgery be her secret?

Who is Carol Vorderman? 

Carol Vorderman Cosmetic Surgery

Carol Vorderman in the age of 60, 2021

Carol Vorderman is a national sweetheart and one of the most widely known faces of British TV. She has hosted the Countdown show for more than 26 years! There is little doubt over the fact that the show’s success is inextricably linked to her. Carol began her TV career in 1982, she is a best-selling author, a journalist who worked for the Daily Morris and The Daily Telegraph, and also (got any spare time, baby?), an entrepreneur! 

Such merits and a whole life of professional dedication led her to receive the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or MBE, an order rewarding chivalry contributions to the arts and sciences, one of the most prestigious honours in the UK. Very much deserved!

Did Carol Vorderman Undergo Plastic Surgeries?

Carol vordeman before plastic surgery

Carol Vorderman Before Plastic Surgery

Despite her denial of having undergone any such procedures, a Carol Vorderman plastic surgery is a certainty for our MCAN Health specialists. As a mother of two, and a 60-year-old woman, her looks are simply too good! 

Like any other public figure, Carol is judged according to her appearance. Social scrutiny is part of her daily life, but she is only human, and the pressure can sometimes be overbearing. When you work as a TV host, there are two ways around it: you either look amazing and feel amazing, or you surrender to the ever-growing competition of younger women. 

Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery: Before And After Pictures and Analysis

Carol Vorderman Before and After Plastic Surgeries

Carol Vorderman Before and After BBL and Breast Augmentation

Medical advances and healthy diets are making people live longer than ever. Our bodies age, but our souls remain young for much longer. People want to match their outside appearance with the way they feel inside.

We want to see ourselves the way we feel about ourselves, and that is totally understandable. As a radiant, exuberant woman, Carol Vorderman should not let go of her youth and beauty without putting up a fight!  

A Complete List of Carol Vorderman Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgeries

Carol Vorderman Body Before and After Plastic Surgery

Carol Vorderman Body Change Through Time

Our experts at MCAN Health have studied her before and after pictures to determine all the Carol Vorderman plastic surgery procedures she went through. These are the procedures we believe she went through:

Nose Job Made a Big Change in Carol Vorderman’s Face

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman when she was on Countdown in the 80s

Carol’s nose seems to have become thinner between the years 2002-2005 and 2013-2015. Altering the shape of the nose, even if just a little, can lead to tremendous changes. This makes us believe Carol possibly got a Nose Job

Carol Vorderman Facelift and Facial Injection Gave Her Face a More Oval Shape

Carol Vorderman facelift

There is no doubt Carol Vorderman has had a facial injection, indications are very clear from 2002 on. After 2015 she even started showing the typical signs of facial injection overuse. Carol’s face also seems to have acquired a more oval shape. This makes us believe she might have had a Mini Face Lift.

Did Carol Vorderman Have a BBL or Butt Implants?

Carol Vorderman Buttock

Carol Vorderman Buttock Looks

Carol’s buttocks are way too big for a woman her age. In her latest public appearances, she shows an a**e as bubbly as a twenty year old’s would be! Butt implants could be the reason, but we believe Carol went for a Brazilian Butt Lift instead

Carol Vorderman Got an Abdominoplasty in 2019

Mrs. Vorderman’s waist started looking abnormally thin from 2019 on. Compared to how she looked previously, this part of her body does not leave any room for doubting: she must have had an Abdominoplasty, also known as a Tummy Tuck. Her beach pictures seem to confirm this: we have not seen her in a bikini for a while!

Carol Vorderman Abdominoplasty

She Got a Liposuction to Inject for BBL

Along with her Tummy Tuck procedure, Carol might have wanted to get some extra fat removed, not only to make her look slimmer, but also to inject the excess fat on her buttocks. This makes us believe there is a big chance she got a Liposuction.

Carol Vorderman Boob Job: True or False? 

Carol Vorderman before and after breast enlargement

Carol’s breasts seem bigger when compared to the 90s. This might be just an impression, but it could be due to a Breast Enlargement procedure.

Teeth Whitening Makes Her Smile More Beautiful 

Her big bright smile is one of Carol’s most recognizable features. Her teeth appear to have become whiter in the last few years, making us suspect of a possible Teeth Whitening procedure.

The Pride of Britain awards host, Carol Vorderman

The Pride of Britain awards host, Carol Vorderman

You can get the most wonderful results without spending as much money as Carol Vorderman did. At MCAN Health, our motto is: Beauty is for Everyone!