How Long Does a BBL Last?

BBL gains popularity globally among women. Although Brazilian Butt Lift does not have a long history like breast augmentation, according to the ISAPS, it is among the top 10 most-performed plastic surgery procedures globally. Of course, people have dozens of questions about BBL but there is one of the most outstanding:

“Does BBL Last Forever?”

Before answering this question, like we usually do, let’s look into the basics of BBL first. Some of you call BBL as “fat transfer to buttocks” which is indeed a good explanation. BBL is a type of plastic surgery treatment aiming to enhance the fullness and overall shape of the buttocks. The most important to know about Brazilian Buttock Lift is that your fat is used to achieve better-looking bums. How?

BBL is fat transfer from the stomach to the buttocks

Actually, it is very simple. Most of us have unwanted fat stored in different parts of our bodies, usually on the lower back and abdomen. This is why BBL is sometimes referred to as fat transfer from the stomach to the buttocks. During your BBL surgery, this unwanted and excess fat is collected via liposuction and then injected into your buttocks. Unlike, butt lift with implants, BBL uses your own natural fat.

BBL uses your own natural belly fat

So, here comes the question:

“Would 100% of the Injected Fat into My Buttocks Survive After BBL?”

BBL Survival Rate is between 40% -80%

To begin with, not all injected fat will survive. This is a fact regardless of the success of your BBL surgery or how experienced your surgeon is. It is because of the very nature of BBL surgery. The research says that the fat survival rate in BBL varies from 40% to 80%.

If a plastic surgeon guarantees a 100% fat survival rate, then you need to leave their clinic ASAP! It is because they are not being honest with you. So, how on earth are you going to trust them for your surgery?

What Do Mcan Health’s Doctors Think About the BBL Survival Rate?

BBL-experienced plastic surgeons emphasise that the survival rate of injected fat depends on different factors. Let’s hear from two of our contracted plastic surgeons:

Dr. Omer Believes that the BBL Survival Rate Depends on Surgeons’ Skills, the Quality of Fat Tissue, and Body Metabolism

Dr.Omer talks about the quality of BBL

 “The latest research shows that one year after BBL, generally around 50% of the fat injected into the buttocks survive. I may say between 40% to 80% will survive. The quality of injected fat and the suitability of the injected area are among the important factors that determine the survival rate. 

The quality of the injected fat depends on how the surgeon harvest, refine, and place fat cells; the quality of the injected area depends on the tissue quality of the buttocks. 

However, even if the surgeon does his job perfectly, there are still some other factors related to the patient’s condition that determines the result. For instance, if the patient does not have a good quality fat or has some hormonal problems such as hyperthyroid, then no matter how successfully a surgeon injects fat, the survival rates may drop. But if a patient has hypothyroid, then the fat has a higher chance of survival. So, a patient’s metabolism is very important.

Dr. Habib Believes that BBL Survival Rate Depends on Fat Extraction Method

Dr. Habib: traditional lipo to improve the survival rate of BBL

“The way how the surgeon extracts fat via liposuction is important. If a vaser or laser lipo which heats up and in the end dissolves fat is used for fat extraction, this will negatively affect the quality of fat cells. This decreases the survival rate of the injected fat. It is very important to use traditional lipo to improve the survival rate of injected fat and the success of BBL.”

What Happens to BBL After 10 Years? Is It Permanent?

BBL Mcan Health before and after

Yes! You will start seeing the final result of your BBL 3 to 6 months after your surgery. So, the fat that survives 3-6 months after your BBL will be permanent. Plastic surgeons who are experienced in BBL say the “survived fat” will behave the same as the fat in other parts of your body and remain in your body as long as you maintain your weight.

What Can I Do to Have Better BBL Results?

OK, so you chose the right place and surgeon to have your BBL, is that it? Not really, as mentioned by Dr. Omer,  the patient also plays a key role in the success of fat survival, and BBL surgery. How? The things you need to do are very simple:

Avoid Any Pressure on Your Buttocks During BBL Recovery Time:

Sleeping position after BBL

Sleeping position after BBL

You had a successful BBL surgery, great! Your surgeon did his part and after that, it is your turn! Post-op care plays a crucial role in determining the success of BBL.

And in this stage, you are in charge! The newly injected fat will be “vulnerable” to any pressure for a while. Therefore, you will be instructed with some “do’s and don’ts” after your BBL surgery such as wearing a corset and not sleeping on your back. Unfortunately, some patients lose fat during this phase due to not following some very simple steps.

Sitting position after BBL

Sitting position after BBL

Dr. Habib mentions how important post-care is in terms of the success of BBL surgery. “A patient needs to avoid sleeping on their back not to put pressure on the newly injected fat. Also, heavy workouts should be avoided for 3 months after the surgery. Heavy exercise will inevitably result in loss of injected fat.”

DR. Omer believes other factors such as not smoking and not sleeping on your back after surgery may affect the result of BBL. Regarding the ‘suitability of the injected area’, for instance, if you have not had BBL before your fat has higher chances of survival compared to people who had BBL previously because the area is untouched.”

BBL Post-op Lifestyle: Have a Good Diet and Quit Smoking!

to have a successful BBL, you need to maintain your weight

Another bit that you are in charge of! Like in all other body contouring plastic surgery treatments, in BBL too, you need to maintain your weight. Otherwise, your body shape will inevitably change. To be able to do that you need to have a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and regular exercise. Being a non-smoker has also a positive impact on your BBL results. This is another great benefit of BBL, it definitely encourages you to have a healthier life!

Mcan Health BBL Before and After

So, as long as you take the right steps starting with finding the highest quality BBL treatment followed by some simple post-op care, you will have a bum that you love forever!

We hope, with this blog piece, we could answer one of the most commonly asked questions. To learn more about BBL you can read Brazilian Bum Lift. If you consider having BBL, MCAN Health is here to offer the highest quality BBL for affordable prices. You can simply have a free consultation by contacting us now!

In the meantime, we leave this image below if you would like to focus more on which buttocks shape you would like to achieve with your BBL! ?

Buttocks Shape after BBL can be heart shape, round shape and square shape