Plastic surgery in Turkey is a fantastic idea when you find the right clinic for your transformation! Thousands of patients are coming from abroad to Turkey to have cosmetic surgery procedures, to achieve their body goals and to get a better look with MCAN Health quality. The number of operated patients is increasing every single year along with Turkish doctors’ reputation growing all around the world. Turkey is very reasonable when it comes to considering price/performance rate as the cost is much cheaper than European, British and American cities.  Also, the regulations at the health industry is highly strict and well-monitored in Turkey and it makes Turkey the best destination for a plastic surgery procedure as the regulations are not well-qualified in Mexico, in Dominican Republic or other cheap countries having a fame in the plastic surgery industry. This really explains Turkey’s leading position in a simple way! For more than 6 years, MCAN Health has been functioning like a bridge between our patients and  contracted surgeons. We have touched more than 5000+ lives, we have learned a lot, we have developed our service quality so much and we have experienced a lot with our dear patients until now. Good and bad, day and night. We have faced hundreds of memories with them. Everything has evolved into something better and we keep on rising by doing what we love. We decided to make a complete plastic surgery guide in detail to tell what is waiting for you in Turkey!
havva ve hasta

Here in this guide, we have listed everything you need to know about a plastic surgery journey! From packing your stuff to daily activities you can do during your stay! Everything is here, everything is to help you out!


Before You Come

mariam gelis

You have researched a lot, you read all reviews and you made your decision. You placed your deposit, kept the price and place, and the date is getting closer! Now, it is the time to get closer with the MCAN Team!

After you book your surgery, MCAN Team will be in contact with you in all steps. You will be regularly and properly contacted by the MCAN Team, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact them any time. Until you get your medical travel itinerary, your case manager(CM*)  will be in contact with you. 

Who is the case manager?

The case manager is responsible for the pricing and the organization of the surgical procedure. Once you create your inquiry, one of the well-educated case managers from MCAN Health will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

She or he will listen to your expectations, get your pictures, prepare your personalized treatment plan and official quote by contacting MCAN Health’s contracted surgeons. Your case manager is the one arranging your medical procedure, your reservations, your pricing, and your whole booking process with MCAN Health. You can get in contact with your CM for questions regarding prices, additional treatment costs, availability, hotel changes, or special requests. You should also share the number of your friend if someone else would like to have some work done together with you!

who is the case manager

Who are the contracted surgeons of MCAN Health?

MCAN Health is only co-working with vetted chosen and assessed qualified and experienced surgeons. MCAN Health chooses its contracted surgeons based on qualifications and experience. Additionally, MCAN Health determined the criteria with the assistance of an independent medical committee to measure the contracted surgeons’ performance such as the consultation time spent with the patient, complication ratio, surgery result satisfaction. Based on these criteria, MCAN Health evaluates each and every contracted surgeon monthly and every six months. MCAN Health only continues to work with surgeons whose performance is satisfactory.


Our contracted surgeon, his private nurse, MCAN PES and our dear Patient Rachael. 

To make sure your communication with your surgeon is smooth, understandable, and close to any misunderstanding, your Patient Experience Specialist will be working as a bridge between you and the medical team. 

Who is a Patient Experience Specialist? (PES)

topluca resim2

Before your surgery, You will start to get in contact with your Patient Experience Specialist (PES) once you get your medical travel itinerary.Your journey should be as smooth as possible.

MCAN Health Team, from drivers to the patient experience department, works day and night to make sure it is a perfect journey for you. Your PES will send your medical travel itinerary before your arrival, she will inform you about scheduling, will do all planning during your stay, and will be a bridge between your surgeon and you. 

Your PES will be your professional friend accompanying you during your procedure, an interpreter during your conversations with medical staff. She will take notes during the face-to-face consultation with your surgeon. She will always be there to answer all your questions.

Your PES will also take care of you with MCAN Health In-House Nurse.

Who is the MCAN Health In-House Nurse?

Her name is Havva but MCAN Babes call her “angel”! Havva speaks English and German fluently and she never gets tired. She will meet you at the hospital before your discharge, visiting you and informing about the medications and the aftercare instructions for the early recovery.

havva ve hasta2

On the following days, she will be visiting you at your hotel, she will be always responsive to Whatsapp texts and calls. She will come to change your dressings and compression garment (faja) if needed.

havva kontrol

MCAN Nurse is redressing the bandages.

She is also the manager of the Patient Experience Department so everything regarding your journey will be managed medically by MCAN Health’s medical team.

What if your operation is postponed due to Covid-19?


You can contact your case manager and if there is a restriction between your country and Turkey, your booking will be suspended until the borders are opened again. 

Your case manager will help you to keep your price and place until further notice, nothing will be changed about your booking.

How do you learn if you need a visa to travel to Turkey?


It is very easy to get a visa with the E-Visa system. You can basically visit to check your status. The citizens of the UK and the US are allowed to come to Turkey right away but you may have some special restrictions, it is always better to double-check!

Some nationalities may need to get a visa at the airport. Please be aware that you may need to get a visa from the Visa Desk upon your arrival to the airport. After that please go to passport control.

How can you book your flight in the cheapest possible way?


It may be one of your cheapest trips ever! 

Turkish currency is really low compared to EUR, USD and GBP. The flights to Turkey cost between 40-200 USD. You can check the airlines listed below so that you can get your tickets as cheaply as possible!


-Pegasus Airlines

-Turkish Airlines

What if you need to postpone your surgery due to a personal cause?

50 years old

No need to worry about it! 

Our team is working day & night for you to be satisfied. So you should contact your CM and you should tell us about your cause. It is up to the reason for postponement but they will do their best to help you accordingly. 

Postponing patients with no show will not be charged and their deposits are kept as long as they have a valid reason compatible with MCAN Health’s Terms & Conditions

You can have a look at the list of these valid excuses.

Our mission is to organise your treatment journey from A to Z:

before you come

MCAN Health’s duty is to organise all your journey from A to Z, consider all the details and provide your safety and your satisfaction. None of the plastic surgeons has the same team and mission as MCAN Health does. MCAN Team is composed of experts and specifically trained people.

an interview with an MCAN babe
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Why should a patient go with MCAN instead of directly with a surgeon abroad?

before you come

Better Price Than A Plastic Surgeon:

MCAN Health works like a health insurance company in purchasing healthcare services. MCAN Health organises the treatment of over 2500 patients per year. That is why MCAN Health has the purchasing power over healthcare providers over bulk prices. That is the reason MCAN Health can provide you better prices than a surgeon himself. MCAN as a facilitator company, we have special contracts with the hospitals and the surgeons. That is why MCAN can provide patients with more affordable prices with the same surgeon. Patients would not be able to have their treatment for the same price if they were to contact the surgeon directly.


Protecting the patient’s rights:

There is always a risk of complication or dissatisfaction in any surgical procedure. As MCAN Health, we aim to reduce the likelihood of these risks by working with qualified and experienced plastic surgeons. But still, as happening anywhere in the world and by any plastic surgeon, complications or dissatisfaction as a result of plastic surgery may happen. In that case, if there is a complication or dissatisfaction from the result, we always support our patients.

what mcan does

Here is what MCAN does! 

1- We are firsty consulting the original doctor on your behalf.

2- If there is a dispute related to free corrective surgery, we go to two independent plastic surgeons and get a second opinion from them on your and share these second opinions with the original surgeon.

3- If second opinion results require corrective surgery, then the surgeon has to perform the corrective surgery as free of charge. We aim to be neutral between the patient and the contracted surgeon and protect the rights of the patient when needed. 

temos accreditation

International accreditation:

Lastly, MCAN is accredited by Temos International in October 2020 as being a medical travel company with excellent patient care. It is a “seal of approval” given by a private, independent, global group to healthcare providers and medical travel companies.

What kind of instructions do you need to follow before your surgery?

Pre-op instructions vary up to the surgery type you are going to have done. 

So, it should be also individually explained in other parts of this guide!

Now, let’s mention the common ones to make a little summary!

Alcohol (please avoid) 

You should give a little break to night outs with alcoholic beverages! 

Alcohol has a blood-thinning effect and it is not recommended in pre-surgical period. Please stop drinking alcohol 48 hour before the operation time.

launch in istanbul

After operation, if your health condition is suitable, you can ask your surgeon if 1 glass of wine is okay for you and you can chill with your PES.

Cigarettes (please avoid)

Even though we care so much about you, we are not your nanny and unfortunately, we are unable to control your smoking habit in a strict way. 

So we are recommending you stop smoking 2 months before your surgery. If you cannot quit for this much time, at least we are asking you to reduce the amount to 5 cigarettes per day so that your healing period goes much smoother, and your perfect results will be with you in a sooner and better way!

Exercise (nice to have)


One of our MCAN Babes doing fitness trainer

If you are going to have a body surgery, it may be useful to start an exercise routine before your procedure to develop your abs. 

It will be also reflected on your result as you will have a better infrastructure on your abdomen! Also for arms and legs, training may help you to get a smoother recovery with a better result.


All medications you are on should be advised once you are filling out your medical history form and you should list them properly.

Your case manager should be informed about them before you come here. We never want you to have any disappointment regarding your journey, so we would like to take any precautions against the potential to affect your procedure in a negative way. 

Also, you should not take any blood-thinning medications 2 weeks before your surgery. 


Contraception Before the Procedure (please stop to use 1 month before)

If you are using any birth control medication, you need to stop using one month before the surgery. 

Please state your case manager the kind of birth control pill you are using during online consultation.

Contraception pills (Birth Control) are not allowed 1 month before your surgery. 

It is not recommended by MCAN contracted surgeons. Please always be in touch with your case manager before your arrival about the medications you are on and do not forget to update them!


Pre-Surgical Nutrition: Good Foods and the Bad Ones

Even though it is cosmetic surgery, it is still a medical procedure. You are coming here to achieve your body goals but it has to be done perfectly organized and performed! We are not recommending a specific pre-surgical diet but you should be careful about nutrition. You should avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates, which can promote inflammation.The best foods are whole foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables (especially pineapple which includes bromelain speeding up the wound healing) fish, eggs, beans, avocados, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.


It is from one of our gorgeous MCAN Babes sharing vegan recipees on IG @veganvanilla

It is from one of our gorgeous MCAN Babes sharing vegan recipees on IG @veganvanilla

Before you come here, we are not recommending any specific supplements or food to take as we will do our best for you. However, some food is not recommended when some are really beneficial to speed up your recovery.

Some clinics in the Dominican Republic are very famous with extra supplements recommended before the surgery. We are not recommending any extra supplements as we believe it has to be as simple as possible to make sure it fits everyone. Not everyone is able to afford those supplements and it looks a bit like hidden costs at the end. 

So, please try to avoid processed food, try to eat healthily, and prepare yourself to your dreamy shape mentally, that’s all you need to do!

The Things You Should be Avoided;



  • Aspirin
  • Green Tea
  • Garlic
  • Sour Cherry
  • Pomegranate
  • Ginko Biloba Extract, Pill
  • Tebokan Forte
  • Fish Oil
  • Coenzyme Q
  • Vitamin E
  • Red Wine
  • Chinese/herbal remedies
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Aspirin and Other Blood Thinner Medications
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Hormones

Packing Your Stuff: OMG It’s Happening!

packing your stuff
Here we have listed what you may need while you are travelling to your dream look!

Comfortable Clothes: The perfect match for your Compression Garment!

Being chic and stylish may be your life routine but during your journey we want you to feel comfortable as you will be operated on and it is not going to be only a trip for you!

After the operation, a pair of compression garments (faja) will be provided (for body surgeries and chin liposuction) for you after the surgery. This will be your best friend for a while and it really goes great with baggy or comfortable clothes

Please pick comfortable clothes for yourself and prevent any limits to your movement. If you are going to have an abdominoplasty operation, please wear a one-piece dress as it will support your healing process.

Also, please bring a pair of comfortable slippers to the hospital with you that will also suit for outside wear.

Other Things You Need To Bring in Your Suitcase

As you are coming from abroad, you should bring your passport with you. You will also need it when you are checked in at a hotel, at the hospital, and tax-free option you will do shopping in Istanbul during your stay.

Also, you should bring your money in cash. During any travel, it is good to bear in mind that you may not be able to withdraw money abroad over a determined amount. Due to the risks of international money transactions, it is forbidden to withdraw money over the daily limits determined by your bank’s restriction.You can withdraw around 300-400 EUR up to your daily limit on withdrawal. It is renewed daily and it can be increased if you contact your bank.

Up to 10.000 EUR, you can bring cash from your home country to enter Turkey without any issue. Debit cards are also not assumed as cash, they also have daily limits on withdrawal. In case you need cash more than you have;

If you need money and if you are unable to withdraw from any bank;

1-You can use your Visa or Mastercard, American Express card. Especially in shopping malls, you can use your credit card and debit card freely instead of cash. Also, you can benefit from a tax-free option if applicable in the store. The only thing you need to use tax-free shopping is your passport or your passport picture.

2-You can ask for a money transfer from a family member or your friend to be sent via Western Union, Ria or Moneygram. You can use your hotel address as your residency and you can get your money from the international money transfer offices.

The Stay in Istanbul

MCAN Health’s Contracted Hotels

At MCAN Health, whether 4 or 5 stars, we are only contracting clean and safe tourism certificated hotels. This ensures that our patients have a smooth & comfortable experience with hotel accommodation as well.

contracted hotels

You can also organize your stay, you do not have to stay at our contracted hotels. However, to use your internal and airport transfers please kindly make sure and double-check that your hotel is included in our service range. 

You can contact your case manager before you book your accommodation if it is included in our service area. We will do our best to make you feel at home but there will be visits from us and we do not want you to be out of service to keep the contact perfectly.

Once you get your room, you will settle down and you can enjoy your first night in Istanbul. According to your arrival time, you can also go outside to taste some Turkish food. All our contracted hotels are at central locations so that you do not need to struggle with transportations at your solo-dates ! You can go outside to take a little tour around and taste some Turkish food the day before your surgery. 

topluca resim4

MCAN Babes enjoying the terrace with panoramic view at the hotel

All You Need to Know About Food 

Our contracted hotels already have a bed and breakfast facility. For lunch and dinner; you can have it at the hotel or you can go outside to explore the Turkish cuisine.

dita nose job test

Our gorgeous patient Dita had some Chips on her last night. All cousins are available in Istanbul.

We will mention about Turkish cuisine and iconic street food you may taste in detail in this guide below. You can also order online, your companions at MCAN will help you accordingly.

You can also find a short-list of delivery options below:

-Getir app on Google Play Store and Apple Store: Bringing instant food and groceries in minutes.

-Yemek Sepeti on Google Play Store and Apple Store: Delivering all cuisine to your hotel room! Sometimes the courier may not come upstairs due to security reasons but they can give your meal at the lobby straight away!

If you need to get help, you can ask your PES to help you out! They will be happy to help you 🙂

Note: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the delivery will be limited until midnight. Also the couriers may not be able to come upstairs, you may need to take your order from the lobby.

Stay connected: Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Packages

All our contracted hotels and hospitals are providing Wi-Fi connection for free of charge. Hotel staff will give you the needed login information and your PES will make you connect to the Wi-Fi at the hospital so that you can communicate with your beloved ones after your surgery. It is to make sure you are always able to keep in touch with the MCAN Team. Also if you do not have mobile data on your smartphone, one of MCAN team members may help you with hotspot facility and you can connect to their phone easily. 

Who are the VIP Drivers?

You will meet your driver upon your arrival at the airport. He will text you before your plane is landed. You can save his number in advance as you will get an informative medical travel itinerary from your PES two weeks before your arrival and she will give you contact numbers you may need including the driver’s mobile number. 

Your driver will pick you up from the airport and he will be there prior to your arrival. If there are extreme delays on your side due to passport or on his side due to traffic jams, please make sure you will be picked up by him in any case. Please do not worry!

vip drivers

Your VIP Driver will let you know once he arrives at the airport.

After you are picked up, your driver will drop you off at your hotel. Your driver will be always with you during your transfers between hotel, hospital and the clinic. He will be waiting for you at the lobby on the time which was declared to you one day earlier than the transfer.


Your PES will be the one who is organizing your schedule and your program here. However, she will set the time schedule according to your doctor’s main agenda. So, she may be delayed a bit if she is waiting for doctor’s notice. No worries, you will be informed about pick up time and appointment time until midnight in any case.

Things To Do In Istanbul

1-Wandering inside the Topkapı Palace


Topkapi Palace is located in the historical peninsula and you can only take a cab or tram to go there, by taxi from Taksim to Topkapi costs around 2-3 eur equivalent in Turkish Liras. Topkapi has extensive rooms, chamber houses and fascinating objects, including the 86-carat Spoonmaker’s Diamond, making the museum a must-see.

The Spoonmaker’s Diamond is an 86 carat (17.2g) pear-shaped diamond in the Imperial Treasury exhibitions at the Topkapi Palace Museum.

2-Time Travel in Basilica Cistern

culture tourism

One of Istanbul’s most interesting historical attractions, the Basilica Cistern, or Yerebatan Sarnıcı as it’s known in Turkish, was built by Emperor Justinian I in the 6th century to store up to 80,000m3 of water and channel it to nearby palaces.

You should definitely see if interested two column bases of unknown origin ornamented with the upside-down head of Medusa, leaving bewildered visitors to speculate why they were situated that way. Of course, it is just an urban legend in history, however, it will be definitely a must-see to be mesmerized by ancient Istanbul values!


3- Iconic street foods in Istanbul

balik ekmek
Authentic Fish Sandwich under Galata Bridge with a great ancient Istanbul view!

Under Galata Bridge, the district called Eminönü with its famous local authentic shops, fish boats and panoramic view is the best destination for a tourist in Istanbul. You can soak up views of the Bosphorus while you are having a great time there.  You can see so many fishermen over Galata Bridge, you can shop around the area you can find cheapest good qualified textile goods at the local shops (even the imitated bags and clothings) 

Delicious, spicy and yummy : Çiğ Köfte

cig kofte
It is a vegetarian meatball which has an intense and unusual flavor. If you like spicy food, you should taste it as a nice and unique appetizer.

Kebab and Döner: A perfect version of meat !

Turkish Kebab is world-wide famous. Most probably you have tasted it before in your country thanks to Turkish kebab masters spread all over the world. However, they are changing the style to apply European and American taste, to make it more adapted. You should taste the original one if you are interested in trying new things. Promise, it is going to be definitely different than before!

Roman picture showing a finely draped man with a roman type of nose

Baklava: Best Version of Flour and The Sugar Meet Pistachio! Boom!


Baklava is mostly preferred with pistachio or walnut.

Baklava is also a very famous dessert, actually Turkey and Greece disputing about its origin. To us, it is extremely Turkish as we have the best baklava in the world. If you like sweet and a bit heavy desserts with lots of pistachio inside; you should not leave Istanbul before you give it a chance! There are thousands of baklava shops in Istanbul, apparently the best one with only 1 shop in the world is Karaköy Güllüoğlu. It is shipping all over the world, it is really the king of Baklava! If you want to try it there, it will take around 20 mins by walking from the Taksim area.

4- The soul of the time at St. Antoine Church


Our contracted hotels are all around the Taksim Area. Taksim area is famous for Istiklal Street which is located in the parallel street of the hotels (Troya Hotel, Peak Hotel, Radisson Blu Pera Hotel) and below part of the area of Elysium Hotel and Nippon Hotel. It is all at walking distance from our contracted hotels. You can enjoy the pubs, restaurants, local shops and museums there. In Istiklal Street you can also stop by at ancient churches to take a deep breath at their amazing and mesmerizing atmosphere! Even the non-Christian visitors love this church a lot, it is appealing to anyone who loves to visit new places!


5- A great shopping experience is waiting for you !


Istanbul is one of the best destinations for shopping. As the textile production is very well-qualified and cheap due to the Turkish currency rate; it would be a very satisfying experience for you! In Istanbul, it may be the easiest activity for you to go shopping because of the location you will be at. You will be surrounded by all shopping malls, local shops and stores for clothing and souvenirs. Also, the quality will be really surprising for you by considering the cost. You can spend around 100 GBP to buy a whole wardrobe tand you can make your new shape compatible with your style as well. A new body firstly requires an appointment with MCAN Health then a long shopping day! 

dita shopping selfie

Sometimes, we are accompanying our dear patients when they are exploring the city  if possible.

Also, if you would like to visit the historical attractions as we mentioned above, the bespoken Grand Bazaar will be within walking distance to you.

deborah with bag

Our dear MCAN Babe Deb with her new bag from Grand Bazaar.

shoppig in istanbul

You can find anything at a good price in Istanbul.

At Grand Bazaar, the prices may be a bit higher as it is a very touristic place but no worries, keep on bargaining until you feel okay with the price! If you would like to compare prices, there are also lots of local shops with almost the same products which are nearby the Grand Bazaar to check them out.They may always be able to give better prices to you due to lower shop rents.

6- An oriental experience under the soap smell: Turkish Bath!


If you come to Istanbul a couple days before your operation, you will have more time for the activities which are not appropriate for operated patients.
Have you ever heard about the fame of the Turkish Bath : Hamam? 

If you travel to this incredible city, it is almost a must to visit one of its Turkish baths. Going to a hamam is much more than a cleansing and relaxation experience, a whole ritual to purify the body and mind. The Turkish Bath is private and separate for women and men; also massages and other relaxing treatments are provided there. The only bad thing about Turkish Bath is it is not allowed after the surgery so you can add a half day to your schedule.

The Procedure

Pre-Op Instructions For First Night in Istanbul

You should stop eating and drinking at least 7 hours before the surgery time. After your first night at the hotel, you should pack your stuff and you should be ready for hospital transfer on the morning of your surgery day!

All of our contracted hotels have luggage rooms so that you can leave luggages and other belongings there. There will be a tag given to you to get your stuff back once you come back to the hotel after your surgery. 

You should get your comfortable clothes to wear on discharge day, your precious belongings, maybe a book or some magazines, your passport, your money and your charger with you. There will be a safe box at the hospital room which will be on your service to keep everything safe when you are in the operation.

You should check out from the hotel on surgery day and you will not be charged 1 or 2 days extra by the hotel.

hotel reception
You will need your passport when you check in to the hotel.

This will be on your good as you will be staying at the hospital for 1 or 2 days. After you leave the hotel, you will be picked up by your VIP driver and you will be transferred to the hotel. You will meet your PES at the hospital lobby and you will finalize your paperwork regarding the surgery with her help.

Language: Is it a barrier or not?

In Turkey, we do not have English speaking employees everywhere and MCAN Health will always be there to remove the language barrier between you and the people around you. All MCAN employees are bilingual and all speak fluent English beside their native language. We also offer service in many other languages including German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Persian.

On surgery day, you will be given the consent forms which were previously delivered digitally upon your arrival. After you sign the papers via the help of your PES, you will be dressed by the nurses for the operation! 🙂 Your party dress, long white stockings blocking the risk of blood clotting, a little green cap and of course you need to take off all metal accessories on your body.

dita back

You will be prepared by the nurses at the hospital.

It is because there is a little electrical device called cautery that is used during the surgery  to stop the bleeding in capillaries. If you have something metal on you, there may be a reaction between this device and your fav piercing so you should avoid them before surgery.

Also nail polish or nail extensions are not recommended for all fingers as the surgery team will need one blank nail to measure the oxygen level during the surgery. 

Also, any body lotion or perfume are not recommended to use on surgery morning. All these precautions taken are just for your safety.

After you get ready for the surgery, you will be having some time until your plastic surgeon, a.k.a your hero to reach your body goals, arrives. All MCAN Health’s contracted hospitals have WIFI connection for free of charge. You may like to have a short video call with your beloved ones in your home country. Once your surgeon arrives at your hospital room, you will be introduced with him by your PES. You will show your wish pictures and tell your expectations from the surgical procedure.

You will stay at the operation theatre between 2-8 hours up to the treatment type. At MCAN Health, all operations are being performed under general anesthesia. It is for your safety and your comfort 🙂

Only the semi-surgical operations like ear correction, eyelid, dental treatments can be done under local anesthesia at MCAN Health.

The Surgery Day: Instead of being nervous, just keep your mood positive :  Good Vibes Only!

topluca resim3

Our patient with her companion in the last picture with her PES just before the surgery.

Based on our experience, we can tell it is all about the mood! We have seen hundreds of times when a patient going into the surgery with a smiley face s/he has been always in better recovery, a better mood with a better psychological situation. It is not only a myth but also a fact now. Our psychological situation is playing a key role in our physiological well-being as well. So, we recommend you to think positive, to avoid the bad vibes before your transformation journey!

saba ve hasta4

The Pre-Op Tests, Scans and The Consultation:

As we have mentioned before, you need to complete the paperwork regarding your surgery’s legal disclaimers and consent forms by the help of your PES. This will take around 20 minutes to read, understand and sign the required documents. These documents are protecting both sides but more yourself. 

saba ve hasta

You need to be informed about all risks, the methods and everything regarding your procedure in your language. Even though the forms are in English, we would like to make sure there is not any misunderstanding for you so your PES will be there to interpret it if needed. 


After you are done with the registration part, you will be taken into the lung-scan and it takes only 1 minute. It is to make sure that your lungs are good enough to sleep under general anesthesia. After you leave X-ray, you will be accompanied by your PES to your room, you can settle down finally!

A lovely nurse of the hospital will come to your room, get your blood to send it to the lab right away. Just before the blood test, your party dress with some one-use-only cap and slippers will arrive at your room to make you fit the dress code of the surgery! Sometimes it takes more time than expected, no worries everyone will be working for your good there! The reason to have a detailed blood test is to ensure your blood measures are fine enough to undergo an operation. Some values like blood sugar, hemogram should be at optimal levels for anyone who will have any type of surgery. As good as your health situation is, you will be safe which is our main concern. 

dita blood test

We adopt it as the main principle as well, the medicine commands firstly “ Primum Non Nocere!” which means “ first, do not harm.” This is the first dictum of a fundamental medical precept of Hippocrates. All MCAN Health contracted surgeons and staff are believing in this principle from the bottom of their heart. All consultations and approvals of such a surgical procedure are being made under this perception.


You will be listened to, understood and your questions will be answered in detail.

Then your ECG will be measured in your hospital room. The anesthesia doctor involved in your surgery will come to ask some vital questions regarding your medical history.  Then, all results will be arrived before the surgery and they will be evaluated by related medical doctors. During this time, your plastic surgeon will come to your room to perform your consultation. 

Face to face consultation is the most important part of a surgical procedure because everything will be discussed in detail, your expectations will be evaluated by the plastic surgeon in terms of being realistic for your case. 

dita photo

Your pictures for the medical record will be taken by the surgeon and your plastic surgeon will mark your body according to the surgery plan. Your PES will be taking notes to make medical records of this consultation in a written way when she is listening to your conversation with your surgeon. After your consultation is finished, you are literally ready for the party!

When everything goes through, you will be taken into the surgery room! 

saba ve hasta3

But first, let’s take a selfie!

Party car is arriving!

saba ve hasta4

Your PES will be literally your professional friend!

If you would like to have mobile data during your stay, you can get available mobile data packages for 1 week at the airport. You can get  a suitable plan for yourself around 10 GBP/EUR.

Discharge Day

Discharge is a very important stage of your surgical process as it is kinda early approval from your surgeon, revealing that you are fine enough to go back to the hotel. The stay is one or two nights at the hospital after plastic surgeries and it is already included in your full package.(except otoplasty, eyelid lifting and bichectomy).

On the planned discharge day according to your schedule set by our PES Department, your blood tests will be evaluated again to check your current health status.

saba ve rachael

Gorgeous Rachael on discharge day

ces mcan health

Your surgeon and MCAN In-House Nurse will come to check you on to see your status. If everything is fine, your surgeon will prescribe your medications you will take on the following days and MCAN Nurse will explain their instructions in detail. You will meet her on your discharge day and she will be visiting you at the hotel and she will be checking you on regularly. You will have her contact to communicate whenever you need any questions. She is the most responsive person we have ever met, you’ll see!

havva ve hasta2

After it is determined that you can leave the hospital, your VIP transfer will come to pick you up for your hotel transfer. You will check-in again to the hotel and you can have some rest. In-House Nurse Visits mentioned above will start from the discharge day on.

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MCAN Nurse will be checking you on daily.

See MCAN Nurse title above for more information!

Payment Before Discharge

There are only a few transparent details you may need to pay extra charge during your transformation journey.

In some specific cases, you may need to have blood transfusion whose will be paid at discharge.We are not adding this cost to your package initially as it is something very rare you may need. 

Also, if you want to stay extra nights at the hospital and if it is approved by your surgeon; you will only pay for these nights to the hospital directly. As MCAN Health, we are proudly stating that we do not have any hidden or extra costs on our sides!

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We want you to feel comfortable and relax before the operation.

If you need any extra treatment or pre-op tests which are mentioned at the face-to-face consultation, you will also pay for this and the price information will be delivered to you before you decide to have it. Your PES will contact your case manager and your PES will advise you about the prices. i.e. You may have umbilical hernia on your belly button and if you would like to have a tummy tuck or liposuction for the belly done, it is needed to be treated as well during the same surgery. Even though MCAN Health benefits from the latest technologies to give you the most accurate treatment plan before you come, some facts regarding your health status may be detected at the surgery day after pre-op tests and face to face consultation.

Check and Recovery

Going Back Home in a better look!

Our main purpose is to make sure you will have your best version in a safest possible way. So we would like to be sure everything is on the way before you go back home.

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As it is a surgical procedure, every complication risk counts and it is determinant for us to make your schedule. Before you go back home, MCAN In-House Nurse is visiting you regularly to check on your wounds, to redress them and to help you for medical needs. Also, MCAN contracted plastic surgeons are performing your checks by considering long-term recovery.

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After all surgical procedures, you need to be checked by your surgeon to see how everything goes on your body.

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 Everybody is different from each other and every healing process is individually different. Some people with healing problems may confront some issues during recovery, some people may have some problems like infection, necrosis or scar healing problems. MCAN is always protecting the patients by :

-minimizing the risks for the patients

-evaluating medical history forms by considering patient’s safety and any possible risk about the treatment,

-contracting only vettedly chosen and regularly assessed qualified and experienced surgeons,

-contracting only safe tourism certificated hotels to ensure a clean environment for our operated patients,

-providing bilingual In-House Nurse facility to the patients

-scheduling the check ups and doctor appointments to check on the patients’ current status,

-supporting the patients at all stages

-providing the most responsive and sustainable aftercare service ever

-providing life-time follow-up service after the patients go back to their home.

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Thank you for reading our plastic surgery guide which has been precisely prepared for you. We just would like to ease your process as much as we can. If you have any questions or concerns; MCAN Team is here to help you anytime. Before you come, when you are here and especially after you leave the city. 

We really appreciate all our patients making us the most experienced plastic surgery and hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

We rise together, we grow together and we keep on rising every single day.

We are becoming perfect by getting the support and motivation we need from the MCAN community.  

MCAN cares about you, MCAN wants you to feel home and MCAN loves you!