All About Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant

The results of the Jimmy Carr hair transplant have been impressing everyone ever since the first months of the pandemic, and impressing Jimmy himself. In this new article, we are going to make a deep analysis of his new hair and his new smile!

Jimmy Carr’s Hair Transplant

As a Cambridge University graduate, we can assume Jimmy understands pretty well the importance of good looks in life, particularly in show business. He might have been wondering whether he could pull off his nasty jokes without a full head of hair and a big bright smile. Like that infamous one that goes (sensitive souls refrain from reading): ‘‘I did a gig in the US once for the homeless. I said: ‘it is nice to see so many bums on seats’.’’

We know there is no other place like the UK as far as sarcasm and dark humor go (all the way from Oscar Wilde to Steven Fry), but, in most of the world, such a joke without the right looks and a pretty smile… would mean death by lynching. Or, at any rate, rotten tomatoes flying on stage. 

Jimmy Carr Before His Hair Operation

The Jimmy Carr hair transplant happened after the comedian famously surprised himself in the mirror ‘looking like a snooker-playing vampire’, as he half-jokingly said at Gabby Logan’s. He confessed wanting to look ‘as good in real life as he looked on TV’. And he went on to describe the experience many celebs endure daily: ’You see yourself in full makeup looking your best and lit well, then you look in the mirror and go, ‘Oof, that’s disappointing’.

Jimmy’s disappointment seems to have vanished after the operation. Still, we can’t help thinking how much more accomplished Jimmy’s transformation would have been if he had come to MCAN Health, and spent some time sun-bathing under the sweet Turkish sun,after his treatment. 

No vampire survives that! The right dose of beach in Bodrum or Fethiye will get you good to go for the grey and rainy English weather!

Everything About Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant

Which Technique Was Used in the Jimmy Carr Hair Transplantation?

By looking at Jimmy Carr’s full head of hair, we have no doubt the famous British comedian must have gone through one of the following procedures:

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most performed hair transplantation techniques. It does not require a donor tissue strip, as each follicular unit is extracted with a micro-punch. After this stage, the follicular units are implanted to the recipient area.

Based on research by ISHRS, over 90% of hair transplant surgeons worldwide prefer FUE. This is because it does not involve stitches and does not leave a linear scar.

DHI Hair Transplant

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is one of the newest hair transplantation techniques performed with a special DHI Pen, also called DHI Implanter or CHOI Pen. 

DHI uses the CHOI Pen to control the angle, depth, and direction of each implanted follicle. There is no need for canal opening because the extracted grafts are directly implanted into the recipient area. DHI Hair Transplant is performed under local anaesthesia. The Transplant takes from 6 to 8 hours.

Jimmy Carr Got His Teeth Done for a Hollywood Smile

As with his joking style, whenever he does something, Jimmy goes ALL the way. His philosophy seems to be: why have a rude joking style when you can make it obnoxious? And why get a hair transplant when you can also get a dental operation? Go hard or go home! 

Many people thought he had only got veneers, but the famous British comedian admittedly got all of his teeth done. A brand new smile for a brand new comedian. But how does that work anyway?

Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening 

A porcelain veneer is a thin layer that is used to cover the surface of a tooth. Veneers can be used either to protect the surface of the teeth or to enhance the appearance of teeth aesthetically. They are designed to  improve the shape, colour, and overall look of teeth, and are generally made of porcelain. Porcelain veneers are more durable, resistant to stain and natural-looking than composite veneers. 

Whereas people with white and bright teeth smile confidently, people with yellow teeth feel hesitant to smile. This can be very disturbing and can cause distress on the person. Teeth whitening, a procedure involving bleaching of the teeth, offers a great solution for people who want to smile without restrictions.

Get The Look of Your Dreams

If you wonder whether it is possible to go back to your late 30s from your late 40s, take a look at Jimmy and rest assured. After a hair and dental operation his presence on stage looks all the more spectacular, his Elvis-style flair and his new broad smile have revived his irresistible back-to-attack attitude. Jimmy got it right: no matter the age, the show must go on!

You can make the most out of your journey to Istanbul by getting a hair transplant and a Hollywood smile with our dentistry treatments. In MCAN Health we offer all the best procedures with the latest technologies, lifetime guarantee and totally affordable prices. For us, Beauty is for Everyone!